Nov 18, 2009

Our Condo Downpayment on it's 18th month!

I am so happy that we finally paid 18 months down payment of our condo this month. On the other hand I am also nervous because we only have six months left to prepare for our miscelleneous fees. As I have said before we need to pay our Miscellaneous fees before they turn over our condo to us on May next year. What's being nervous about this is that we still don't have money on hand for this. Though I am hoping I could get all my collectibles before May so I could possibly pay it on time but still there is no security that I could get it in time that I'll be needing it. I think I'll be needing a back up plan or I need someone who can lend me money for the meantime. Despite all these problems, I am more excited than problematic. Yeah I am very excited! I am very happy for we have this kind of investment. I am excited to finally soon have our own. As in we already have fruits of labor. I am very proud of my husband. Because of him, we can be able to pay it. Hope we could still pay the succeeding balance in God's help and guidance in the future. I am trying my best to help my husband with our finances and I am glad God is giving me what I am praying to him. I am thankful to our Lord for being very kind to me and to my family. I am looking forward to our condo's turn over next year coz I can't wait to see it interior designed. If ever we have budget that time I will surely hire real property management for it. I wanted it to be a perfect unit for our future student tenants. =)

Nov 14, 2009

Ishi's 4th Birthday @ SM Mall of Asia

I am so tired yet so happy for my kids =) We went to MOA this morning with LOLO and LOLA. They brought the INNOVA to Toyota for check up and while waiting for the car, we celebrated IShi's birthday in so many ways inside SM MOA. We had our breakfast at Jollibee and then had an Selecta Ice cream dessert while heading to the mall. Lola brought them to Toy Kingdom and then woot...woot....Ishi got another present...a mini trolley for her doll! She really likes that thing it's just that we already bought her a doll house for her birthday so even if I really wanted to buy her that immediately, I stopped myself for I don't want her to feel that she can easily get what she wants even if we say it's her birthday. I hope you understand what I am talking especially for parents like me out there. But I can't blame the kids for liking every toys they were seeing inside coz they were really attractive. I, myself wanted some items like bath wrap, terry towel wrap and personalized ink stamps. Since both of them were in TK, Ethan also got a present, he got remote control car! So expensive for me that's why I am very thankful to their Lola Mama for buying Ethan a very nice gift! Presents didn't stop there coz they also played in PLAYROOM for an hour. They really enjoyed it! Both of them! Hubby and I was so tired but untill now we can still feel how happy my kids were today. We'll surely do it again on Ethan's birthday on January.

Nov 13, 2009

Ishi's 4th Birthday @ La Cabecera de Montessori

Ishi celebrated her birthday just this morning in her school. She's very happy and excited! It's just a simple celebration since Montessori is not allowing parties while school time. I just ordered Jollibee foods for the kids and for adults too! I ordered cupcake tower for Ishi and I made some giveways for the classmates they surely enjoyed!I am so happy that kids really appreciate Ishi's giveaway. I am also happy for Ishi, she really enjoyed her special day. What she loved about celebrating birthdays is blowing of candle, I remember her looks when she first experience to celebrate her birthday in school and that was last year. She enjoyed it very much. This time I think she still enjoyed it but not as exciting as before. One thing more she loves is that opening gifts! She love opening gifts! Daddy gave her gift already last Tuesday and she really enjoyed it....and now she's enjoying her classmates gifts to her especially the clay =) All hubby and I wanted for Ishi is happiness! We just like her to see happy ..we want her to enjoy her childhood as much as we can that's why we're doing everything to give all her needs. How I wish we, my husband and I could still do it for our kids until they grow up. Next assignment is my son's birthday on January. But for now I still have to make list first so I could buy christmas gifts for our loveones. I have seen so many choices everywhere like terry bath robe, waffle bath robe and bath wrap. I really love to shop now but I am still waiting for hubby's bonus =). Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISHI!!!!

Nov 11, 2009

44 days to go.....

Oh goodness! Christmas christmas.....coming so fast. I was so busy doing stuff, I can't concentrate....I even forgot to prioritize my daughter Ishi's birthday to be held on 13th of November in her school. I just finished making an invites that is supposedly given already last week. I also just ordered foods in Jollibee this morning! I feel like I am cramming! I went to Divisoria last Monday and there are lots of gift items to choose from. I didn't go shopping for christmas presents, been there to buy giveaways for my daughter's party so I didn't buy anything aside from what I only intended to buy that day. Oh that was tiring! I wanted to come back soon but I changed my mind. I'll be looking for some gifts at the mall instead or maybe online. I saw many stuff there I really like to buy like personalized ink stamps, bath wrap and terry towel wrap if I do have enough budget. But since I only have a certain budget, I really have to choose cheaper yet memorable gift items for all of my love ones. It's only 44 days to go and christmas is in the air! I'm so excited to buy gifts and wrap them all! =)

Nov 7, 2009

I'm Soooo Upset....again!

I'm so disappointed again! I feel like nobody is respecting me.....even the one and only person I'm expecting to give his very respect. I am so upset. He promised me not to do it again....I thought he'll never do this again because he was afraid to loose me but I am wrong. I think he's pushing me to go away! I gave him a chance but he failed me! He didn't even say sorry nor felt sorry for what he has done! What am I? A kid that can easily forget a promise? I did try so hard. Being I feel like I am always being taken for granted. I think he just need me and not LOVE me. He only needs me because we have kids... I am so bad thinking all of these but It's what I am feeling right now, I am sorry, I can't stop myself. I wanted to write about it! I am so disappointed. Now how can I able to trust him again? I mean his words. I hate myself for being sensitive. How I wish I was born with no feelings at all! I hate myself for being like this. I hate to see myself like this. I hate to feel this way. I really hate it but I can't stop it. The pain is still there, no matter how hard I try thinking positive things....I am now feeling ANGER! Is this all he wants? Me getting mad at him? Hate him until my LOVE for him is gone?! He's hurting my feelings for so many times now....I just don't think this will work still. How can I trust his words again?! No MORE! No more! I can't trust his words again! Since he did it again, I think he knows what will happen next.....

Nov 5, 2009


I have lots of dreams, but I am not focusing on them yet coz there are lots of things I need to prioritize first. I can't name all of my dreams because they were too many. First I just wanted to have kids, and now that I have kids, my dreams and wants became more and more. Not just for me but for them also. I am so lucky having a very talented husband. Most of my dreams I already have were reached because of him. Why? Because if he's not talented we will not be able to have a life like this. Maybe for others our life is not that good yet compare to other families, but for me it's already perfect minus the fact that we don't have our own house and car yet. It's okay with me that we can't go have a vacation yet, we can't even go somewhere near not just this months ago, and thanks to my mom in law for allowing us to use her car. =) Some people saying I am hard working too, I know that! =) But even if I am this hard working, I can't still have such things without my husband's help. If I met a guy who's not taking home a good income do you think I can still have some good things for myself? I don't think so coz not to mention my case who's still helping my family, Im sure he'd probably left me already! My husband is so helpful. He's very supportive. He's allowing me to buy things for myself as long as I am earning too! ehehhe =) He's such a cool husband and dad. I am not saying he's perfect coz he also has some things that I don't want him doing. You know what I mean if you're reading my blog. All I wanted to say is that, I am so thankful I have CARLOS as my better half. A good father, a faithful husband, a good son in law and brother in law. =) I may got mad to him sometimes but above all those he's still my love, my life and my dream!

Oct 28, 2009

No Sem Break...No Vacation!

My daughter doesn't have a semester break this year that's because of the Typhoon Ondoy. Since students didn't have their classes for more than a week, most of the schools suspended semester break. I was planning to have a family vacation after my daughter's field trip unfortunately I have to move it also to Summer vacation. This means I have no vacation this month .. oh yeah coz my daughter's exam is on November 4, 5 and 6 so all I'm going to do this all saint's day and all souls day is review my daughter. I suppose to put up my cart somewhere but it seems I'm not gonna make it anymore. Oh well I hope I could have fun sometime even I am very busy with so many things right now. If ever we can't able to go out then it's okay for me if hubby and I will watch movie on his laptop the whole night after Ishi's review. We're always downloading smallville and heroes series but those were not enough for us. I want more movies...good thing there's a rapidshare download for people like us who loves movies and doesn't want to rent in video houses...lols!

Oct 23, 2009

My Website is Still Down

I've been wanting to have my own site for very long time but now that we already have one, we can't able to update it yet because hubby and I were so busy with so many things as of now. We purchased it on cash for 2 years package and it's been a month now, our website is still not up. It's not the provider's fault actually, it's ours. We purchased but we are not using it yet so it's still useless! I hope hubby could have some time with it. Me, either is so busy to update it. I have my kids, my husband, my work and myself to take care of. I can't even cut my kids' fingernails, now I feel so guilty coz I managed to go to the parlor and have my hair rebonded while my son's nail is so long now. My bad! Anyways with regards with my site, I really wanted to use it already coz we're wasting money for a month now! Some people were saying it's expensive. butI don't know coz I don't have any idea! My husband is the one who manage all of those. I heard about the yahoo domains too, some friends were saying they were cheaper compare to others but too late coz we already have one!

Oct 16, 2009

Dad and The Innova

My dad seemed to love driving. I know he's just excited, and sooner or later, he will get tired of it for sure! We don't have our own car, but her mom has an INNOVA. He always wanted to bring that innova when going to work. I am just a bit worried because you know...accidents were everywhere. Oh paranoid me! I hate my mind when it's thinking about things like that! Forget it! I am so happy for my husband because he's a good driver now. All he need to learn now is how to trouble shoot car problems whenever he's on the road. I think that's important right? I know there are shop everywhere now but it's still important for a driver to know what's happening or what's wrong with the car right? There are also some terms that he needs to know, some terms and some car needs like supercharger. Personally I don't know such things, I just heard it from some people. So hopefully dad will learn about it soon! I am now excited to work so hard so we could have our own car next year after the turn over of our condominium.

Oct 14, 2009

Hubby's New Cellphone

Hubby got his new phone last night. Hooray! Finally! After four years, he handled his phone very carefully, actually he has no any plan of buying a new one. He's contented with his old cellphone it's just that his old cellphone is already has a problem with signals. He has no signal in MAKATI always. So he decided to look for a new one. Yesterday he took a leave because he was applying for a new job and then we went to SM mega mall, we were supposed to apply for a plan so he could be able to get a new and free phone, but hubby doesn't want any of the free phones for 800plan so we decided to just buy. choosy ha! Just kidding! Of course he deserve to have a new and nice phone. He's been working for four years and never bought a new cellphone. I hope he loves his new phone. Oh I guess he loves it, I can see the excitement from his eyes!

I also love his phone. He's actually asking if I like the same phone too?! He will treat me one if he got a new better JOB with better PAY! Aw! Can't wait! I am thinking what if I requested something else since I am not fond of gadgets. What if I request for a new desktop! Aw I wanted to have another computer in this house for the kids. My old one was already broken =( I am also thinking of some accessories which I can keep as an investment, a friend told me about his collections of gold accessories for their value is always increasing. I am also thinking if I could have these pearl earrings I saw in the net.
They are so lovely and dangling! I love danglings! Oh forget about it! I should be thinking of necessary things first! Cellphone is not on top of my priorities but if he wants to buy me one, I will surely love it!

Oct 13, 2009

How To Handle An Employee

I only have a small cart business, I was so excited when I first opened it up. I have a crew, I had my cart modified and so on. After a month even it wasn't growing, I can still feel that it will grow soon! I am still thinking positive coz most of the business man I know always telling me that it's normal for a business especially for a new like me to fail at first. I don't know but I feel like it's so stressful! Is it worth it? I know it's a stepping stone for me. I don't have any idea how hard it is....but I still tried. I really wanted to have a business on my own. I said to myself that even a small business will make me happy, Yes I am happy but I am not expecting that this will be harder than I expected. Handling a crew is my number one problem. My newly hired crew is very okay for me but she keeps on resigning and then coming back again just because she has a personal problem. I don't know what to do with her. I wanted to help her but her problem is too personal. I wanted her so much coz she is perfect for me but I don't have any choice but to get a new one. I can't just let my store close whenever my crew was absent. I can sell but not at all times because I am still focusing on realty. The other problem why I don't want to hire a new one if possible is that, I don't know if I can trust them like my crew as of now. If my business is big I will be putting activity tracking so I could watch them. But I do only have a cart, a one meter long cart! I know it's not good that I am not trusting my crew that's why I am actually trying to trust them. but if I only have a choice I will choose my old "problematic crew" again! =)

Oct 9, 2009

My Ultimate Medicine

Today is such a great day even if I am sick, have fever, can't breath perfectly because of so hard cough, but had the greatest feeling ever! Yeah! I feel great! You know why? Last night daddy brought us Krispy Kreme doughnut I requested from him that day. I know it's not voluntary but still, he granted my request. =) This morning hubby noticed I have a fever, actually I am always having this fever every night and I am still wondering why until now. I think it's because of my cough only. Well, I don't care coz taking paracetamol lowers my fever anyway. Back to my story, when hubby noticed my fever he kissed me in my forehead and he touches my face, he hugged so tight like I am dying already(just kidding). I missed that! I love that! That is the greatest medicine that would make me feel better. That's all I just wanted to share how happy I am today! Good day! =)

NOBLE Family Reunion Plan

Aw we we're atlast planning for Noble Family Reunion! I remember those times with my cousins. We were all "sunog-baga" always drinking Gin whenever there's an occasion! If only I have my scanner I will show them our "adik" pictures thru net! We're all very "gumikero't gimikera" that time! I wonder how are they now?! Are we still going to drink Gin this time? Oh noh I think I can't bear that alcohol anymore! =) Now that most of us have kids, I don't think we will still going to drink that way! I am sure with myself, I am not just sure with the boys! Oh I missed my cousins! I missed the old times. Even my father is gone, I can still feel his presence because of hie brothers and sisters and of course because of my cousins! I love family bondings! Hope we could schedule it as soon as possible coz I am missing them so much! =) SOme of my cousins were living near us but we don't have much time for bondings anymore. I think this is the time for us to have our bond back same with the "mag-bibilas" my mom and the other wives of the boys. Most of my father's siblings were boys. Aunt Beng is the only girl and she is abroad. Oh gosh I am so excited. Ate Jho, Ate Joan and Me are going to organize this event, so GOODLUCK! =)

Oct 8, 2009

People Making List...Buying Special Gifts....

Christmas..oh are coming so fast. Christmas is the most exciting occasion in my life ever since Ishi and Ethan came to my life. Actually even before I was still single, buying gifts and especially wrapping them is one of my favorite. I love it when my god children coming in to our house every 25th or25th of December asking for their gifts. I love it when I see them smiling because they appreciate the simple gift I have given them. I also love receiving gifts from my love ones. I love to decor a christmas tree. Oh christmas....i know you are fast approaching but i can't still feel your spirit. It's okay I know coz it'stoo early right? It's only October, so I have to wait for another 1 and half months more. While waiting, I am already making list. I am already researching special but affordable gifts for everyone. Any ideas? Somebody suggested items like laundry bag for mommies, personalized kids backpacks for kids like stephen joseph quilted backpack. There are lots of items nowadays to choose from that why it's even harder to choose. Oh I have to think about it first!


Have you ever feel this way before? Feeling so down, depressed, insecure and everything?!? Most of the people I know telling me i am just stressed? Stressed of what? Financial matters? Is that normal for being stressed to act this crazy way? Is it normal for a stressed like me to feel like my husband is cheating on me? I know he's not but my feelings are telling me he's hiding something. What would it be then? I know it's just a feeling, I should not trust this feeling maybe I am just insecure. Do you know the feeling of being paranoid but you can't tell you husband because you can't even find any evidence that he's doing it? I am so confused about how I feel. My mind can't tell me that my husband is doing something wrong coz first of all, he has no other activities than playing billiards every friday after work and coming home at four in the morning. He's still sweet though not as sweet as what I ever wanted. Opps maybe that's the problem, I am not contented of what he can do for me. Oh I am sorry for that my deary husband! I know you are such a good husband, it's so unfair in your part that I am not trusting you while you are doing your best for this family. I am sorry for being paranoid! I am sorry for being so selfish! I am sorry for being so so so unfair. Oh Gosh, whats happening to me? I am really sorry. I think we should really have a vacation as what you have suggested earlier. I think I really need that. How I wish we could go have some time alone like san diego weddings on a boat. That is so romantic! I wanted to experience some trips inside our country like San Diego Dinner cruises. But sorry for myself coz my kids doesn't have semestral break because of typhoon Ondoy! Hope we could set a trip this summer.

Oct 6, 2009

Me..Me..Me and My Life - "Carlos"

Just wanna share my old pics I am treasuring. These are the only pics I have scanned ...
This was my pic during college..I was 2nd year college (2001) back then. Carlos(hubby) and I were already boyfriends and girlfriends. I remember this shot, I bought my first ever camera here (KODAK) and I ask the sales lady to test the cam. =)

This was taken last 2002...I hosted ROSE' wedding! Aw that's awesome experience! =) I am slim here ha...I wish I could get back to this shape.

Hubby and Me (bf-gf)....this shot was taken during Uncle Tres' wedding (2003), my first entourage experience.

This was taken in a bar, friend's birthday celebration. =)

This is ME again....first pic left side : Rose' wedding, 2nd pic right : my graduation Picture, 3rd pic left : inside Pheng's room (picture tripping using my camera), 4th pic right side : Rose' wedding and finally the 5th pic : Me and Carlos during their school Christmas party, whenever I look at this pic, I can still feel the pain of what he did to me that night. I was so mad that night coz he left me alone in our table to play billiards and when I look after him I saw him teaching a girl. Since then, the pain is painted in my heart. This will never be forgotten until the day I die I guess. The pain is always repeating and repeating as if it's always happening. That is traumatic!

Most of the people saying I should forget that coz past is past... I can't blame my bf/hubby if she gets attracted to other girl that time. You know college love life is like that. If you don't like your partner anymore then leave her and find a new one. I should be thankful he's still with me until now. I think I worked too hard to have him again and to bring back our good relationship. I was so busy during college, I am a working student but I did still manage to give him time. Stayed with him at night after work and school and even didn't able to sleep anymore just to give him attention. That's my responsibility right?! I was lucky coz I think he tried to love me again even I can feel that time that he don't love me anymore. I thought that he is only doing such things for me because he don't want me to get hurt. This is what I felt that time. I just don't know the truth coz I never ever asked him that.
When I got pregnant, I felt the his LOVE he gave to me during our younger times. I love to reminisce the times when we were only new lovers. I LOVE the way he treat me. How I wish he could do that again. =)
Oh, I love to reminisce good times. How I wish throwing away all the bad memories is such an easy thing to do but NO. I can't take them away from my long term memory! I hate them!

"Stop Being Jealous...he's all yours Now!"

Aw! This is terrible. It's almost four years now that my husband and I got married and I am still feeling jealous sometimes. Is that normal? Mild jealousy is okay but not the jealousy that almost breaks my heart. I hate that feeling. How can I able to stop it. I have different kinds of jealousy in my heart. The one is mild like I don't care, i was just irritated, the other jealousy is the worst one, this makes my body shakes and my heart is beating so fast like I am having a heart attack. I don't like that feeling.
Last night we visited a friend's mother's burial, hubby's friends were gathered like their having a reunion that night. My hubby's friend who happened to be hubby's EX was there also. We stayed there until 6 in the morning. I felt this jealousy that night. I know it was just a joke for them (hubby's boy friends) when they tease my hubby about the EX, but that's not proper! I was there! Hello! Are you not satisfied with me as your friend's WIFE? What do you want then? Oh Gosh this is really annoying! It didn't happened once, it already happened twice and I am really really mad about it. I hate them! I hate them! That is not funny! They don't know how it feels like. I really wanted to walk out that night. I just don't wanna offend my friend (his Ex) so I didn't do it. I was waiting for the hubby to atleast say "stop it, past is past" or "oist hindi ba kayu nahiya sa asawa ko". I am really really offended that night. I feel like "pinagkaisahan" that nightr. I feel like they don't like me for their friend and they like the EX. Is that what they want? Then I will not let my hubby befriended with them anymore! They sucks! They are trash! I don't like them anymore!!!!! I hate them!!!!!

Oct 3, 2009


It's been a week now since Typhoon Ondoy strike in our country and until now, people were still on it's way of recovering from the devastating results it has given to most of our country men. There were still more areas affected that still needed some help, they are still asking for food and some clothes for all of their things were destroyed by floods. Good thing our Government and some associations are more willing to help to our fellow countrymen. There are medical assistants patrolling in different areas. Some associations were still in the process of packing some relief goods and clothes. There are also some people still begging for some help but not assisted yet. Hope they will be assisted soon. I have watched the news this evening and I saw the families of the dead victims, how sad that it has to end this way. If only they were found earlier and assisted by parimedics or medical assistant, they would probably alive now. But that life is. Hope the Government will enhance their facilities, hope to have more medical assistant in every area whenever there's a bad weather like this. Hope this will not happen again. God Bless Us.

Oct 2, 2009

"Smallville" and "Heroes" Mode

Yesterday is our 4th year wedding anniversary, some people were asking if we have a date. Nah we don't have a date. We we're not celebrating our anniversary by going out or something. But sometimes we do if there's a chance. He's in the office yesterday and I am in our store. We're both busy but we're happy that we're together at the end of the day. He picked me up at the store (though I am the one who actually asked him to pick me up and I'm happy he came), we went home together, he ate dinner and I didn't coz I have a new pledge to myself that I will not eat after 6 in the evening. Ah that's another story. Let's proceed. Then we watched our favorite series together "HEROES" and "SMALLVILLE". I am really happy when we're watching together. It seems that it is the only way we could have spend time together. I love the scene that we were both sitting in front of the computer watching. I love it when I am leaning on his shoulder or lying on his legs when we're watching over the bed. Oh I am missing him again. He's out at the moment, he's in the office and he is planning to play billiards again tonight after office with friends. Oh well, that's he's enjoyment. He loves playing Billiards so I have no reason to stop him. I will just download again more seasons of smallville and heroes in Rapidshare Search and wait for him to come home so we could watch again together. See how shallow my enjoyment? That's simple right. Hope he could read my blog. Again Happy Anniversary to us! =)

Oct 1, 2009

My Siomai Cart Business

My Siomai Cart is already a month now. I can't still see any progress yet. Other business people saying it's okay for it is normal for a business to take sometime before you can see if it is good or not. For now I am taking their advice, I just need some more time. I should not give up yet right? I am trying different gimmicks for the meantime. I am offering FREE gulaman drink. People like that. I hope that would add more sales in my business. I am still in the process of observing. I wanna know why my sales is not that good. Some people saying my location is good it's just that my cart is too small to notice by the consumers. So I am planning to modify my cart. Some people are saying my product is delicious but the price is too high for people living in that area. Some people are also suggesting that aside from siomai, why not add Siopao? I am also thinking of that. I wanted to add some affordable food items so that students can afford to buy one from my store. Now I have so many things in mind that I don't know anymore what to do first. It's hard to put up a business really, even as small as my cart if you don't know about it yet. Well actually this is my stepping stone, how can I able to handle big business If I can't run this small one? Good thing there is a Lead Generation Company that could help business people like us. I will surely be needing one when I have big business already.

Sep 30, 2009

Happy 4th Year Wedding Aniversary to Us!

Happy 4th year anniversary to me and my husband on October 1, 2009!
We've been boyfriends and girlfriends for almost four years before we got married, and now it's another four years to celebrate! Hooray to both of us! For four years we've shared, I enjoyed being his wife and a mother to our 2 kids. Sometimes life is hard on me but my husband makes me feel better. He's like a pill or something that removing my stress. My husband is very hard working. He loves his kids very much that's why I'm loving him so much everyday in my life. Though I'm getting mad at him sometimes and I think that's normal, I still LOVE him all the way! Here are my wishes on our wedding anniversary: Hope God will help us surpass every trials He has giving us. Hope we could spent more time together alone. Hope he could fulfill our personal dreams and our dreams for our family. I hope that even he misses his friends, he could still remember that he has a wife waiting and worrying here at home. Hope he could finally learn how to share his thoughts though sometimes he's sharing (he's a quiet type). Hope we could go on a vacation with the kids. I love to go to any beach. And finally hope he could not forget to buy a gift for me on our anniversary =) Anything will do, I am actually dreaming for a ring but that's kinda expensive so I don't think he could buy that ehehehe =) Or he can look at Michele Watches online if he wants to, there are lots of gift items to choose from. Oh how I wish I could buy him one. He likes watches! Oh well stop day dreaming for now. Again Happy Wedding Anniversary to US!! I LOve You Daddy!

Sep 29, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Experience

Last weekend's experience is surely one of our most unforgettable experience. An experience that we wouldn't like to experience again! This is tragic! I was stranded in Caloocan that day, I rushed my Son Ethan to San Lazaro Hospital due to Cat Bite even the rain is so heavy. I didn't know that anti rabies injection can be given within 14 days coz If I knew that, I will not go out from the house especially with a child with me in that kind of weather. But since I never expect that this typhoon will bring such disaster in our country, I still insisted to go to the hospital for I am really panicking about my son's cat bite. I am calmed when we finally had a jeep to ride on going to Monumento coz I am desperate to ride any route as long as I can reach San Lazaro Hospital. When we reached Monumento, the floods were all over the streets. No more passenger jeepneys to any route. No other choice but to ride a train even if the station were still far from the hospital. I carried Ethan going to the station, we passed through the overflowing flood all over the streets in Monumento circle. That is quite a challenge but I am afraid if I slip or something coz I am with my son. After riding a train, we just walked back to San Lazaro hospital, it was 3 blocks far from the train station. Same in Monumento it was also flooded. It's like were in a river! Even inside the hospital were all flooded! What a disaster! After Ethan's injection we walked again to ride a train but not going home coz we'll surely can't go home. There is no way. So i decided to go to my Aunt's house in 2nd Avenue Caloocan. We stayed there until Sunday even if I wanted to go home to do my opp reviews in provillus. We tried to go home last Saturday night but we failed. The jeepneys were all retreating. The roads going to Malabon were all flooded and not passable. Thank God the rain stopped already. What if it last for two or three days? What will happen next? What will happen to all the people especially to those who were stranded in the middle of floods and in their roofs? That is really tragic.

Got My New Set Of Personal Checks

Last year my husband and I opened a joint checking account for our Condo. It's been over a year now and we just used them all this month. Actually we were supposed to use it only for our condo amortization but since I found using checks so convenient. I don't have to bring cash on hand whenever I need to pay something. Before I used all of my checks, I already ordered new set and this time a personal checks where our names were printed there. I am so excited to use it, though I don't want expenses ehehehhe =) Just wanted to use it when needed. I am actually using it when I am issuing my daughter's tuition and my brother's tuition in college. It's better to use a check as long as you have funds in your account. I am fond of using checks when I started to become a Realtor. My commissions were all paid thru check. I prefer to receive a check from my boss than cash. But I'd rather accept cash from people who I can't trust than check. There are lots of people who had been victimized by scammers. They were using checks in paying goods not knowing these accounts were already closed. So beware.

Sep 24, 2009

I Love My Hubby so Much!

I love my husband! I love my husband! I love him very much! He's a very good father and husband. He may not showy, but I know he loves me coz I can see it in his own special way. What am I still asking for? I cannot change him. I loved him the way he is. It's my bad, I am expecting too much from him that's why I am hurting myself. I received a text from a friend saying a quote "Never expect, never assume, never ask and never demand. Just let it be, because if it's meant to be, it will happen the way you want it to be." How come it's not easy to do? How come my heart is still doubting? If I really love him I should give my 101% trust to him! That's why starting from today, I will do my best to keep my trust. I will just love him and love him.

Sep 23, 2009

Somehow...I'm Feeling Okay Now!

It's been three days taht I don't understand the reason why I am so lonely. I admit my husband and I just had a fight, and I am really really upset about what happened that day. I really got mad at him! But when I came to think about it, I just realized that I was wrong. I am so wrong for I am getting mad about simple things. I am not supposed to get mad about it. But I wan still wondering why I am still not feeling okay....just talked to a friend and I share what I am feeling. Thanks to her coz she finally made me cry. I really wanna cry! I really want to express and throw away this heavy load I am carrying for three days. It started when my husband lied about something that is actually not supposed to be an issue. Then my mind started to roll and think of so many malicious things. I am so bad! My husband is not bad. He is a good father, a good husband, how dare my mind thinking of so many things that already happened in the past and still have the feeling that it might happen again in the future! OH gosh! I can't bear that this time. Boyfriends and girlfriends' problem is different. We were married for almost four years now, I haven't experience any kind of insecurity then. How come I al feeling it now? How come I am so worried with so many things around me. Why am I so paranoid? Is my husband has any reason to do such terrible things? I don't think so, he's just a typical family man who wants to take a break sometime. My friend was right, his life is not only for Me and for our kids, he also has his own world. My friend was right about being so attached to him. He has his own circle of friends though his friends are my friends too. The difference is just they were boys and I am a girl. I know these facts I just can't accept them. To be able to accept these, I have to let go of him, not forever, just whenever he wants to do something for himself. I have to set him free but I have to set a limitations. All I am asking from him is to give me some respect. Whenever he's doing a decision I just wanted to know about it without asking him. Of course I wanted him to be happy, I am happy when his happy. I am just a little bit jealous because I always wanted to be with him. See how selfish I am? Oh gosh, how can I able to get ridof this kind of attitude!? I wanted to live normally. I wanted to have a good relationship with my husband. I love him and I don't want to loose him. He's my life. I know that sounds crazy but YES I love him very much! Oh God please guide me.

Sep 22, 2009

Why Am I so Sad?

I feel so empty inside. Why am I worrying so much? DO I have something to worry about? If no then why am I feeling this way. Is my husband right about me being so paranoid? Yeah my heart is telling me that there's something wrong. How come I am so lonely? My kids were here, my husband loves me, we just had a fight not actually a fight coz he didn't even bother to argue with me. It's just me who keeps on provoking a fight. Thank God were over it. The issue I made was totally all lies. I didn't get mad because he bought a billiard cue, I didn't get mad because he lie about "billiard thing and the shoe thing", I got mad because I was insecure. I think I'm starting to feel like my husband is having an affair with someone else. I don't think so. I don't wanna think about it coz thinking of it killing me so much, what more if it's true. One thing more is that I am jealous because he is having fun while me not. What I want is to have him stay at my side whenever he's done with his work. Am I too much? Yeah I'm selfish! I love him and I am missing him everyday. I don't think he's doing something wrong. I'm sure it's me who has a problem. Hope I overcome this soon! I hate this feeling!

Sep 19, 2009

Becoming Rebellious Wife

I am so mad about my husband going back to his vices. It is not bad to go out sometimes I know that. It's just that he didn't ask permission first before he go. The worst thing is that I was able to know that he was going somewhere from his friend. I think the friend was just concern and he doesn't want me to get mad at him by bringing my hubby with his gimmick. That is one totally relief for my side. What I am so mad about is that he really didn't ask permission from me yet, he lied and then he came home 4:30 in the morning without texting me. The only thing I am requesting from him is to respect me. I am his wife, I should know where he is going. I am also worrying about him especially when he's not yet home and no idea where he is. I just wanted him to give me some importance. Even if I don't want to, I am still allowing him to go. Even if I feel it was so unfair for me, I still letting him go because I wanted him to enjoy even for the fact he's already married and he's not suppose to stay so late outside our home. We have kids waiting for us. How come boys can easily do such things while girls, like for example me as a mother, how come I can't leave my kids for gimmick?! I should try it sometime. I wanna go out too like what my husband is doing. I should enjoy too right? I am no longer drinking but this time, i will drink again, and smoke again and stay with friends all night long., I don't care anymore! If he wants this way then I'll give what he wants. I'll let him do his way then I'll do mine! What's happening to me, am I getting so rebellious now? Am I mad to the world again? Gosh, I am getting so bad again! I can't stop myself not to get mad! I can't stop myself to become so rebellious! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it! On the other side of my rebellious mind, I am happy with my brother James for getting married already and I can see that their relationship is getting better and better. Hope they will continue that kind of relationship. Hope they will LOVE each other forever, not just because they have three kids but because they love each other.

Sep 18, 2009

I hate myself! I'm a bad daughter!

Just hated myself so much when I am getting annoyed. I hate myself for being so hot headed. I hate myself for I know I have a tendency to do worse things when I am mad! Why I am like this?
Why I have to find someone who I can blame for all my own mistake? Why do I easily get angry? How come of all people in this world I have to blame my Mom (who's with me during weekdays) every time I see things that is not good to my sight? Is this because she's the only person that I can see inside the house? Is this because I am paying her labor? Why am I so rude to her? Why do I have to talk to her like this and that? And even I know I already hurt her, I can't even say sorry. I am so bad! I am so rude! I love my mom I know that! I am happy and thankful she's here beside me even for the fact that I am giving her allowance, she's really a big help for me. Without her, I don't know how to do all the stuff inside the house.
Just right now, I made a terrible thing again! My mom called me reporting what my daughter has done to her toy I just gave her yesterday. She said Ishi disassembled them. I didn't mind what she just said, I continued doing my stuff. I am so busy with so many things that time. In realty, in my reloading business coz my brother(he's in my store) keeps on text-ting me about the problem in reloading. That time my head is already getting hot. I am already annoyed because of so many reasons (i don't remember them already). Then my cellphone got lowbat and i have to find my charger. I can't find it everywhere, I asked again my mom if my brother brought it to the store. She said she don't know. Then I got so annoyed again! I went to the terrace, I saw my kids playing with the disassembled toy my mom just told me about awhile ago. her with some piece of wood(part of the toy), I al so mad at her. I am so mad that I can't remember why I so reacted that way! Because I don't want to hurt my kids I told them shouting to go inside the room. Since I am so mad....I didn't stop talking! I am so mad while assembling the toy! I said "sisrain ko to! sisirain ko to!", "wala akayung ka concern concern! kanina po to sinabing kinalas hanggang ngayun hawak nyo pa din!!!". I just keep on talking and talking and I dunno already why am I so mad! I am referring to my kids but I am also mad with my mom because she told me about the toy for about 20 minutes ago but she still didn't get the toy instead she has to report it pa! I am so mad because she can't handle my kids! I also said to my kids this lines "Matigas ba ang ulo nyo? hindi ba kayu marunong makinig sa lola nyo?? gusto nyo humanap ako ng mag aalaga sa inyu na katatakutan nyo?!?". My daughter keeps on crying because she can see how really mad I am that time. I don't wanna hit her that's why I keep on talking just to release my tension and the madness inside my heart. And the suddenly my mom shouted already saying "hindi ko naman sila pinapabayaan ah, inaalagaan ko naman sila ah" then I reply still shouting, 'hindi naman yun ang sinasabi ko, ang sinasabi ko hindi nyo ba sila kayang alagaan? kailangan ba sumbong nyo lang lagi? Hindi nyo ba sila kayang pasunurin?" then I go back to our room. She continue talking and complaining "bakit hindi lang naman sila ang inaasikaso ko ah! Hindi lang naman pag aalaga ang ginagawa ko ah! Gusto mo humanap ka ng ibang mag aalaga, grabe kang makapagsalita, grabe ang mga salita mo". The we both stopped talking. I felt so disappointed after that scene. I dunno but I really cried so hard. I don't remember saying any rude words to her. I'm actually talking to my kids. I don't remember any single word have said. But the truth is I really got mad to my mom. I really got annoyed because she has to call me pa with somethings kayang kaya naman nya i-handle. I hate that when that happens! I want her to control my kids, I want my kids to obey their lola but the lola keeps on calling me when I am there. Sometimes I was thinking she loves to wash clothes than to take care of my kids. I can see her concerns and love for my kids but sometimes I have that feeling. Maybe because she's already tired sometimes. I can't blame her for she has to wash our clothes, prepare out breakfast (breakfast only), clean the house (oh she's not into cleaning that's why most often I am doing that), bring Ethan to school from 11 am to 12:30pm, bring kids to bed for their nap (she can't also do this because the kids aren't listening to her so sometimes I have to do that even I have to do something else). After that I don't know what she's doing then. I know everything is hard. I know everything is tiring but she's not the only one who's busy here. I am pressured with so many things. I am thinking of so many things for my family and for them. I am also tired. I am also busy. I don't know. I am so confused. I don't know what wrong have I done. I can't remember them. All I know is that I am so bad! I am so bad! I am so bad!

Sep 15, 2009

Yuckie weight of 110lbs from 90lbs =(

I almost forgot to have my injection last month due to many things I've been doing. Good thing I still have one day to catch up, thank God! SO I visited my OB, done with my "injectible", next comeback is for paps mere, hope to come back as soon as possible this month. As standard procedure before my OB injected me, ate Neneng, the nurse always getting my BP and weight. I can't believe I am now weighing 110lbs! Yuckie! I did gain so much weight! My original weight before I got pregnant was 90lbs. I don't remember my weight during my pregnancy, all I can remember is after giving birth to Ethan, my weight then was 104 lbs. Most of the people were saying I am not fat. But I still attended GYM and Aerobic class. After then I lost 3lbs. When I started to become busy in real estate, I stopped attending those class until now. That's why I am so alarmed that I gained this much weight. I think I should go back to the gym again. My tummy is really fat already and I can notice my pants were all becoming so tight to me. I really need to lose weight! Oh gosh I don't want to become a "dabiana"!

Sep 12, 2009

How Can We Able to Earn 250,000 in 2010?!?

I'm getting crazy computing our income. Budgeting my husband's salary that is no longer enough for four of us is really making me crazy. Our extra expenses for the past few months were all coming from my realty commissions, lately (because my commissions were used in small business) we used his performance bonus which is supposed to be in the bank as our savings but is already used also. Where can I get such unexpected expenses but in our savings right? So how can we able to earn 250,000 for the next six months if unexpected expenses keeps on coming? We really need that money for our Condo's Processing fee and cash out in case (actually for sure we can't able to meet the given loanable amount) we don't meet the salary requirement of the bank. I really need more sales in realty or in my mini business. Hope we could overcome this. I know God has a way. So help us God.

Sep 11, 2009

Am I Being Selfish and Jealous?!?

"Am I being selfish and Jealous?" this is my question to my self every time hubby is going out with friends and my heart is telling me not to let him go unless I come with him. But of course I am not telling him that I don't want him to go instead I am asking him if I could come along. Sometimes he's okay with that but most often not, always depends on the occasion and with his companions. Last Thursday he asked me if he can play billiards with his friends, I said sure he can. I thought they were going out on Saturday but he texted me this afternoon that they will have it tonight after work. It's weird because I suddenly felt jealous. I did say yes but my heart is aching, is it because he didn't invite me?!?. I tried to ask him if I can come but he didn't answer me. I don't have plan actually to go coz I know it'll be awkward for me tagging along with his male friends. I just tried to ask him coz I wanna see his reaction and his reaction hurts me a bit. I don't know why I have to feel this way. Is there anything wrong with "going out with friends"? I don't know! I think I'm a bit jealous because I also missed going out! Hanging out with friends! How come I can't go out without him while he can? I prefer to go out with him than friends. I love being with him, I feel so guilty when I am doing things that I love but he's not with me. I don't wanna try new things without him trying it too. Like for example when my friends ask me to go to Wensha and experience their massage and SPA but I didn't go with them because I told them my hubby didn't experience it yet and I want to experience it with him first. When my body feels like having a massage, I didn't go because I wanted to have it with him. When my friends were asking me to watch a certain movie, I don't like to go because I want to watch that movie with him. And If I do one of those things without him, I feel like I betrayed him. I feel like I committed a sin. How come my life is revolving only around him? I love my husband and I know he loves me too. I think I am just being over reacting? selfish? Jealous? I don't know! I think the problem lies with me, why am I expecting too much in return? He didn't ask me not to do those things without him in the first place. Why am I expecting too much?! I don't have to do those right?
Hey Jes wake up! You can still have your own life! Sometimes your partner still needs privacy! And you need one too! Why don't you go out with your female friends and enjoy!

Yeah right! My life is actually stressful this past few months. I think I also need a break!
Yeah that's right! You've been working so hard! You have plenty of roles! You're a WIFE, a MOM, a BUSINESS WOMAN, a REALTOR, Franchise agent, a SISTER and a Daughter. Aren't you tired yet? You just came home from your business right? You're just stressed! That's why you feel like you're pathetic because your hubby is going out while you were at home shouting at your kids when they have done something wrong, ate dinner alone and then sit in front of the computer! Look at your tummy, it's getting bigger and bigger like you're carrying again a fetus in your womb! Is that want you want? To become a fat ass! Give yourself a LIFE, add some leisure.
Oh gosh Did I just talked to myself? But it's okay atleast I am feeling okay now. Just comforting myself. I want hubby to enjoy. I am sad when he's sad. I am happy when he's happy! I will just try not to worry too much. I can't sleep when he's not home yet, when he's not at my side yet. I am missing him so much and worrying too much. God Bless them and hope he comes home safe. =)

Sep 5, 2009

Christmas is Fast Approaching...Time to make a Lists!

Time flies so fast, I just noticed that it's already "Ber" month and my schedule for my kids is becoming more hectic than ever! Last week I was busy trying to review her for her exam which we didn't able to do because she's so stubborn like me (hahahahaha!) And then busy again for her costume for "Buwan ng Wika", after that I thought there will be no more activities yet but I was wrong. I forgot that next month is already October and I don't have kiddos costume for Halloween yet! OMG, you know I am getting crazy over costume parties! I love costume parties! And aside from that I still have to prepare for my daughter's 1st "Fieldtrip" but most importantly for their second quarter examination. This time I have to review her already! While planning for those stuff I have to prepare a list for CHRISTMAS presents! Christmas is the most important occasion for me. I love wrapping and sharing gifts though I know that's not the most important part of celebrating Christmas it's just that I love doing it! I am now thinking of gifts for Ishi's classmates. I love personalized items so I am thinking of making some of them (children of my close friends) a personalized pendants. I still have so many choices like insulated lunch tote or toddler backpack, I think this makes sense coz kids can use it next school year. I also love personalized nap mats, I think this is a good souvenir after school year ends for they will always remember my kid whenever they go out for a picnic. Oh gosh, I am now cramming for there are so many schedules to prepare and there are lot of things I need to plan. =)

Sep 3, 2009

Me, Myself and Jes' Blog is now PR2

Unexpectedly, Me, Myself and Jes blog of mine is now on it's 2nd rank! Lately this blog together with My Little Angels doesn't have a PR at all, and now surprisingly when I checked all of my blogs page rank, I didn't expect that this will have a rank like this. Why?... because I am not blogging too much in this site then how come it has a page rank of two while my little angels which I am using most of the time has no rank at all?! That's weird! But it's okay coz in this case, I am expecting more opp to come. Wish me luck!

Aug 24, 2009

Ishi's First Quarter Exam Results

Gosh, until now I am still adjusting. My Siomai Cart is on it's fourth day today and I am still not getting used to so many things. I don't know how to budget my time yet. Is it normal that I have to spent most of my time with my siomai cart? I am still guiding my employee and I don't wanna let her do the things alone yet. I am still helping her with some things mostly in selling coz I really love to prepare siomai. It's really good that Ishi was already done with her exam, I am somehow contented with her scores but at the back of my mind I was feeling guilty because I didn't reviewed her before the exam. She got 1 mistake in science exam and the rest were 80% and above only. Her classmates had better scores, I think I should review her next time. My bad coz I am busy with my little business and I neglected my kid's studies. Hope she could catch up next time. For now, I have to rest already and prepare for another challenge tomorrow. I will just spent a little time browsing in looking for a gifts before I sleep. Good day everyone and thanks for dropping by,

Aug 22, 2009

1st day and 2nd day of my Siomai Cart

It's really tiring to put up a business even as small as my siomai cart, yet It's also exciting. I really love business like this. I love selling. I love interacting with new people. So on the first day of my cart, I stayed since opening until closing. I saw how people showed their interest in my product, I love seeing them enjoying the food we are serving especially our FREE black gulaman as opening promo. It's really fulfilling. Yesterday is our second day and I did still stay. My husband was also there because it's holiday. I think he's also happy seeing our mini business. We both stayed until closing time. We are tired yet happy with the result of our sales. We're still expecting it to become higher as soon as people will known about our siomai cart. I think we should think more marketing strategy. Today is our 3rd day, I'll be preparing things for our cart after blogging and bring it to the location. My routine has changed. I am now busier than ever ehehheheh, but blogging will never be eliminated in my schedule. I was just sometime sad because for the past 2 days, I never had a chance to play with my kids. Hope to adjust soon and spent more time with my kids. My photobook was also arrived last thursday but I have to pick it up in post office thru parcel but I didn't able to get it yet. I should get it on monday coz I am really really excited to see it. I wanted to order again but still doesn't have time lay outing. I still has pending stuff to browse like daycare nap mat, stephen joseph quilted backpack and stephen joseph backpack. I love online shopping that's why my paypal money was already empty. I still have to earn for my next target online products =)

Aug 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Husband!

It's my husband's birthday today! I just wanna greet him a Happy Birthday! I also wanna thank God for giving him to us. I wanted to thank his parents for bringing up such a wonderful person. A very nice and loving father to my kids and very faithful and caring husband to me. He is my inspiration in every endeavor I take, in every dreams I plan to make and in every trials I have experienced and I am about to experience. He is my best friend, he is the only person that is giving me strength whenever I am weak. I am so lonely without seeing him in every hour of the day. I wanted him to be at my side all the time. I am so thankful God has chosen me to become his partner in life. I am very contented in my life because of him and because he's the father of my wonderful kids. I really love him, very much and I don't know what to do without him. He is the half part of my heart, I will not live without him. I love you daddy! Happy Birthday! Wishing you good health and wealth ehehehhe =) More years with good health to us so we could still watch movie together when we gets old, we could still play online games even we have rheumatism, we could still play rough games with our kids, so we could also try new things like playing golf. I wanted to experience new things, new sights like in golfkurse in Germany. Experience to shop in golfshop or even enroll in golfreisen. Aside from that hubby and I dream is to travel so hope we could do that soon daddy! For now, let's stay healthy for each other and for our kids. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to my husband CARLOS LISING!

Aug 4, 2009

My Brother Is Finally Getting Married

My Brother Jessie James is finally getting married, after having a three kids with her long time live in partner Abegaile, their finally making it legal. We came from a poor family, my brother didn't finish his college that's why he doesn't have a better job. He's only a contractual crew that can't afford to finance even a simple wedding. My Mom doesn't have a job, I am already married and without a permanent job to help him with such things. Thank God, my Uncle Junior gave him some help. Now we can start planning and try to look foir other sponsors other things to be needed in the wedding. I think God will help find a way. My brother and my sister in-law to be were done with their marriage contract application and seminar. All they have to do is get rest, take care of their children while I'm organizing their wedding. Good luck to me!

Jul 16, 2009

Who Wants a Big time Business with Small Capital?

P23,888 ALL-IN!

for your Franchise!

Mini Cart, 1 Griller, 1 Electric Steamer
Employees Uniform, Initial Inventory, Staff Training, Franchise Seminar, Opening Assistance

Other Franchise Brands available

PINOY PAO -Siopao (tiny, regular and jumbo) and siomai (pork, shrimp and sharksfin)

JACK'S EATABLES -Fried bites (Fishballs, Squid balls, Chicken balls,kikiam)

BURGEROO - Buy 1 Take 1 Burger!


PIZZA PINOY - Pizza (ham & cheese,hawaiian,pepperoni,langonisa,carne norte,tuna anghang,pizza pinoy espesay,pizza sandwich)

RED BOWL -Rice Toppings (java rice w/ egg & mixed veg.,a choice of toppings from siomai,corned beef,tocino,sweet ham,beef teriyaki (best seller), beef & mushroom etc!!

HAPPY WAFFLE - variety of waffles

EMPEROR SIOMAI -Pork, Sharksfin & Shrimp Siomai, Quail Egg Siomai, Ham Siomai, Pork Mushroom Siomai, Kani Crab Siomai, Chili Crab Siomai

O'NOODLES -Hong Kong Style Stir Fry Noodles w/ a choice of Pork Siomai, Dumplings and Beef Balls for toppings w/ Toyomansi, Teriyaki and Chili Garlic oil for its sauce!

I LOVE SYSIG! - Delicious, Fresh and hot sisig (chicken and pork sisig to go!).


Lifetime Franchise
Use of Business Name and Logo
Mini Cart
Electric Steamer,
Employees Uniform,
Initial Inventory,
Staff Training,
Franchise Seminar,
Opening Assistance
Food Carts are produced in 2-3 weeks from the date of payment.
FREE DELIVERY of Food Stocks for a minimum of
P3,500 worth within Metro Manila
P5,000 - P7,000 worth within Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan and Rizal
Other Provinces: Stocks are delivered thru Local Bus Terminal.
Terminal Fees will be shouldered by the Franchisee.

SySIG FRANCHISE for only P38,888 ALL-IN!


Franchise inclusions for foodcart franchise:
Foodcart 2ft.x3ft.6ft.
basic equipment
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product sampler worth P500
crew training
franchise seminar
location asisstance (metro manila)


250k Only
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2 units - Single Cart w/ equipments (3ft. x 2ft.)
1 unit - 2 in 1 Cart w/ equipments (4 1/2ft. x 2ft.)
1 unit - 3 in 1 Cart w/ equipments (6ft. x 2ft.)
1 unit - Chest Freezer
8 pcs - Tarpaulin Banners
P10,000.00 - worth of Stock Inventories
Special Distributors priceplus additional 5% to 8%

7 Units Single cart w/ equipments 3ft. X 2ft)
1 unit chest freezer
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P 10,000 worth of Initial inventories
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* Laguna - Calamba
* Marikina City
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* Paranaque
* Muntinlupa
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* Bulacan - Malolos
* Iloilo City
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* Cebu 1
* Cebu 2
* Nueva Ecija - Cabanatuan
* Nueva Viscaya
* Pamapanga - San Fernando
* Laguna - Binan
* Cavite - Gen Trias
* Laguna - Sta. Rosa
* Batangas - Tanauan
* Cavite - Imus
* Isabela - Santiago City
* Olongapo City
* Bulacan - Baliwag
* Legaspi City
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* Zamboanga City
* Virac, Catanduanes
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• * 1 unit of 2 in 1 Cart with equipments - 4.5 ft x 2 ft x 6 ft
• * 1 unit of 3 in 1 Cart with equipments - 6 ft x 2 ft x 6 ft
* OR 7 Different Concept Single Cart with Equipment
• * 1 unit of chest freezer 5cu ft
• * 8pcs of Tarpaulin Banners
• * Php10,000.00 worth of Stock Inventories
• * Plus Insurance Package
• * Special Distributor Price
• * You can choose any combination of cart Packages equivalent to 7 Foodcarts
* You can put the carts wherever you want.

1. How to earn?

>>As a distributor, ofcourse you would avail the products much lower than the factory price because you would be the distributor at your chosen area. Then when you sell it, your price is the same as the factory.

>>Because in 250k package you'll also get 7 concept foodcarts, you'll also be a retailer as well so you would be earning much bigger because you could get the products on much lower price.

This 250k package is one time payment only. NO Royalty fee, NO Renewal fee and absolutely NO hidden charges!

for more info and for orientation schedule txt or call:
Jes Lising
YM id - jganlising

P23,888 ALL-IN!

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