Oct 16, 2009

Dad and The Innova

My dad seemed to love driving. I know he's just excited, and sooner or later, he will get tired of it for sure! We don't have our own car, but her mom has an INNOVA. He always wanted to bring that innova when going to work. I am just a bit worried because you know...accidents were everywhere. Oh paranoid me! I hate my mind when it's thinking about things like that! Forget it! I am so happy for my husband because he's a good driver now. All he need to learn now is how to trouble shoot car problems whenever he's on the road. I think that's important right? I know there are shop everywhere now but it's still important for a driver to know what's happening or what's wrong with the car right? There are also some terms that he needs to know, some terms and some car needs like supercharger. Personally I don't know such things, I just heard it from some people. So hopefully dad will learn about it soon! I am now excited to work so hard so we could have our own car next year after the turn over of our condominium.

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