Sep 12, 2009

How Can We Able to Earn 250,000 in 2010?!?

I'm getting crazy computing our income. Budgeting my husband's salary that is no longer enough for four of us is really making me crazy. Our extra expenses for the past few months were all coming from my realty commissions, lately (because my commissions were used in small business) we used his performance bonus which is supposed to be in the bank as our savings but is already used also. Where can I get such unexpected expenses but in our savings right? So how can we able to earn 250,000 for the next six months if unexpected expenses keeps on coming? We really need that money for our Condo's Processing fee and cash out in case (actually for sure we can't able to meet the given loanable amount) we don't meet the salary requirement of the bank. I really need more sales in realty or in my mini business. Hope we could overcome this. I know God has a way. So help us God.


Oleg said...

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Jona said...

wow! see an opportunity found you just in time. God will provide. as long as we do our best :D

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