May 20, 2011

Invest For A Brighter Future

I am lucky to have a partner in like like my husband. He has this characteristics I am admiring about him. He might be the kind of husband that is not that sweet in terms of giving material things to you in every occasions, but I understand. Those are not important.  I appreciate his own way of  thoughtfulness. Maybe he's just practical and I accept it.
He maybe the kind of man with so many dreams and being thrifty is one of his way to fulfill his dreams one by one.  I admire him having his own car in a span of 7 months work in USA.  Sometimes when were having a conversation, I can feel from his words the things he's dreaming, I can tell how much he thinks of getting rich so that someday he can give everything to our kids in the future and don't worry about our retirement.  I can project that his next plan is a house. Who doesn't want to have a house of your own? Everybody dreams of it right?  There's this article talking about "I Will Teach you To Be Rich" talking about personal finance and entrepreneurship for college students, recent college grads, and everyone else. I think this book will help us a lot in fulfilling our dreams. It's not bad to aim for higher right? I think my husband's attitude will bear fruits someday.
I am doing my best to help my husband in his dreams and my first step is to become thrifty like him. 

May 17, 2011

Reviewer's Haven First Blog Contest

I am joining another contest and try my luck again at "Reviewer's Haven First Blog Contest". The mechanics are simple, all you have to do is post about it in your blog, connect with her at GFC and Like Reviewer's Haven on facebook and you will have a chance to be with the 10 lucky winners.Yes there will be 10 lucky winners of 5 dollars via Random org. So easy right? You might wanna join us too? Come and join us! 
Good luck!

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary