Oct 9, 2009

My Ultimate Medicine

Today is such a great day even if I am sick, have fever, can't breath perfectly because of so hard cough, but had the greatest feeling ever! Yeah! I feel great! You know why? Last night daddy brought us Krispy Kreme doughnut I requested from him that day. I know it's not voluntary but still, he granted my request. =) This morning hubby noticed I have a fever, actually I am always having this fever every night and I am still wondering why until now. I think it's because of my cough only. Well, I don't care coz taking paracetamol lowers my fever anyway. Back to my story, when hubby noticed my fever he kissed me in my forehead and he touches my face, he hugged so tight like I am dying already(just kidding). I missed that! I love that! That is the greatest medicine that would make me feel better. That's all I just wanted to share how happy I am today! Good day! =)

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