Oct 2, 2009

"Smallville" and "Heroes" Mode

Yesterday is our 4th year wedding anniversary, some people were asking if we have a date. Nah we don't have a date. We we're not celebrating our anniversary by going out or something. But sometimes we do if there's a chance. He's in the office yesterday and I am in our store. We're both busy but we're happy that we're together at the end of the day. He picked me up at the store (though I am the one who actually asked him to pick me up and I'm happy he came), we went home together, he ate dinner and I didn't coz I have a new pledge to myself that I will not eat after 6 in the evening. Ah that's another story. Let's proceed. Then we watched our favorite series together "HEROES" and "SMALLVILLE". I am really happy when we're watching together. It seems that it is the only way we could have spend time together. I love the scene that we were both sitting in front of the computer watching. I love it when I am leaning on his shoulder or lying on his legs when we're watching over the bed. Oh I am missing him again. He's out at the moment, he's in the office and he is planning to play billiards again tonight after office with friends. Oh well, that's he's enjoyment. He loves playing Billiards so I have no reason to stop him. I will just download again more seasons of smallville and heroes in Rapidshare Search and wait for him to come home so we could watch again together. See how shallow my enjoyment? That's simple right. Hope he could read my blog. Again Happy Anniversary to us! =)

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