Oct 6, 2009

"Stop Being Jealous...he's all yours Now!"

Aw! This is terrible. It's almost four years now that my husband and I got married and I am still feeling jealous sometimes. Is that normal? Mild jealousy is okay but not the jealousy that almost breaks my heart. I hate that feeling. How can I able to stop it. I have different kinds of jealousy in my heart. The one is mild like I don't care, i was just irritated, the other jealousy is the worst one, this makes my body shakes and my heart is beating so fast like I am having a heart attack. I don't like that feeling.
Last night we visited a friend's mother's burial, hubby's friends were gathered like their having a reunion that night. My hubby's friend who happened to be hubby's EX was there also. We stayed there until 6 in the morning. I felt this jealousy that night. I know it was just a joke for them (hubby's boy friends) when they tease my hubby about the EX, but that's not proper! I was there! Hello! Are you not satisfied with me as your friend's WIFE? What do you want then? Oh Gosh this is really annoying! It didn't happened once, it already happened twice and I am really really mad about it. I hate them! I hate them! That is not funny! They don't know how it feels like. I really wanted to walk out that night. I just don't wanna offend my friend (his Ex) so I didn't do it. I was waiting for the hubby to atleast say "stop it, past is past" or "oist hindi ba kayu nahiya sa asawa ko". I am really really offended that night. I feel like "pinagkaisahan" that nightr. I feel like they don't like me for their friend and they like the EX. Is that what they want? Then I will not let my hubby befriended with them anymore! They sucks! They are trash! I don't like them anymore!!!!! I hate them!!!!!

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