Apr 23, 2010

Summer Saya Talaga Pag FAMILY ang Kasama

Hays...it's so HOT this summer. I feel like burning in hell! What's wrong with our weather? Hays!
Anyways, no matter how hot everyday, nothing can stop me, my hubby and our kiddos from doing so much fun and activity this summer. Last February we spent our early summer outing with my in-laws. We went to Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club Resort. We had so much fun there even the sun is so hot, my kiddos enjoying the swimming pool and sand, while hubby and I enjoyed the buffet lunch then had a little nap, then joined the kids in the beach. We did kayaking and boating in different coves of pico de loro.
Two weeks after we had our little TAGAYTAY get away! We enjoyed horse back riding so much especially our kids. They didn't even want to rest for a while so we let them go with the horse trainers. After that we also experienced ZIPLINE ride. My kids love it too!
Another week passed then we went to ZOOBIC SAFARI in Subic, Zambales. It's a little bit pricey fortunately that day DADDY got his bonus so we enjoyed our little adventure. Daddy got his new shoes in NIKE outlet near zoobic safari and my kids enjoyed every animals they've seen during the tour. They enjoyed feeding the horses, camels, goats especially the birds.They also enjoyed taking pics with some animals especially with the TIGER. Most of all we enjoyed the animal shows and parade in the afternoon before they closed.
Last Holy week we also had our ILOCOS NORTE Summer Vacation. We had our tour in the first day, we went to Fort Ilocandia, Paoay Church, Marcos Museum, Malacanang of the North, Bangui Windmill, Cape Bojeador Light House, Blue Lagoon and Patapat Viaduct. We still have lots of places to visit but we had so little time to explore so we just enjoyed the beach of SAUD and stayed in Villa del Mar Beach Resort for 2 days and 2 nights. Had meals in different resort restaurants, hubby and I had our henna tattoo, picture takings and most of all, swimming in the beach! I soooo LOVE it! Before we go back to Manila we visited our relatives in GABU which is so near in the beach again so then we had another swimming day! Tiring but we surely did enjoy it! Next Week, on MAY 1, we were scheduled to go to BATAAN for another beach adventure. I'm so excited for the kids. I'm so sure they will enjoy it! Can't wait!
That's all for now....i'll keep you posted! =)

Apr 18, 2010

All By Myself ....la la la la....

Whew! I'm so tired! It's been a week now since I've been doing all things all alone. Alone coz my Mom, who happens to be my kiddos yaya wasn't here for a week now coz my Lolo (her tatang) died last week and she has to stay there for a while.
I was bringing Ishi to her summer class with her brother every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I can handle them naman but the problem is that when they both fell asleep sa biyahe, hirap na ko kumilos. It's hard also when they keep on playing and I am having a hard time controlling them. But we are all fine after one week being like that..all alone.
One more thing is that my hands (carpals) were almost numb now. I've been washing our clothes for almost 4 days now...I can't finish them all in a day. On the other hand, despite of all these hardships, I feel so fulfilled as a mom to my kiddos and a wifey to my husband.
If only I could do this all my life....but I can't coz I still have to work. If I am not working, I can do all these things alone. I can't do all the laundry coz that's tiring. I don't wanna abuse my body so why give it to others and share your income =)
Hays.....have to finish my laundry then iron some of our clothes =)

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary