Nov 18, 2009

Our Condo Downpayment on it's 18th month!

I am so happy that we finally paid 18 months down payment of our condo this month. On the other hand I am also nervous because we only have six months left to prepare for our miscelleneous fees. As I have said before we need to pay our Miscellaneous fees before they turn over our condo to us on May next year. What's being nervous about this is that we still don't have money on hand for this. Though I am hoping I could get all my collectibles before May so I could possibly pay it on time but still there is no security that I could get it in time that I'll be needing it. I think I'll be needing a back up plan or I need someone who can lend me money for the meantime. Despite all these problems, I am more excited than problematic. Yeah I am very excited! I am very happy for we have this kind of investment. I am excited to finally soon have our own. As in we already have fruits of labor. I am very proud of my husband. Because of him, we can be able to pay it. Hope we could still pay the succeeding balance in God's help and guidance in the future. I am trying my best to help my husband with our finances and I am glad God is giving me what I am praying to him. I am thankful to our Lord for being very kind to me and to my family. I am looking forward to our condo's turn over next year coz I can't wait to see it interior designed. If ever we have budget that time I will surely hire real property management for it. I wanted it to be a perfect unit for our future student tenants. =)

Nov 14, 2009

Ishi's 4th Birthday @ SM Mall of Asia

I am so tired yet so happy for my kids =) We went to MOA this morning with LOLO and LOLA. They brought the INNOVA to Toyota for check up and while waiting for the car, we celebrated IShi's birthday in so many ways inside SM MOA. We had our breakfast at Jollibee and then had an Selecta Ice cream dessert while heading to the mall. Lola brought them to Toy Kingdom and then woot...woot....Ishi got another present...a mini trolley for her doll! She really likes that thing it's just that we already bought her a doll house for her birthday so even if I really wanted to buy her that immediately, I stopped myself for I don't want her to feel that she can easily get what she wants even if we say it's her birthday. I hope you understand what I am talking especially for parents like me out there. But I can't blame the kids for liking every toys they were seeing inside coz they were really attractive. I, myself wanted some items like bath wrap, terry towel wrap and personalized ink stamps. Since both of them were in TK, Ethan also got a present, he got remote control car! So expensive for me that's why I am very thankful to their Lola Mama for buying Ethan a very nice gift! Presents didn't stop there coz they also played in PLAYROOM for an hour. They really enjoyed it! Both of them! Hubby and I was so tired but untill now we can still feel how happy my kids were today. We'll surely do it again on Ethan's birthday on January.

Nov 13, 2009

Ishi's 4th Birthday @ La Cabecera de Montessori

Ishi celebrated her birthday just this morning in her school. She's very happy and excited! It's just a simple celebration since Montessori is not allowing parties while school time. I just ordered Jollibee foods for the kids and for adults too! I ordered cupcake tower for Ishi and I made some giveways for the classmates they surely enjoyed!I am so happy that kids really appreciate Ishi's giveaway. I am also happy for Ishi, she really enjoyed her special day. What she loved about celebrating birthdays is blowing of candle, I remember her looks when she first experience to celebrate her birthday in school and that was last year. She enjoyed it very much. This time I think she still enjoyed it but not as exciting as before. One thing more she loves is that opening gifts! She love opening gifts! Daddy gave her gift already last Tuesday and she really enjoyed it....and now she's enjoying her classmates gifts to her especially the clay =) All hubby and I wanted for Ishi is happiness! We just like her to see happy ..we want her to enjoy her childhood as much as we can that's why we're doing everything to give all her needs. How I wish we, my husband and I could still do it for our kids until they grow up. Next assignment is my son's birthday on January. But for now I still have to make list first so I could buy christmas gifts for our loveones. I have seen so many choices everywhere like terry bath robe, waffle bath robe and bath wrap. I really love to shop now but I am still waiting for hubby's bonus =). Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISHI!!!!

Nov 11, 2009

44 days to go.....

Oh goodness! Christmas christmas.....coming so fast. I was so busy doing stuff, I can't concentrate....I even forgot to prioritize my daughter Ishi's birthday to be held on 13th of November in her school. I just finished making an invites that is supposedly given already last week. I also just ordered foods in Jollibee this morning! I feel like I am cramming! I went to Divisoria last Monday and there are lots of gift items to choose from. I didn't go shopping for christmas presents, been there to buy giveaways for my daughter's party so I didn't buy anything aside from what I only intended to buy that day. Oh that was tiring! I wanted to come back soon but I changed my mind. I'll be looking for some gifts at the mall instead or maybe online. I saw many stuff there I really like to buy like personalized ink stamps, bath wrap and terry towel wrap if I do have enough budget. But since I only have a certain budget, I really have to choose cheaper yet memorable gift items for all of my love ones. It's only 44 days to go and christmas is in the air! I'm so excited to buy gifts and wrap them all! =)

Nov 7, 2009

I'm Soooo Upset....again!

I'm so disappointed again! I feel like nobody is respecting me.....even the one and only person I'm expecting to give his very respect. I am so upset. He promised me not to do it again....I thought he'll never do this again because he was afraid to loose me but I am wrong. I think he's pushing me to go away! I gave him a chance but he failed me! He didn't even say sorry nor felt sorry for what he has done! What am I? A kid that can easily forget a promise? I did try so hard. Being I feel like I am always being taken for granted. I think he just need me and not LOVE me. He only needs me because we have kids... I am so bad thinking all of these but It's what I am feeling right now, I am sorry, I can't stop myself. I wanted to write about it! I am so disappointed. Now how can I able to trust him again? I mean his words. I hate myself for being sensitive. How I wish I was born with no feelings at all! I hate myself for being like this. I hate to see myself like this. I hate to feel this way. I really hate it but I can't stop it. The pain is still there, no matter how hard I try thinking positive things....I am now feeling ANGER! Is this all he wants? Me getting mad at him? Hate him until my LOVE for him is gone?! He's hurting my feelings for so many times now....I just don't think this will work still. How can I trust his words again?! No MORE! No more! I can't trust his words again! Since he did it again, I think he knows what will happen next.....

Nov 5, 2009


I have lots of dreams, but I am not focusing on them yet coz there are lots of things I need to prioritize first. I can't name all of my dreams because they were too many. First I just wanted to have kids, and now that I have kids, my dreams and wants became more and more. Not just for me but for them also. I am so lucky having a very talented husband. Most of my dreams I already have were reached because of him. Why? Because if he's not talented we will not be able to have a life like this. Maybe for others our life is not that good yet compare to other families, but for me it's already perfect minus the fact that we don't have our own house and car yet. It's okay with me that we can't go have a vacation yet, we can't even go somewhere near not just this months ago, and thanks to my mom in law for allowing us to use her car. =) Some people saying I am hard working too, I know that! =) But even if I am this hard working, I can't still have such things without my husband's help. If I met a guy who's not taking home a good income do you think I can still have some good things for myself? I don't think so coz not to mention my case who's still helping my family, Im sure he'd probably left me already! My husband is so helpful. He's very supportive. He's allowing me to buy things for myself as long as I am earning too! ehehhe =) He's such a cool husband and dad. I am not saying he's perfect coz he also has some things that I don't want him doing. You know what I mean if you're reading my blog. All I wanted to say is that, I am so thankful I have CARLOS as my better half. A good father, a faithful husband, a good son in law and brother in law. =) I may got mad to him sometimes but above all those he's still my love, my life and my dream!

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