Nov 5, 2009


I have lots of dreams, but I am not focusing on them yet coz there are lots of things I need to prioritize first. I can't name all of my dreams because they were too many. First I just wanted to have kids, and now that I have kids, my dreams and wants became more and more. Not just for me but for them also. I am so lucky having a very talented husband. Most of my dreams I already have were reached because of him. Why? Because if he's not talented we will not be able to have a life like this. Maybe for others our life is not that good yet compare to other families, but for me it's already perfect minus the fact that we don't have our own house and car yet. It's okay with me that we can't go have a vacation yet, we can't even go somewhere near not just this months ago, and thanks to my mom in law for allowing us to use her car. =) Some people saying I am hard working too, I know that! =) But even if I am this hard working, I can't still have such things without my husband's help. If I met a guy who's not taking home a good income do you think I can still have some good things for myself? I don't think so coz not to mention my case who's still helping my family, Im sure he'd probably left me already! My husband is so helpful. He's very supportive. He's allowing me to buy things for myself as long as I am earning too! ehehhe =) He's such a cool husband and dad. I am not saying he's perfect coz he also has some things that I don't want him doing. You know what I mean if you're reading my blog. All I wanted to say is that, I am so thankful I have CARLOS as my better half. A good father, a faithful husband, a good son in law and brother in law. =) I may got mad to him sometimes but above all those he's still my love, my life and my dream!

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