Oct 8, 2009

People Making List...Buying Special Gifts....

Christmas..oh christmas...you are coming so fast. Christmas is the most exciting occasion in my life ever since Ishi and Ethan came to my life. Actually even before I was still single, buying gifts and especially wrapping them is one of my favorite. I love it when my god children coming in to our house every 25th or25th of December asking for their gifts. I love it when I see them smiling because they appreciate the simple gift I have given them. I also love receiving gifts from my love ones. I love to decor a christmas tree. Oh christmas....i know you are fast approaching but i can't still feel your spirit. It's okay I know coz it'stoo early right? It's only October, so I have to wait for another 1 and half months more. While waiting, I am already making list. I am already researching special but affordable gifts for everyone. Any ideas? Somebody suggested items like laundry bag for mommies, personalized kids backpacks for kids like stephen joseph quilted backpack. There are lots of items nowadays to choose from that why it's even harder to choose. Oh I have to think about it first!

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