Nov 14, 2009

Ishi's 4th Birthday @ SM Mall of Asia

I am so tired yet so happy for my kids =) We went to MOA this morning with LOLO and LOLA. They brought the INNOVA to Toyota for check up and while waiting for the car, we celebrated IShi's birthday in so many ways inside SM MOA. We had our breakfast at Jollibee and then had an Selecta Ice cream dessert while heading to the mall. Lola brought them to Toy Kingdom and then woot...woot....Ishi got another present...a mini trolley for her doll! She really likes that thing it's just that we already bought her a doll house for her birthday so even if I really wanted to buy her that immediately, I stopped myself for I don't want her to feel that she can easily get what she wants even if we say it's her birthday. I hope you understand what I am talking especially for parents like me out there. But I can't blame the kids for liking every toys they were seeing inside coz they were really attractive. I, myself wanted some items like bath wrap, terry towel wrap and personalized ink stamps. Since both of them were in TK, Ethan also got a present, he got remote control car! So expensive for me that's why I am very thankful to their Lola Mama for buying Ethan a very nice gift! Presents didn't stop there coz they also played in PLAYROOM for an hour. They really enjoyed it! Both of them! Hubby and I was so tired but untill now we can still feel how happy my kids were today. We'll surely do it again on Ethan's birthday on January.

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Jona said...

wow siguradong saya-saya ng birthday girl :D pati si bunso may gift din :)

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