Mar 30, 2009

Time Fly so Fast....What I have been Accomplished?

First quarter of the year is almost finished now, my hubby and I have so much plans but I can't see any accomplishments for the past 3 months of the year. I have done some of my resolutions like buying books for my kids, I am also trying very hard to sell house and lots. Oh yeah, before I forgot I should hurry my husband to finish our website for House Finder Philippines. I can't blame him because making a website is not that easy, we actually planned to hire somebody to make it for us but I don't think that's practical. Seems that I have no choice but to hire somebody or a company that could able to do it fast if it can't be done till next quarter. Have you heard about this Data Scraping Software thing? I was searching one night and I found so many companies like this. I actually no idea what this is all about. There are lots of things in the interenet that I don't understand. Anyways, what more important now is to think another ways tof meeting my plans for this year. And I hope we could also have a vacation this summer with our kids alone. Gosh, I have lots in my mind but it's not just planning you know. There are lots of things to consider. For now, I just wanna share some stuff like this. Sigh!

Mar 29, 2009

I'm a Mother I'm a Wife!

Thanks to Enchie for tagging me....I am sorry I am late posting it!


1. Link with the person who tagged you.
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3. Post this on any or all of your Blog/s.
4. Answer the two-part questionnaire following these Rules. (Feel free to elaborate your answers. For questions 8 - 14, post only the one (1) which you believe best describes your choice.)
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7. Have fun!
~ Parenting Style ~

1. Do you exercise full or minimal control over your child’s / children’s behavior?
hmm....i think just minimal.

2. Do you expect your child / children to obey 100% or let her / him / them do what pleases her / him / them?
no. i am letting them decide on their own but sometimes not yet because they were too young to decide.

3. Do you welcome discussion or you simply set rules?
I love discussions. I love talking to my child. I love hearing their opinions.

4. Do you reprimand?

5. Do you use spanking for punishment?
Yes and I hate it!

6. Do you use some kind of a reward System for motivation?

7. Do you enjoy being a Parent?
very much!

8. Are you a hands-on Parent or do you have a full-time Nanny?
I am work at home mom, i can say i am hands on mom but my mother is with me every weekdays to look after them while i am working infront of my pc

9. At what age would you let your child make simple decisions for himself / herself?
I am starting it now. I let them wear what they like...i let them chose what they want already, i do suggest sometimes.

10.Do you and your Husband have the same Parenting Style?
hmmmm we meet at the middle, he's learning from me sometimes and i am learning from him too

~ Wife Style ~

7. How long have you been married?
3 years

8. How do you feel about being a Wife?
Hmmm I feel like I am very special. I love being a wife to my husband CARLOS.

9. What has been your typical sleeping attire since you got married?
hmmm....shorts and shirt. we wanted to wear pajamas like our kids but we're not sleeping in an airconditioned room thats why.

10. How do you show how appreciative you are of your Husband?
I used to thank him in every single thing he has done for me. But i usually "reklamo" first before i say thnk you heheheh (thats my worst part)

11. What do you do when your Husband annoys you?
Hmmm....i am annoying him too!

12. You are buying or planning to buy your first house as Husband and Wife….
Yes! I want a house that has a big garden for my kids to play around. and i want to have picnic everyday! Since I am a realtor, i am looking for a perfect place with a perfect price hehehe

13. How does your house look like at the end of the day when Hubby gets home?
he wants it always clean. And the kids were there giving his stuff like his slippers, shorts and sando =)

14. How do you feel about running a household?
hmmm.. i can't feel it yet because were living in his parents house =(

15. What is the sweetest gift you have given your Husband so far?
hmmm... he loves my greeting cards more than any gift. I haven't gave him expensive gift yet. so i think that's the sweetest so far

Passing this to all mommy bloggers out there! Enjoy!!!!

Mar 28, 2009

Toy Hunt : Toys with Wings

Today is my Ishi's graduation in Nursery as "saling pusa". She got another award "silver medalist". Hmm nweis I'll post about it soon =)

Here's my post for this weeks' theme...."toys with wings!

Kids all time favorite here in the Phils....JOLLIBEE!!!!

Mar 22, 2009

Friendly Blogger Award

This month is an award month for me....hehehhehe =) thanks to CHRIS for this award!

"Let's Spread the Spirit of Friendship to all the Blogosphere all over the World."

Here is the rules for this award :
1. Take a Photo or install one now .
2. Do not change clothes,do not trim the hair,the main image is to be captured (we want to see the real you...he..he..) .
3. Post a picture that is in edit .
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5. Tag people to show appreciation to them that touch your heart because of their friendly attitude (required).

032209 / 11:13AM

I truly appreciate the friends I have met online... I am passing this friendly blogger award to these wonderful people who have become part of my blogging life.

Enchie of Sweet nOthings
Jona of A Time to Weep and A Time to Laugh
Sandi of Pregnant with Cancer
Pinaymama of PInaymama's DIary
Chris of Mommy Journey

Mar 18, 2009

Penmanship Tag

I love this tag...this is really fun tag....i just hate my post because my shot is so blur even I used text guide. Anyways....what more important here is that I am very thankful to be tagged by ENCHIE!

1. Write down who tagged you.

2. Answer these:
- your name / username / pseudo
- right-handed or left-handed?
- your favorite letters to write?
- your least favorite letters to write?
Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

3. Tag five persons.

I just wanna re post people I tagged:

LP : Paboritong Alahas

Ang aking paboritong alahas ay ang aking mga hikaw! Bukod sa bags, ito ang isa sa aking mga koleksiyon. Mahilig ako sa "dangling", pa kikay ba! Hindi man sila mamahalin ngunit para sa akin sila ay mga "precious gems". Nakakalungkot nga lang sapagkat madami na sa mga ito ang nawalan ng pares...kung hindi nasira o napigtas...minsa naman ay nawala. =) Naalala ko pa nung una akong bigyan ng aking asawa ng ganitong hikaw...kinilig ako sapagkat nahalata niya na mahilig ako sa mga hikaw na ganito ang klase. Sayang nga lang at nasira na nag hikaw na iyun....mumurahin lamang kasi, binili nya lamang ata sa isang kakilala sa opisina. Ngunit masaya ako na binigyan niya ako ng kahit anu mang bagay basta galing sa kanya. Ang sweet di bah? Hay...tama na nga ang kilig factor na ito. Maligayang LP sa inyung lahat!!!!

Mar 15, 2009

I Miss Being Preggy Again

Hey guys I am back from mountain climbing, we climbed 700-meter Mt. Sembrano in Antipolo for 2days and 1 night. I had so much fun, my husband and I still can't believe we survived climbing up that mountain. It is so hard but seeing the wonderful creation of God from up there.....its so fulfilling! I wanna go up again if given a chance. I will post my adventure maybe tomorrow because we've just arrived today and I am really sleepy and tired!
I just checked my email today and I am so excited bout what I have read.......Mary Anne, my boss in real estate and a friend is pregnant again!!!! Yahoo congratulations! I am so happy for you! You are truly blessed. I am also excited for you! You don't know how I miss having a baby. I really wanted to get pregnant again but since life is so hard now, we prefer not to have another baby for the meantime. I remember when we have known about my pregnancy with our first child, my husband and I were so excited though we're also afraid because that time hubby was still in college. I am so excited to buy things for her. I can't wait till I see her gender, my Ob-gyne advised me to take an ultrasound during my 7th month. Thank God I did wait because my Bosses in my work set a surprised baby shower for me! This is so unforgettable for a first timer mom like me, good thing I have a cool boss like them! My husband and I were so excited to open the gifts, we have received different things that a new born baby will be needing. I received a clothes, diapers, baby bedding, baby bottles and more! I can't believe we don't need to spend for all of these. We all know how expensive such stuff for babies isn't it? I didn't even buy a baby crib, my cousin gave me an old crib of her baby. We didn't buy almost of our baby's need. When she came out, we just put up a baby nursery for her inside our room. Until now, that baby nursery was still in our room. Having a baby is a fulfillment for a mom like me, I actually want two more babies but not planning about it yet. We're still focusing on their future. We have to be prepared, we want more babies but we also wanted them to have a good future and we are also concern about baby health. This is just our plan but whatever God's plan for us, we will accept it with joice and praise. God knows what is good for everybody right? I just really missed being pregnant again but I am not actually wishing for it by now.

Mar 13, 2009

Am I Ready for Mountain Climbing Tomorrow?

At last, I will experience one of the adventure I am dreaming of. I wanted to climb or hike a mountain. Yes, we will be going tomorrow! I am quite nervous I dunno if it is because of excitement or what. We already have somethings we will be needing up there. We borrowed tent, sleeping bag, water container adn ofcourse bags. We will be needing some de latas and bigas. We only need konti lang coz it's just an overnight adventure. Oh gosh I hope I could still endure the pagod going up there. Mabilis na ko hingalin because I don't have exercise here at home. Well good luck to me then.

I prepared somethings I'll be needing like 2 pairs of shoes (i don't hav proper shoes yet I only have rubber shoes), jacket, socks, and undies. I dunno if we are going to take a bath in the morning pa but I did bring extra pamalit na lang pagbaba. Tootbrush, off lotion, alcohol if ever we dont take a bath ahahahha. Anyways were not going to stay that long, i think overnight is maikling panahon lang. I think I can do it, My hubby's there naman he will guide me if ever hehehheh =)

Oh gosh I am so excited, I wanna take pictures up there. I wanna eperience the fun mountaineers were talking about. If ever I had fun, I think we'll do this again. Good luck to me and to my husband! God Bless us!

Mommy Moments #10 Sleeping Time

Happy Mommy Moments Everyone!
Lately I have been posting so late here... I've been busy updating my site of house and lot so I could catch up some more sales heheheheh =)
You know, summer time then enrollment time.....Gosh I can feel the "gastos" now that our kids are going to school already! It's a great achievement for all of us moms to make sure our kids will have what we really want for them. Sigh! Hope we could all make our dreams for our family come true (in God's grace).
Anyway, I am so glad I made this post early this time. Here's my entry for this week....

Sleeping time is not hard for them to do when they were younger......I am just tapping them, singing them nursery rhymes or breast fed them and them easily fall asleep. . But nowadays, I have to force them before they go to bed especially in the afternoon (nap time). They love to play and play like they were so full of energy from 11am until 4pm. Kids are so energetic.

Want to share your mommy momments with us? Join us HERE.

Mar 12, 2009

We will Miss You "Master Rapper"!

Namimiss ko na si Francis....super cool na tao. Hindi ko man siya kilala ng personal pero bahagi na siya ng pagkatao ko sa pamamagitan ng kanyang mga awitin. Naalala ko noong bata ako madalas kong kantahin ang kanyang awiting "Mga kababayan Ko!" Gustong gusto ko yan, hanggang ngayun naalala ko pang kinakanta ko yan mag isa nung sya'y nabubuhay pa! Francis M..... mamimiss kita! "Seamless na!!!!!!!"

Mga Kababayan ko

By: Francis M.

Mga kababayan ko
Dapat lang malaman nyo
Bilib ako sa kulay ko
Ako ay pilipino
Kung may itim or may puti
Mayron naman kayumangi
Isipin mo na kaya mong
Abutin ang yung minimithi

Dapat magsumikap para tayoy di maghirap
Ang trabaho mo pagbutihin mo
Dahil pag gusto mo ay kaya mo
Kung kaya mo ay kaya nya
At kaya nating dalawa

Magaling ang atin
Yan ang laging iisipin
Pag asensyo mararating
Kung handa kang tiisin
Ang hirap at pagod sa problema
Wag kang malunod
Umaahon ka wag lumubog
Pagka’t ginhawa naman ang susunod
Iwasan mo ang ingit
Ang sa ibay ibig mong makamit
Dapat nga ikaw matuwa sa napala ng iyong kapatid
Ibig kung ipabatid
Na lahat tayo’y kabig bisig

Repeat chorus

Respetohin natin ang ating ina
Ilaw siya ng tahanan
Bigyang galang ang ama
At ang payo ang susudan
At sa magkakapatid
Kailang ay magmahalan
Dapat lng ay pag usapan ang hindi nauuwaan

Wag takasan ang pag kukulang
Kasalan ay panagutan
Mag malinis ay iwasan
Nakakainis marumi naman
Ang mag kaaway ipag bati
Gumitna ka ang wag kumampi

Lahat tayoy magkakapatid
Anong mang mali ay ituwid
Magdasal sa diyos maykapal
Maging banal at wag hangal
Itong tula ay alay ko

Sa inyo at sa buong mundo

Mar 11, 2009

No Worries with Credit Card

We suffered for almost 2 years paying our credit card bills, too much interests is killing us! Thank God we already settled our account when we once had such amount of money just enough to pay for it! Gosh we can sleep better since then! And now we're maintaining our credit limit, we are only using credit limit we can afford to pay in a month. My husband is too strict about that! Now I have no chance of having my own credit card. But that's okay, atleast I will not be able to bury myself in debts hehehehehe =). What If I applied for prepaid credit cards instead? Hmmm, I know I need to have a credit card for my Paypal account and for some important purposes, but I don't think my husband will allow me. We already eperienced bad credits and I think we have to be careful next time.

LP : Blusa

Narito naman po ang aking lahok gamit ang aking sariling blog....sabi ko nga po kami ay dumalo ng kasal nung nakarang buwan. Ako po ay bihirang bumili ng damit....o blusa....ngayun lamang muli sa kadahilanang ang aking mga anak ay flower girl at coin bearer. Dalawin nyo po angaking isang BLOG. Hehehhehe Siyempre papayag bang magmukhang katulong ang mommy heheheh gayung ang daddy ay naka barong! ahahahha =)

Narito po AKO at ang ang aking blusa........=)

Mar 10, 2009

My First Projects

Scrapbooking, taking pictures and collecting pics are my hobbies. I started to make a scrapbook when I gave birth to my first child Ishi. Unfortunately until now, I haven't finish it yet! Why, because you can't make one page of that without making a mess. It is really "matrabaho" and "makalat". But i found it very entertaining, kaso nung lumaki na si baby Ishi, kulang na sa time. I almost finished it na kaso no captions yet and I am still looking for some photos I need. During those times I am only using analog camera so I have to "kalkal" my box of pics pa unlike today we're just browsing from our computer and then there it is na!
When I found out about digiscrapbooking, I said to myself that I would like to learn about it! Kaso parang mahina ang loob ko kasi nahihirapan ako sa photoshop and I dunno where to get materials. My kumare Julliefer also gave me some materials she downloaded pero hindi sya "raw material". What I want is that ako ang mag de design, ako ang gagawa. But thanks pa rin to Julliefer kasi lalong lumaki ang interest ko sa paggawa. Since naging interested na ko, I started bugging some bloggers to teach me how and where I can do it pero walang matiyagang sumasagot sakin hehehehe. Thanks to Pinaymama of Pinaymama's Diary for sharing this site where I can make scrapbooks!!! Thank you! Thank you!!!! Here's my first 2 projects......

Project No.1 - Princess Ishi's Diary Badge

Project No.2 - Baby Ishi

I'm Joining Procrastination Challenge!

I am joining Procrastination Challenge by Debbie of Virtually Organized.
Through this I think I will be able to stop procrastinations (for the meantime) heheheh.

Here's what I am planning to do since January 2009:

I have already bought an extra cabinet for some of my kids' clothes. Their closet is very crowded so that is one of my project, to organize their cabinet.

My kids has a lot of toys, and their all over our room (we're staying in one room). We actually made a big cabinet for their toys but it's still not organize. Everytime they wanted their toy they just climb up and get what they want without returning it back to their proper places, sigh!
So this is my 2nd project (what a mess).... to organize their toys.
This is the toys cabinet, my computer table at the right side

Gosh, can you imagine how will I be able to organize that? head is aching now.
But aside from that, I wanted to wash my kids shoes and slippers... I started it now!

And those are my projects, hope to finish them all.....Good luck to me!!

Mar 9, 2009

Excited and Worried.. Sigh!

I am so excited for my daughter Ishi, I've finally found a school for her. My husband and I decided to enroll her at La Cabecera Montessori after Holy Week. I think she enjoyed her sit in class last friday, she likes the ambience and the facilities.
I really wanted her to have a good school. I actually wante her to study in Enopi in Malabon but sad to say we cannot afford the tuition there that's why I am so glad I found La Cabecera. It's not that expensive compare to other Montessories. I hope this school will meet my expectations though. The tuition is cheaper than other Montessories but this is still a big amount for us. That is one of my worries.

I was thinking awhile husband's income is just enough for our daily needs and amortization of our condo. I am selling house and lots and I am proud that we will be getting my kids tuition fee from my commissions. We were saving my commission for Ishi and Ethan's future matriculation. We're lucky we have save some for this coming school year, I really need to work harder so we could sell atleast once a month. Soon Ethan will go to school also and we have to prepare for that too. Gosh, hope we could make it. They are my inspiration and strength so I think I have nothing to worry about.
I love seeing my kids happy....I love them to eperience what I haven't experience in my time. I wish all of my dreams for my family will come true.

Mar 6, 2009

Mommy Moments #9 Bath Time

Happy Mommy Moments to all! My entry is here.....

This is my daughter ISHI in her baptism (3 mos) and her 1st birthday bath!

and this is my son Ethan in his baptism (4 mos) and 1st birthday bath too!

My kids love to take a bath....
They used same basin.....
Bath time is one of our bonding time....we ove singing inside the bathroom when they were younger......
Now, then ove to play with their toys inside the bathroom....
Oh, I miss these moments!!!

I'll Never fall In Love Again!

I'll Never fall In Love Again
by: Burt Bucharach

What do you get when you fall in love?
A guy with a pin to burst your bubble
That's what you get for all your trouble
I'll never fall in love again
I'll never fall in love again Align Center

What do you get when you kiss a girl
You get enough germs to catch pneumonia
After you do, she'll never phone you
I'll never fall in love again
I'll never fall in love again

Don't tell me what it's all about
'Cause I've been there and I'm glad I'm out
Out of those chains those chains that bind you
That is why I'm here to remind you

What do you get when you give your heart
You get it all broken up and battered
That's what you get, a heart that's shattered
I'll never fall in love again
I'll never fall in love again

Out of those chains those chains that bind you
That is why I'm here to remind you

What do you get when you fall in love?
You only get lies and pain and sorrow
So for at least until tomorrow
I'll never fall in love again
I'll never fall in love again

I'll never fall in love again
I'll never fall in love again

After reading Mayen's Story, I started to love this song. That's why I am posting it now, and for all those who haven't read it yet, you may read it now and start singing I'll Never fall In Love Again with me. Hehhehehe =)

Mar 5, 2009

LP : Bag

Napakaganda ng Tema sa lingong ito. Bag! Alam nyo bang bukod sa sapatos, ang bag ang isa sa pinakapaboritong kolektahin ng mga kababaihan? Hindi ko alam kung bakit ngunit base sa sarili kong karanasan, ako mismo ay sadyang talagang mahilig sa bag. Kadalasan na aking paborito ay casual lamang na bags, ayoko ng masyadong pormal, kaya naman nahihirapan ako kung anu ba ang dadalhin ko tuwing me okasyon. Hindi ko alam kung anu na ang gagawin ko sa mga bags ko, hindi man kamahalan pero mahal na mahal ko sila. Sila ay parang koleksyon para sa akin. Kaya naman naisip ko na magbenta na din ng bags. ang nasa larawang ito ay kuha sa isang Bazaar ng Lopez Enterprizes. Sila ay original na gumagawa ng mga corporate giveaways pero ngayun ay nagbebenta na din ng bags. Kung nais nyo ang mga disenyong ito magsadya lamang sa Ishiethan Store. Maraming salamat po!!! At Maligayang LP!!!! Sa mga nais sumali, SALI na!!!!

I love this week's theme - Bag! did you know that aside from shoes, women also loves to collect bags? I don't know why but in my personal experience, I myself really love bags! My ussual bag is casual, I just don't like formal bags that's why I am having a hard time looking for formal bag to use. I actually don't know what to do with my bags anymore, they were not that epensive but I really love them! They were like my collections. Since I love bags, I decided to sell them. The picture above is taken during Bazaar of Lopez Enterprises. They were originally accepting corporate giveaways only but now they were also retailing thier bags. If you want these designs please feel free to visit Ishiethan Store. Thank you very much! Happy LP!!! Join us HERE!

Mar 2, 2009

Beware Paypal Members!

Saturday evening (February 28), I checked out my emails...... there are comments to my blogposts, Paypal payments, updates from other blogs I subscribed with, and the never ending notifications telling me that I won from this and that thing-y! Oh, how will i get rid of those emails! Everyday, I am receiving not lower that 10 notifications from different email address stating there that I won into something. I know those were not true....whatever their agenda is, I don't care I just delete them immediately! But this one caught my attention, PAYPAL(?!?) sent me an email with this content :

click to enlarge

This is convincing, I really thought I won 500 dollars already! But when I tried to claim my prize, they were asking for so many infos like my credit card number and even my PIN. See pic below.

click to enlarge

I emailed Sweetytots about it so someone could at least help me double check if it's true. I don't know how to check it but I had a feeling that this is not true and this is just one of the spammers / scammers using the internet to abuse people like me. Sweetytots checked the link given in the letter and she found out that the website is not existing. Oh God, how come the link is automatically directing to PAYPAL's site if it's a FAKE notification? Does PAYPAL know that someone was using their site? And if ever I really won how come they were asking for my credit card number and PIN??? Oh gosh, I am confused! I didn't claim the $500 prize because they were asking for credit card and PIN, good thing I don't have one heheheh!
I am not really sure if this one is true, I just wanted to warn PAYPAL members! If somebody wants to give their opinion about this please feel free to leave a comment.
And oh, one thing more, I just received another notification today (march 3) from PAYPAL again. Here's the screenshot.....

click to enlarge

This one came from a different email address -
while the first one came from this email address -

Oh please somebody help me, do you think it's true?

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary