Aug 22, 2009

1st day and 2nd day of my Siomai Cart

It's really tiring to put up a business even as small as my siomai cart, yet It's also exciting. I really love business like this. I love selling. I love interacting with new people. So on the first day of my cart, I stayed since opening until closing. I saw how people showed their interest in my product, I love seeing them enjoying the food we are serving especially our FREE black gulaman as opening promo. It's really fulfilling. Yesterday is our second day and I did still stay. My husband was also there because it's holiday. I think he's also happy seeing our mini business. We both stayed until closing time. We are tired yet happy with the result of our sales. We're still expecting it to become higher as soon as people will known about our siomai cart. I think we should think more marketing strategy. Today is our 3rd day, I'll be preparing things for our cart after blogging and bring it to the location. My routine has changed. I am now busier than ever ehehheheh, but blogging will never be eliminated in my schedule. I was just sometime sad because for the past 2 days, I never had a chance to play with my kids. Hope to adjust soon and spent more time with my kids. My photobook was also arrived last thursday but I have to pick it up in post office thru parcel but I didn't able to get it yet. I should get it on monday coz I am really really excited to see it. I wanted to order again but still doesn't have time lay outing. I still has pending stuff to browse like daycare nap mat, stephen joseph quilted backpack and stephen joseph backpack. I love online shopping that's why my paypal money was already empty. I still have to earn for my next target online products =)


Sherry said...

I like backpack, hows your bag sale?

Sherry said...

check later for your award :)

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