Sep 5, 2009

Christmas is Fast Approaching...Time to make a Lists!

Time flies so fast, I just noticed that it's already "Ber" month and my schedule for my kids is becoming more hectic than ever! Last week I was busy trying to review her for her exam which we didn't able to do because she's so stubborn like me (hahahahaha!) And then busy again for her costume for "Buwan ng Wika", after that I thought there will be no more activities yet but I was wrong. I forgot that next month is already October and I don't have kiddos costume for Halloween yet! OMG, you know I am getting crazy over costume parties! I love costume parties! And aside from that I still have to prepare for my daughter's 1st "Fieldtrip" but most importantly for their second quarter examination. This time I have to review her already! While planning for those stuff I have to prepare a list for CHRISTMAS presents! Christmas is the most important occasion for me. I love wrapping and sharing gifts though I know that's not the most important part of celebrating Christmas it's just that I love doing it! I am now thinking of gifts for Ishi's classmates. I love personalized items so I am thinking of making some of them (children of my close friends) a personalized pendants. I still have so many choices like insulated lunch tote or toddler backpack, I think this makes sense coz kids can use it next school year. I also love personalized nap mats, I think this is a good souvenir after school year ends for they will always remember my kid whenever they go out for a picnic. Oh gosh, I am now cramming for there are so many schedules to prepare and there are lot of things I need to plan. =)

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