Nov 13, 2009

Ishi's 4th Birthday @ La Cabecera de Montessori

Ishi celebrated her birthday just this morning in her school. She's very happy and excited! It's just a simple celebration since Montessori is not allowing parties while school time. I just ordered Jollibee foods for the kids and for adults too! I ordered cupcake tower for Ishi and I made some giveways for the classmates they surely enjoyed!I am so happy that kids really appreciate Ishi's giveaway. I am also happy for Ishi, she really enjoyed her special day. What she loved about celebrating birthdays is blowing of candle, I remember her looks when she first experience to celebrate her birthday in school and that was last year. She enjoyed it very much. This time I think she still enjoyed it but not as exciting as before. One thing more she loves is that opening gifts! She love opening gifts! Daddy gave her gift already last Tuesday and she really enjoyed it....and now she's enjoying her classmates gifts to her especially the clay =) All hubby and I wanted for Ishi is happiness! We just like her to see happy ..we want her to enjoy her childhood as much as we can that's why we're doing everything to give all her needs. How I wish we, my husband and I could still do it for our kids until they grow up. Next assignment is my son's birthday on January. But for now I still have to make list first so I could buy christmas gifts for our loveones. I have seen so many choices everywhere like terry bath robe, waffle bath robe and bath wrap. I really love to shop now but I am still waiting for hubby's bonus =). Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISHI!!!!

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