Sep 22, 2009

Why Am I so Sad?

I feel so empty inside. Why am I worrying so much? DO I have something to worry about? If no then why am I feeling this way. Is my husband right about me being so paranoid? Yeah my heart is telling me that there's something wrong. How come I am so lonely? My kids were here, my husband loves me, we just had a fight not actually a fight coz he didn't even bother to argue with me. It's just me who keeps on provoking a fight. Thank God were over it. The issue I made was totally all lies. I didn't get mad because he bought a billiard cue, I didn't get mad because he lie about "billiard thing and the shoe thing", I got mad because I was insecure. I think I'm starting to feel like my husband is having an affair with someone else. I don't think so. I don't wanna think about it coz thinking of it killing me so much, what more if it's true. One thing more is that I am jealous because he is having fun while me not. What I want is to have him stay at my side whenever he's done with his work. Am I too much? Yeah I'm selfish! I love him and I am missing him everyday. I don't think he's doing something wrong. I'm sure it's me who has a problem. Hope I overcome this soon! I hate this feeling!

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