Nov 11, 2009

44 days to go.....

Oh goodness! Christmas christmas.....coming so fast. I was so busy doing stuff, I can't concentrate....I even forgot to prioritize my daughter Ishi's birthday to be held on 13th of November in her school. I just finished making an invites that is supposedly given already last week. I also just ordered foods in Jollibee this morning! I feel like I am cramming! I went to Divisoria last Monday and there are lots of gift items to choose from. I didn't go shopping for christmas presents, been there to buy giveaways for my daughter's party so I didn't buy anything aside from what I only intended to buy that day. Oh that was tiring! I wanted to come back soon but I changed my mind. I'll be looking for some gifts at the mall instead or maybe online. I saw many stuff there I really like to buy like personalized ink stamps, bath wrap and terry towel wrap if I do have enough budget. But since I only have a certain budget, I really have to choose cheaper yet memorable gift items for all of my love ones. It's only 44 days to go and christmas is in the air! I'm so excited to buy gifts and wrap them all! =)

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