Aug 24, 2009

Ishi's First Quarter Exam Results

Gosh, until now I am still adjusting. My Siomai Cart is on it's fourth day today and I am still not getting used to so many things. I don't know how to budget my time yet. Is it normal that I have to spent most of my time with my siomai cart? I am still guiding my employee and I don't wanna let her do the things alone yet. I am still helping her with some things mostly in selling coz I really love to prepare siomai. It's really good that Ishi was already done with her exam, I am somehow contented with her scores but at the back of my mind I was feeling guilty because I didn't reviewed her before the exam. She got 1 mistake in science exam and the rest were 80% and above only. Her classmates had better scores, I think I should review her next time. My bad coz I am busy with my little business and I neglected my kid's studies. Hope she could catch up next time. For now, I have to rest already and prepare for another challenge tomorrow. I will just spent a little time browsing in looking for a gifts before I sleep. Good day everyone and thanks for dropping by,

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