Sep 30, 2009

Happy 4th Year Wedding Aniversary to Us!

Happy 4th year anniversary to me and my husband on October 1, 2009!
We've been boyfriends and girlfriends for almost four years before we got married, and now it's another four years to celebrate! Hooray to both of us! For four years we've shared, I enjoyed being his wife and a mother to our 2 kids. Sometimes life is hard on me but my husband makes me feel better. He's like a pill or something that removing my stress. My husband is very hard working. He loves his kids very much that's why I'm loving him so much everyday in my life. Though I'm getting mad at him sometimes and I think that's normal, I still LOVE him all the way! Here are my wishes on our wedding anniversary: Hope God will help us surpass every trials He has giving us. Hope we could spent more time together alone. Hope he could fulfill our personal dreams and our dreams for our family. I hope that even he misses his friends, he could still remember that he has a wife waiting and worrying here at home. Hope he could finally learn how to share his thoughts though sometimes he's sharing (he's a quiet type). Hope we could go on a vacation with the kids. I love to go to any beach. And finally hope he could not forget to buy a gift for me on our anniversary =) Anything will do, I am actually dreaming for a ring but that's kinda expensive so I don't think he could buy that ehehehe =) Or he can look at Michele Watches online if he wants to, there are lots of gift items to choose from. Oh how I wish I could buy him one. He likes watches! Oh well stop day dreaming for now. Again Happy Wedding Anniversary to US!! I LOve You Daddy!

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary