Oct 28, 2009

No Sem Break...No Vacation!

My daughter doesn't have a semester break this year that's because of the Typhoon Ondoy. Since students didn't have their classes for more than a week, most of the schools suspended semester break. I was planning to have a family vacation after my daughter's field trip unfortunately I have to move it also to Summer vacation. This means I have no vacation this month .. oh yeah coz my daughter's exam is on November 4, 5 and 6 so all I'm going to do this all saint's day and all souls day is review my daughter. I suppose to put up my cart somewhere but it seems I'm not gonna make it anymore. Oh well I hope I could have fun sometime even I am very busy with so many things right now. If ever we can't able to go out then it's okay for me if hubby and I will watch movie on his laptop the whole night after Ishi's review. We're always downloading smallville and heroes series but those were not enough for us. I want more movies...good thing there's a rapidshare download for people like us who loves movies and doesn't want to rent in video houses...lols!

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