Dec 28, 2008

when SAHM-one speaks - Christmas 2008

How was your Christmas?

My Christmas went well. Although I'm so tired taking care of my kids that day, It's worth it coz' they seemed happy.
We spent our christmas eve at Adea's (My dad in law's Sister). We traveled from our place(Malabon) to their place in Quezon City at around 11pm and spent Noche Buena there. My kids enjoyed the Christmas Decors and lights in their neighborhood. They also received their second batch of gifts (first batch from us before christmas). They were so happy to receive gifts and they anjoy opening gifts. I will post more pics as soon as I am no longer busy.

Dec 23, 2008

WS : Christmas Blessings hours left to go and It's already our most awaited Holiday!!! I love christmas!! I love gifts!! Both giving and receiving heheheheh =)
Last Saturday is our church's christmas party. After the mass we have our simple gatherings, has exchanged gifts and raffle. My kids we're so hapy running around after the mass. There were so energetic and I am so tired of following them all along. But It's okay as long as they had fun! They did also had fun receiving some gifts from some of our churchmates. I also enjoy this night coz My mom in-law bought a gift for us for 'exchange gift' and luckily we got set of plates with saucer and cups. Cute! Hehehhe =)
After that nice christmas party we had in church, we went home so late like 11:30pm already. At home my cousin told me that I had a package came this afternoon. It's my advance prize from Sweetytots!!!Wow!! I've been expecting for it but not as early as that day. I was ecpecting it to be delivered like dec 23, but it came last dec 20. Thanks Sweetytots! I was supposed to wrap it and gave it to my daughter on christmas day, but I accidentaly told her that, that package was the Toy in the Internet I used to show her. Hehehe she knows bout this game and this toy, she's been waiting for it that's why that night, she opened it and play with it already!

"Salo-salo sa christmas party"

"delivery thru Air21"

My advance PRIZE from Sweetytots! Hooray!

Merry Christmas to all of US!!!! God Bless!!!

Dec 22, 2008

LP : Karoling

Ang aking mga anak (nasa kanan) ay masayang nanonood at nakikinig sa kanilang awitin.
(My kids (right side) were watching ang listening them sing.)

Ito po ang mga estudyante ng Theology sa sang seminaryo kasama ng PARI na nag misa sa aming komunidad (Eucharisitc Heart of Jesus). Sila ay nangaroling pagtapos ng MISA, ang gaganda ng boses ng mga kalalakihang ito. Ang mga magiging PARI pagdating ng araw. Ang aking isa pang Kuha ay nasa isa kong blog - My Little Angels.

Maligayang LP at maligayang PASKO sa ating lahat!

(These are the Theology student of the Priest who rendered a mass for us this Saturday evening in our community (Eucharistic Heart Of Jesus). They rendered us a christmas songs after the mass and our community gave them a simple token. They are the future priests. Please visit my other post - My Little Angels.

Happy LP and Merry Christmas to all of us!)

Dec 17, 2008

Realty Commission Came Just right in Time!

Being Property Consultant or Real Estate Agent is good for a Mom like me who chose to work at home and stay with their kids. It's just like blogging, all you have to do is face your computer, update your posts, deal with inquiries online and meet up with them if necessary. I love this job! Money is big if you work hard, though commissions were released based on how long is the payment term! If the Downpayment is payable up to 6 months then you have to wait for 6 months before you receive your commission. But if you can able to convince your client to pay his Downpayment in cash then your commission will be out after completing the requirements. It's okay with me if it's long term payment coz I'm like saving my money in a piggy bank (piggy bank coz there's no interest added). Coz the real sad part here is, when you don't have sales, then you don't have money! Unlike with regular jobs, you're expecting salary every 15th or 30th of the month! A sure Money!!!

I started trying this career last March 2008. My Ice Breaker was my husband. He invested a 1 bedroom unit at Berkeley Residences last May 2008. He's my lucky charm coz the following day I closed another deal with a Filipino Engineer in Dubai, the same project - Berkeley. I am so happy that time that I could close a deal already! I thought I'll never had a chance of closing a deal! Waiting from March to May is quite long for me. But they always said its okay for the first timer like me. They actually said it will take 6 months before I can finally get a sure client. Lucky me coz It's only 3 months since I started and I had instant 2 clients already! The next month i closed 2 deals again!!! I thought I was really lucky then but next month - July, I don't have any deal. The following month again - August, I luckily had a care giver client from USA and my first CASH Downpayment Buyer! This is my very first check I received! I am very happy coz i will be able to take my check after only 1 week of Client's Payment. This is the first time I handled almost 40 thousand pesos money!!! That's a lot for me!!! I never received money that big in 2 years working in an office or as a teacher!!! Thanks to my husband for convincing me into real estate instead of spenting 8 hours in an office and 3 hours for my back and forth trip.
But next to this month - September till now, so sad to be true, I never had a "close deal". =( They said It's because of the "recession". MOst of my clients were OFW, there are lots of OFW's who came home JOBLESS this past few months! Maybe that's why I don't have a buyer or atleast an inquiry! That means I don't have an income from September up to now!!!!

But since our commision is based on payment terms, I received a 2 commissions this month from my sales last May! And I'm still waiting for the other 1 commision from the other Developer this month. Hopefully, it will take out soon! At least, I have a money to spent for christmas and I can able to give gifts/help to my "poor" brothers and sister (i can say they are poor coz they were jobless right now, how can they able to spent a happy christmas if they,esp. their kids don't have anything to eat?! Sigh! tsk...tsk...tsk...). And now, eventhough I don't have a close deal from september up to now, I'm still happy and positive that I can still have more SALES hopefully this coming NEW YEAR!!!

Dec 15, 2008

I WON!!!!

Yehey!!!! I won!!!! YES! YES! YES!

I'm very excited when I read Earthly's message telling me that I won in her 1st Blog Anniversary! The Grand Prize Winners were Sweetytots and Dyarga, Me and the other 4 participants won this:

Top Commenters to receive a special prize: (Please choose among the following, starbucks gift certificate worth P200, SM gift pass worth P200 or it's cash equivalent sent via Paypal)

  1. Sherry (217)
  2. sweetytots (81)
  3. Jes (75)
  4. nurseabie (19)
Yey!! Isn't it great? No matter what or how much the prize is, I'm still happy that i won!!! Thanks Earthly! Hope to join more contests from you!

Dec 14, 2008

Photo Hunt : Favorite

This is my favorite food this year, i dunno when I will stop craving for these foods! (I'm not pregnant okay? hehehe) =) Spaghetti, nuggets and fries exclusively from Mc Donald's!!! I started to love these foods when my kids started to love Mc Donald's ahahahah!

Yummy Fries, Nuggets and Spaghetti!!!

Dec 13, 2008

Toy Hunt : More Chritmas Toys or Decors

Hi there again my fellow toy hunters!!!! Here's my other post for my blog =) Kinda late sorry =)

This is my Aunt in-law's "belen", she placed it under her....
Christmas Tree!!!

and these are some of her decors on their table =)

My kids love those stones, every time we visit aunt, these are their toys!! And i have to pick them up one by one before we go home coz they scattered it all over the floor!

I also like this cutie decor! (I dunno how to call this Gift?!)

Google Fun Tag

Thank you Ms. Enchie for such interesting and fun tag! I really did enjoy it!

The rules will start by using Google Images to search for your answers to the questions below. You must choose pictures from the first page from the results and post it as your answer.

1. Age Of My Next Birthday

2. Place/places I Would Like To Travel



disney land

Pagudpud Beaches @ Ilocos Norte

3. My Favorite Place
Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Phils.

4. A Favorite Thing

our Olympus FE270 digicam

5. My Favorite Food


Mc Do nuggets



6. My Favorite Color/s


7. The City I Reside Now

The "Water World" city of....


8. The City I Was Born

Valenzuela City

9. My College Major

10. Name of Your First Lover
- i forgot!? -

11. A Bad Habit

eating too much

12. A Hobby/Hobbies


13. My Wish List (max of 3)

travel/vacation in pagudpud

cellular phone (any brand)

and most of all.....

Good health for my family =)

Now I'm passing this to:
Pheng, Sherry, Sweetytots, Twinkie, Pining and Joy
Enjoy Ladies!!!! =)

Dec 12, 2008

when SAHM-one speaks - Christmas Eve

When was the last time that you spent Christmas with the whole family?

Last Christmas was the last time I spent christmas with the whole family. Yearly we were celebrating christmas with the whole family. Me, my husband and my kids with my husbands' family. We're celebrating christmas eve at hubby's lola's house. And we're spending christmas day together at home =) It's fun celebrating it with the whole family. =)

"Is There Such A Thing As Innocent Flirting?"

My husband and I met on my friend's Birthday who happened to be my husband's ex girlfriend and my best friend (Don't get confused!)...that was May 30, 2000. When I first saw him I had this feeling that I didn't that supposed to be love at first sight? I ignored that feeling coz first: i know that he's already an EX of my best friend but still ,you know....i find it awkward, second: i have a boyfriend left in our province where I studied high school ,and third: nilalakad ng best friend ko na ex girlfriend ng hubby ko yung isa pa naming bestfriend sa kanya, I dunno how to translate it in English =(
After a month we've met again and I felt this "thing" again...still, I ignored it!
We became good friends, he was inviting us to watch their dance competition, and we (with my two best friends) also inviting him to some parties/activities in our school (he was studying at La Salle that time and were in Caloocan Polytechnic and we're both dancers!).
One day my 2nd bestfriend told me that this guy (my hubby now) confested tto her hat he likes me! Whoa!!! I'm really surprised and feeling nervous that time! I dunno what to do! My 2nd bestfriend asked me if I had feelings for him too, and I said I dunno (Coz i really dunno actually, I'm confused!) All I know is just, I wanted to be see him always. I'm missing him whenever my bestfriends and I don't meet him. Then I finally realized then that I've fallen for him na pla! What did I do to make him fall in love with me? Is it the closeness? Or did I do flirting on him? ahahahha! Just wondering! I have read this post from Earthly Exploration, and I am thinking if it's true that "There's no such thing as Innocent Flirting". I didn't do any of the following: talking with a sense of playfulness, naughtiness, tease or even irony; While chatting you purposely or inadvertently stroke your hair or lips or chin;
Casual touches; or showing off your muscles or curves; Sending flirty emotes like winking or winking in person, or Footsies, the "feet under the table". Except for two things: Smiling suggestively and Sending notes, poems, or small gifts.
It's up for you to judge now guys!
Visit Earthly Exploration for more definition of flirting. =)

Dec 11, 2008

Cheaters anr Loosers!

"The cheating culture is actually the men’s fault, I believe. All because they let their other head rule over the head above their shoulders and let their biology dictate to them their animalistic behavior and act like dogs and pigs."

"You are not a slave to your biology. You always have free will and the choice to stop this. But why instead of behaving like humans you choose to behave like animals and think with your penis rather than your brains or more importantly your heart?"

I like this paragraphs from Earthly Exploration's post about "Cheaters are Losers!".
I have nothing more to say....this is it! It's very TRUE!!!! Think about it guys! =)

"Backup Boyfriend / Girlfriend? "

I have read Earthly Exploration's blog about "Backup Boyfriend/Girlfriend". I can't still believe that there are some men/women had such things as back up boyfriend/girlfriend!?! What for? Are they scared to be left alone? Don't be such a loser! If you think or you prove that your partner is not in love with you anymore then why don't you break up with him/her and find another one! =)

LP : Mahalagang Regalo

Ito ang aking maituturing na mahalagang regalo sa lahat ng materyal na bagay na natanggap ko. Hindi siya regalong pamasko kundi regalo ng aking nobyo noon na asawa ko na ngayon noong aming ipagdiwang ang aming unang buwan bilang magkasinatahan. Ito ay sarili nyang gawa, isang cardboard na puro "smiley" at kung mapapansin nyo, may ukit dinng panagalan ko sa gitna at itoy nasa isang puso. Nakakakilig dahil pinag aksayahan niya ito ng panahong gawin. Naalala ko pa pinabilang nya sa akin ang mga "smiley" na nakaukit doon at binilang ko naman. hindi ko na nga lang maalala kung ilan yun. Naisip nya daw gawin ito sapagkat napakasaya nya daw na ako'y naging kasintahan niya =) Hay....ang sarap gunitain ng ala-alang ito.
Ito ang aking lahok para sa lingong ito - "Ang mahalagang Regalo."

For me, this is the most important gift i ever had among those material things i've ever received. This is not a christmas gift, its a monthsary gift from my bf who is now my husband. This is personally made by him, a cardboard with lots of smileys and if you can notice my name is inside the heart in the middle of those smileys. It's very nice to know that he made this card especially for me. I remember him asking me to count those smileys and i did count it! I dont remember how many are they. He thought of making it because he's very happy that I became her girlfriend =) Hayz, I love rememberng this moments.
This is my entry for this week's topic - "Important Gift"

WW : Advance Gift Giving

This is my brother's family, i took a pic of them after giving their advance xmas gifts. =)

Dec 10, 2008

"Relationship Status: It's complicated!" by Earthly Explorations

Earthly Exploration's posts are really entertaining, it's like having fun reading your favorite magazine or book. There are so many things you'll learn about!
Here's another post I love: "Relationship Status: It's complicated!".
She's right again! What's in this "it's complicated" status? What does it really mean? I'm also confused with that status actually. I was thinking maybe their just "MU"(mutual understanding) that's why it's complicated. I'm not really sure until now if that's one of the meaning of "Its' complicated". Just visit Earthly Exploration's blog for more complicated things. =)

"What to do with old underwear?" - by Earthly Explorations

Last year I disposed more than dozens of undies, I didn't think of donating it to others coz I find it gross! I ask my mom to threw it away, I dunno what she did to it. Earthly Exploration has a great ideas about it, I agree on making throw pillow out of it! I didn't thought about it earlier, i love making pillows!
Earthly Explorations is kinda genius huh! =) Visit her site for more tips! =)

Christmas Toys or Decors

Hi there again! This is my other entry for this week's theme - Christmas Toy or decor.

Mine is a decor, my kids blog was a toy. I love christmas decors very much, i love taking pics of it from neighbors or somewhere else's house. This decor was my tita Litas from Quezon city. We went there last November 30. I remembered our topic so I took a pic of all her decors hehehe =) This is one of them, santa on sleigh with rudolf i think! =) I love the lights!

O yeah everyone, come and join Joy's Toy Hunt, she will be giving away gift for this week's theme! Hurry! See details here.

Dec 9, 2008

Earthly Exploration's 1st year Anniversary!

Waaaahh!! I'm so so so late to blog about this contest!!! I hope I could still have chance to win, =)
Anyway lets all be happy for Earthly Explorations !st year anniversary!!! =) Hooray! More anniversarries to come!!!! =) ou can still catch up like me coz there's 2 more days to go!!!! Here's how to join:
1. Subscribe to my feed via e-mail or reader. (2 pts)
2. Technorati Fave my blog. Add to Technorati Favorites (2 pts)
3. Blog about this contest. (5 pts)
4. Place my button on your sidebar (should be there for at least until January 12. (5pts)
5. Blog about your most favorite post in my blog. (If you have more than one favorite post in my blog you can blog about it too for additional points!) (50 words minimum) (5 pts)
6. Stumble, Digg, Delicious or me (1 pt.) (Stumble link)
7. If you are on blogger follow my blog. (1 pt.)
8. Leave a comment on this post to inform me of the steps you did in joining my contest. (1 pt.)
9. Comment on my other post. (1 pt.)
10. Sign the registration form. Required for all who will join so I will know how to contact you in case you win.(5 pts.) *rest assured your personal details will not be publicized.
11. In the case of multiple blogs, I will accept the entry and it's corresponding points as long as you stumble a different post and tell on the comment which post you stumbe/digg/deli etc.

What are you waiting guys? Let's go catch up for surprise prizes!

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary