Apr 29, 2011

Must Reasearch

I've been blogging for 3 years now, but still, I've known just the basic about blogging. Hmm, not actually all the basics. I started with blogger and I find it hard for the first time, I've been asking friends more than reading and that's my mistake. I should not have done that instead, I should have read more often so I could learn by myself. Now that I shifted in word press, I am totally lost. I just know primarily how to post and put photos in it. I am not even good at it. I am blogging because I just wanna write and share, but this isn't enough. Passion in blogging isn't just because you wanted to write but you still have to learn how to build a website. This is important. It will surely add spice to your passion. Don't just ask, you must research.

Apr 21, 2011

Do I Need to Have a Credit Card?

I was thinking if I really need to get a credit card, I am using one right now but it's a Philippine Card, do you think that will create a score? I need to build some free credit score online, that will surely be useful to us when we have our loan next time. I am not actually concerned about buying and shopping, my concern is to build credit score for it is very important here, I remember husband was supposed to get an installment television but he was declined because he doesn't have enough credit score. One more thing that concern me is a car loan, I am wanting to have one coz I badly needed it soon. How can I able to have a car on my own if I can't loan? So there, what do you think? Do I really need a credit card? Or should I read a credit report guide first? Ah, I'm torn. Help me decide.

Apr 19, 2011

Berkeley Residences Blessings

Berkeley Residences is finally gonna be ready on May this year. We've been waiting for almost 2 and half years and soon we will be having it already! Last week they conducted the Condo Blessing, my inlaws were there since my mom-in-law is our SPA (special power of attorney) representative while were not in there to do some document signings etc. This coming May, our unit will soon be turn over to us and then that will be the start of another expenses. First is the monthly association dues, we will be shouldering that if we accept the unit already, another thing s the electricity that has a minimum payment even if you don't use it yet as long as you accepted the unit already. Another form of expenses that will be soon coming is the beautification of the unit before we lease it. We will start with the air condition installation and I guess we will need to install smoke detector and do some tile floor installation too. If the tenant wish to take it as fully furnish then that will be another set of expenses. Good Luck to us then!

Apr 15, 2011

Berkeley Residences Turnover

Finally Berkeley Residences is conducting their turn over this month. If you were reading my blog, you will notice in my posts last 2010 were all about our unit we acquired there. That is our first investment, the first thing we can call ours even though not yet totally paid, still it's ours now.
Last February before we got here in US, I have seen our unit for inspection before they turn over it to us. I fell in love with it for the first time I saw it, it is more beautiful than I expected. I wish my kids saw it too personally aside from the photos I took before we left but we don't have enough time left. It's only a one bedroom unit with 22 sqm floor area but I feel so excited because no matter how small it is, it was still an accomplishment for us. I wish we could finish our bank loan so we could acquire new investment or maybe we could buy stocks next time. I also wanna buy a lot in the Philippines or maybe a house and lot here in US. Who knows...:)

Apr 14, 2011

Tax Refund and ITIN

About three weeks ago, we went to IRS (Internal Revenue Service) office to apply the kids their ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). IRS is like BIR in the Philippines, this is an institution where people filing taxes , tax refunds and getting like what I said ITIN. Kids need an ITIN for husband's tax refund application and for school requirement. Unfortunately daddy forgotten the other forms we needed so we ended up asking more questions from the IRS personnel. We were given some pamphlet to look over with so that we will not forget the other requirements we will be needing the next time we visit IRS. Husband thought we will be needing irs extension form but the personnel said no need for that. So we went home after that and let daddy pass all the forms there the next day.

Hubby Had Another Baby!

Did you know that aside from Ishi and Ethan, husband has another baby? I can't believe it too! It's just 8 months that were apart and he already have a new baby? And I'm proud of him! Meet my husband's baby - ANDY!
ANDY is a black Mitsubishi outlander sports, she turned one month last 25th of April!

Daddy and his baby Andy @ the Parking

my kids helping their daddy clean up their new baby sister!

My husband is a very hardworking man and very enthusiastic one. When he sets a goal, he will surely have it in time. Aside from being 'kuripot' (thrifty), he really know how to handle his income. He knows his priorities and he knows when to spend money. I admire him for being like that though sometimes I am irritated. But anyways, an attitude of his like that is a good thing. If his not like that most probably we don't have any investments right now like our condo unit. Now he has his dream car already, and I will not be surprise if we have our own house and lot next year! Don't you think so? I'm sure we will, look at ANDY, daddy had her after saving in a few months and even got ANDY a CT car insurance. I wish Andy will stick to us for many years!

Making Grocery List

Typical wife, the grocery list maker. I love making it, but the problem is how to budget it. I am just a newbie in terms of budgeting groceries, we never did that for 5 years living with my parent's in-laws house. I'm sure you can guess why.
Now that were living on our own, we are the one's sustaining our needs already and so I am working on how to manage budgeting now coz if not, we will surely end up having credits in houston payday loan which is we don't want to happen. We just wanted to spent what we are earning.
I find budgeting groceries hard since it's my first time, but I am enjoying it. I am actually making one now for the next payday. We supposed to the list monthly but I guess it's better if we do it twice a month for some reasons like, to avoid the groceries getting expired and becoming rotten
It's only the groceries I am budgeting, imagine If I am in charge budgeting husband's salary? Oh that will surely makes me crazy. Good thing husband is doing it. Thanks to him! Lol.

Family Health Card

I have having a hard time looking for a health card provider for our family. We maybe have a tight budget but having a health card is one of our priorities before looking for a best life insurance. I am not hoping for my family to get sick but to be safe financially, we should have it right? There were so many kinds of diseases occurring now and we just wanna be ready. We don't know what might happen in the future so better have a heath card to save you from sickness and from damn expensive hospital bills and doctors fee.
When our family had our first health card in the Philippines, My husband and I took the opportunity to visit every specialized doctors like an E.N.T., Ophthalmologist, General Doctor, etc, and have us check just to make sure we're not having health problems. Imagine how much is the check up if you have no Health Card? One more thing that we love about health card is when hubby was hospitalized for a few days and his bill was more than 10 thousand pesos, thank goodness the health card provider reimbursed it. That is a big help right? I dunno, I am not saying we wanted to go to the hospital always, but I'm sure you understand what I am saying...it's always better to be prepared. Now, I am browsing some family health cards, searching what fits our budget. I am hoping we could chose a good one.

Apr 13, 2011

Chic in Black #1 Fancy Cake

mytotsexactly CIB Monday

Hello everyone! So....chic in black...another cool meme?

Here's my share....

Photobucketa fancy channel bag and jummy choo shoes ....

This photo was taken in the party we've first attended here in AR. I was fascinated by this, oh by the way, it's not real, it's just a cake made by dad's friend for the celebrant that is obviously a friend of dad's too coz were there right? Lol.

Even how much I just wanted to look at it , I am curious about how it taste so when someone suggested to cut the cake, I was kinda excited. And it didn't disappoint me, it's so yummy!!! Yum yum black forest flavor! I can still imagine how it taste, it's yummier than red ribbon or goldilocks black forest ever! :D

So there! So chic right? ;)

I Want a Car!

Having a car on my own is really my dream but not on the top of my list. Not until I started to love riding in private cars and having compared the comfort of it from commuting, I was like...oh....I hope I have my own car than waiting for this bus traveling for an hour now. To think it's just a few miles ride and if you have your own car, you can drive it for less than 30 minutes. Oh well that's my rant few months ago, now is different, I can imagine how cool to drive here and I am now more eager to have my own car.
My husband just got his new car about more than a month ago. He had a serious money saving for a couple of months just to be able to have a nice car on his own and paid big cash out and now paying the balance via bank loan and I'm proud of him. Most of the people saying it's not hard to acquire a car here so I am looking forward to have mine someday. I guess I really need to look for a job first, right?

Just Beautiful #4 Eye Catching View

Another beautiful Wednesday to everybody!
Here's my entry for this week's just beautiful ...


Not myself again....we already knew that right so I don't have to say it, LOL. Just kidding. I am sharing the house in the picture. Those houses up there were really beautiful! It's my second time to come by this area and I kept on looking on those very eye catching view to me so I asked husband to take a picture of me with that background. Isn't nice? Wonderful right? Just wondering how to live up there? I wish to have a house like that someday like I am a queen living up in a castle, just beautiful!

Job Hunting

Whew, everything is going smoothly this time....little by little were (husband and I) accomplishing things together. I got my SSN, I am now ready to look for work before I apply for EAD or Employment Authorization Document but I still have to consider things before looking for job.
I was planning to apply in a school. I wanted to become a teacher again and as much as possible, I wanted to work where my kids are studying so I can be able to be with them always. I know that's quite hard but I am just hoping to. If not, maybe I can look for a job just near the area. It's just a plan, it still depends on Him, I just wish it would be that way. I wanted to work and help husband in all our expenses and build our dreams together aside from that I also want to help my mama in her needs. She's not getting any younger and I wanted to give her some comfort. I can't wait to have a job already, I have so many things in mind that I wanted to accomplish. I really need to have a job and experience cash time. Good luck to me!

Apr 7, 2011

CC: "Let's Go Mommy!"

Rodliz’s Nest

When getting ready, my attire depends on the occasion of course but most of the time depends in my mood.

I am 'kikay' but I am not that kind of girl who stays in the mirror for an hour or so.

But When getting ready, I am more concerned in preparing my camera bag, lol, and my kids stuff. I usually get my kids ready first before myself, so the tendency is that, I am the last person to come out in our room and get in to the car and expect to hear my kids saying or sometimes my husband, "Let's go mommy!". Duh, as if I didn't took care of them first? Hello! Hahahhaha! Again, I am not complaining, I just wanted them to realize the reason why I am always the last to get ready.

But when I'm in the mood, I don't care If I am so late especially when I wanted to put on make up, then they should wait! :D

Apr 6, 2011

Just Beautiful # 3 Me and the Flowers

Last Thursday when Daddy got home, he accidentally forgot something in his office so he decided to go back there. Kids and I accompanied him at his office and went shopping after to minimize usage of gas. It's my first visit in his office, I am excited to see where daddy works everyday. I never had a chance to go inside but my kids did, they need to use the bathroom so daddy has no choice but to bring them inside.

I didn't go inside anymore because I am so fascinated with the flowers in front of their office. Spring is indeed here huh? Look at the flowers they are as beautiful as me, don't they? Hahahhaha I wonder how the other readers that doesn't know me reacted on this lines. Oh just look at the flowers and no more violent reactions okay?

PhotobucketThey are so beautiful!

Apr 5, 2011

Party Filipinos!

I had fun last Saturday at my husband's friend's house. They are all Filipinos like us and ofter had a gatherings weekly. It's their form of relaxation and socialization. Everyday is a busy day here so they must be tired and need some happenings and I call it 'Party Filipinos'!
They are fun to be with, both the girls and the boys were all cool. There were also kids there for my kids to bond with. They seem to like each other and that's a good thing. They are the only playmates my kids have as of the moment plus the girl in our neighborhood.
Back to 'Party Filipinos', as what I've said I had fun! We had a wonderful dinner then had a great time bonding with them. I missed drinking too so I drink a little and sang in videoke. My kids had fun too playing ofcourse.
Most of us girls were MOMS so we are more like talking about girl and mom stuff and I love it. Sharing their experiences here in AR is a big help to me. I am really a newbie here, there are so many things that I need to learn and need to consider. Talking to them made me learn a lot, I suppose to ask what small business email marketing is if they know but I forgot to ask about it since there are lots of things we have talked about.
I am looking for another party next week and learn more from them.

Job Hunting

I already got my SSN, does that mean I can work now? But as far as I know, I need to have an authorization first, but somebody saying I don't have to If my employer doesn't ask me to. Oh now I'm confused. I wanted to work and help my husband but I have to check out things first like this. I don't wanna violate any law.
I was wondering what kind of job that awaits here for me? I wanna become a teacher again in pre schools, I can also be an office staff or anything that fits to me. I was looking online already and there are lots of available jobs and company offering jobs and even online jobs like this ppc agency. I don't know how exactly it works but I guess this is a good form of income especially when you are a stay at home mom. No harm in trying right? But sincerely, I wanna earn, I really have to start hunting jobs.

Apr 3, 2011

My Personalized Stuff

I missed ordering personal stuff, I used to make photobooks at least once a month but I noticed I am not doing it for quite sometime now. Most possible reason is budget, I may have money but not for this stuff. I remember ordering personalized watch, ha ha ha and most of the people that sees it seems to love it. Why not if you're face was there printed in your stuff, cool! I also missed making coin purse, I remember giving coin purses to my friends, my mama, my sister in-laws, sister and nieces. Wow that's a lot and it all worth it for they all love it!
I also made some dog tags for all my nieces and nephews as their Christmas gifts from us. It's also a nice giveaway if its just easy to create. Ordering personalized stuff takes 2-3 weeks of delivery. So I have to order at least one month before you need it. The latest of my orders were personalized tote bags, I gave it out to my friends before I left the Philippines. They also love it where their family's faces printed in there. I wanna try kids bagpack for a change but like what I have said, I can't order yet for I have to prioritize things starting now. We have to focus on our needs first like I guess we may be needing dallas lawn maintenance now that spring is already here. I will be ordering some personal stuff maybe when I already got a job.

Apr 1, 2011

Pink Fridays #2 Pink Flower Girl

Happy Pink Fridays!

I wanna share this week my one and only princess 'ISHI' in pink.


This shots were taken before my cousin's wedding ceremony. She was one of the flower girls, she love to hold the bride's bouquet rather than her flower basket. I m freaking out coz she said to me that she wanna marry ANJO that according to her is her boyfriend. Scary but cute little thoughts.

So Pink! Love it!

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary