Oct 28, 2009

No Sem Break...No Vacation!

My daughter doesn't have a semester break this year that's because of the Typhoon Ondoy. Since students didn't have their classes for more than a week, most of the schools suspended semester break. I was planning to have a family vacation after my daughter's field trip unfortunately I have to move it also to Summer vacation. This means I have no vacation this month .. oh yeah coz my daughter's exam is on November 4, 5 and 6 so all I'm going to do this all saint's day and all souls day is review my daughter. I suppose to put up my cart somewhere but it seems I'm not gonna make it anymore. Oh well I hope I could have fun sometime even I am very busy with so many things right now. If ever we can't able to go out then it's okay for me if hubby and I will watch movie on his laptop the whole night after Ishi's review. We're always downloading smallville and heroes series but those were not enough for us. I want more movies...good thing there's a rapidshare download for people like us who loves movies and doesn't want to rent in video houses...lols!

Oct 23, 2009

My Website is Still Down

I've been wanting to have my own site for very long time but now that we already have one, we can't able to update it yet because hubby and I were so busy with so many things as of now. We purchased it on cash for 2 years package and it's been a month now, our website is still not up. It's not the provider's fault actually, it's ours. We purchased but we are not using it yet so it's still useless! I hope hubby could have some time with it. Me, either is so busy to update it. I have my kids, my husband, my work and myself to take care of. I can't even cut my kids' fingernails, now I feel so guilty coz I managed to go to the parlor and have my hair rebonded while my son's nail is so long now. My bad! Anyways with regards with my site, I really wanted to use it already coz we're wasting money for a month now! Some people were saying it's expensive. butI don't know coz I don't have any idea! My husband is the one who manage all of those. I heard about the yahoo domains too, some friends were saying they were cheaper compare to others but too late coz we already have one!

Oct 16, 2009

Dad and The Innova

My dad seemed to love driving. I know he's just excited, and sooner or later, he will get tired of it for sure! We don't have our own car, but her mom has an INNOVA. He always wanted to bring that innova when going to work. I am just a bit worried because you know...accidents were everywhere. Oh paranoid me! I hate my mind when it's thinking about things like that! Forget it! I am so happy for my husband because he's a good driver now. All he need to learn now is how to trouble shoot car problems whenever he's on the road. I think that's important right? I know there are shop everywhere now but it's still important for a driver to know what's happening or what's wrong with the car right? There are also some terms that he needs to know, some terms and some car needs like supercharger. Personally I don't know such things, I just heard it from some people. So hopefully dad will learn about it soon! I am now excited to work so hard so we could have our own car next year after the turn over of our condominium.

Oct 14, 2009

Hubby's New Cellphone

Hubby got his new phone last night. Hooray! Finally! After four years, he handled his phone very carefully, actually he has no any plan of buying a new one. He's contented with his old cellphone it's just that his old cellphone is already has a problem with signals. He has no signal in MAKATI always. So he decided to look for a new one. Yesterday he took a leave because he was applying for a new job and then we went to SM mega mall, we were supposed to apply for a plan so he could be able to get a new and free phone, but hubby doesn't want any of the free phones for 800plan so we decided to just buy. Geez....so choosy ha! Just kidding! Of course he deserve to have a new and nice phone. He's been working for four years and never bought a new cellphone. I hope he loves his new phone. Oh I guess he loves it, I can see the excitement from his eyes!

I also love his phone. He's actually asking if I like the same phone too?! He will treat me one if he got a new better JOB with better PAY! Aw! Can't wait! I am thinking what if I requested something else since I am not fond of gadgets. What if I request for a new desktop! Aw I wanted to have another computer in this house for the kids. My old one was already broken =( I am also thinking of some accessories which I can keep as an investment, a friend told me about his collections of gold accessories for their value is always increasing. I am also thinking if I could have these pearl earrings I saw in the net.
They are so lovely and dangling! I love danglings! Oh forget about it! I should be thinking of necessary things first! Cellphone is not on top of my priorities but if he wants to buy me one, I will surely love it!

Oct 13, 2009

How To Handle An Employee

I only have a small cart business, I was so excited when I first opened it up. I have a crew, I had my cart modified and so on. After a month even it wasn't growing, I can still feel that it will grow soon! I am still thinking positive coz most of the business man I know always telling me that it's normal for a business especially for a new like me to fail at first. I don't know but I feel like it's so stressful! Is it worth it? I know it's a stepping stone for me. I don't have any idea how hard it is....but I still tried. I really wanted to have a business on my own. I said to myself that even a small business will make me happy, Yes I am happy but I am not expecting that this will be harder than I expected. Handling a crew is my number one problem. My newly hired crew is very okay for me but she keeps on resigning and then coming back again just because she has a personal problem. I don't know what to do with her. I wanted to help her but her problem is too personal. I wanted her so much coz she is perfect for me but I don't have any choice but to get a new one. I can't just let my store close whenever my crew was absent. I can sell but not at all times because I am still focusing on realty. The other problem why I don't want to hire a new one if possible is that, I don't know if I can trust them like my crew as of now. If my business is big I will be putting activity tracking so I could watch them. But I do only have a cart, a one meter long cart! I know it's not good that I am not trusting my crew that's why I am actually trying to trust them. but if I only have a choice I will choose my old "problematic crew" again! =)

Oct 9, 2009

My Ultimate Medicine

Today is such a great day even if I am sick, have fever, can't breath perfectly because of so hard cough, but had the greatest feeling ever! Yeah! I feel great! You know why? Last night daddy brought us Krispy Kreme doughnut I requested from him that day. I know it's not voluntary but still, he granted my request. =) This morning hubby noticed I have a fever, actually I am always having this fever every night and I am still wondering why until now. I think it's because of my cough only. Well, I don't care coz taking paracetamol lowers my fever anyway. Back to my story, when hubby noticed my fever he kissed me in my forehead and he touches my face, he hugged so tight like I am dying already(just kidding). I missed that! I love that! That is the greatest medicine that would make me feel better. That's all I just wanted to share how happy I am today! Good day! =)

NOBLE Family Reunion Plan

Aw we we're atlast planning for Noble Family Reunion! I remember those times with my cousins. We were all "sunog-baga" always drinking Gin whenever there's an occasion! If only I have my scanner I will show them our "adik" pictures thru net! We're all very "gumikero't gimikera" that time! I wonder how are they now?! Are we still going to drink Gin this time? Oh noh I think I can't bear that alcohol anymore! =) Now that most of us have kids, I don't think we will still going to drink that way! I am sure with myself, I am not just sure with the boys! Oh I missed my cousins! I missed the old times. Even my father is gone, I can still feel his presence because of hie brothers and sisters and of course because of my cousins! I love family bondings! Hope we could schedule it as soon as possible coz I am missing them so much! =) SOme of my cousins were living near us but we don't have much time for bondings anymore. I think this is the time for us to have our bond back same with the "mag-bibilas" my mom and the other wives of the boys. Most of my father's siblings were boys. Aunt Beng is the only girl and she is abroad. Oh gosh I am so excited. Ate Jho, Ate Joan and Me are going to organize this event, so GOODLUCK! =)

Oct 8, 2009

People Making List...Buying Special Gifts....

Christmas..oh christmas...you are coming so fast. Christmas is the most exciting occasion in my life ever since Ishi and Ethan came to my life. Actually even before I was still single, buying gifts and especially wrapping them is one of my favorite. I love it when my god children coming in to our house every 25th or25th of December asking for their gifts. I love it when I see them smiling because they appreciate the simple gift I have given them. I also love receiving gifts from my love ones. I love to decor a christmas tree. Oh christmas....i know you are fast approaching but i can't still feel your spirit. It's okay I know coz it'stoo early right? It's only October, so I have to wait for another 1 and half months more. While waiting, I am already making list. I am already researching special but affordable gifts for everyone. Any ideas? Somebody suggested items like laundry bag for mommies, personalized kids backpacks for kids like stephen joseph quilted backpack. There are lots of items nowadays to choose from that why it's even harder to choose. Oh I have to think about it first!


Have you ever feel this way before? Feeling so down, depressed, insecure and everything?!? Most of the people I know telling me i am just stressed? Stressed of what? Financial matters? Is that normal for being stressed to act this crazy way? Is it normal for a stressed like me to feel like my husband is cheating on me? I know he's not but my feelings are telling me he's hiding something. What would it be then? I know it's just a feeling, I should not trust this feeling maybe I am just insecure. Do you know the feeling of being paranoid but you can't tell you husband because you can't even find any evidence that he's doing it? I am so confused about how I feel. My mind can't tell me that my husband is doing something wrong coz first of all, he has no other activities than playing billiards every friday after work and coming home at four in the morning. He's still sweet though not as sweet as what I ever wanted. Opps maybe that's the problem, I am not contented of what he can do for me. Oh I am sorry for that my deary husband! I know you are such a good husband, it's so unfair in your part that I am not trusting you while you are doing your best for this family. I am sorry for being paranoid! I am sorry for being so selfish! I am sorry for being so so so unfair. Oh Gosh, whats happening to me? I am really sorry. I think we should really have a vacation as what you have suggested earlier. I think I really need that. How I wish we could go have some time alone like san diego weddings on a boat. That is so romantic! I wanted to experience some trips inside our country like San Diego Dinner cruises. But sorry for myself coz my kids doesn't have semestral break because of typhoon Ondoy! Hope we could set a trip this summer.

Oct 6, 2009

Me..Me..Me and My Life - "Carlos"

Just wanna share my old pics I am treasuring. These are the only pics I have scanned ...
This was my pic during college..I was 2nd year college (2001) back then. Carlos(hubby) and I were already boyfriends and girlfriends. I remember this shot, I bought my first ever camera here (KODAK) and I ask the sales lady to test the cam. =)

This was taken last 2002...I hosted ROSE' wedding! Aw that's awesome experience! =) I am slim here ha...I wish I could get back to this shape.

Hubby and Me (bf-gf)....this shot was taken during Uncle Tres' wedding (2003), my first entourage experience.

This was taken in a bar, friend's birthday celebration. =)

This is ME again....first pic left side : Rose' wedding, 2nd pic right : my graduation Picture, 3rd pic left : inside Pheng's room (picture tripping using my camera), 4th pic right side : Rose' wedding and finally the 5th pic : Me and Carlos during their school Christmas party, whenever I look at this pic, I can still feel the pain of what he did to me that night. I was so mad that night coz he left me alone in our table to play billiards and when I look after him I saw him teaching a girl. Since then, the pain is painted in my heart. This will never be forgotten until the day I die I guess. The pain is always repeating and repeating as if it's always happening. That is traumatic!

Most of the people saying I should forget that coz past is past... I can't blame my bf/hubby if she gets attracted to other girl that time. You know college love life is like that. If you don't like your partner anymore then leave her and find a new one. I should be thankful he's still with me until now. I think I worked too hard to have him again and to bring back our good relationship. I was so busy during college, I am a working student but I did still manage to give him time. Stayed with him at night after work and school and even didn't able to sleep anymore just to give him attention. That's my responsibility right?! I was lucky coz I think he tried to love me again even I can feel that time that he don't love me anymore. I thought that he is only doing such things for me because he don't want me to get hurt. This is what I felt that time. I just don't know the truth coz I never ever asked him that.
When I got pregnant, I felt the his LOVE he gave to me during our younger times. I love to reminisce the times when we were only new lovers. I LOVE the way he treat me. How I wish he could do that again. =)
Oh, I love to reminisce good times. How I wish throwing away all the bad memories is such an easy thing to do but NO. I can't take them away from my long term memory! I hate them!

"Stop Being Jealous...he's all yours Now!"

Aw! This is terrible. It's almost four years now that my husband and I got married and I am still feeling jealous sometimes. Is that normal? Mild jealousy is okay but not the jealousy that almost breaks my heart. I hate that feeling. How can I able to stop it. I have different kinds of jealousy in my heart. The one is mild like I don't care, i was just irritated, the other jealousy is the worst one, this makes my body shakes and my heart is beating so fast like I am having a heart attack. I don't like that feeling.
Last night we visited a friend's mother's burial, hubby's friends were gathered like their having a reunion that night. My hubby's friend who happened to be hubby's EX was there also. We stayed there until 6 in the morning. I felt this jealousy that night. I know it was just a joke for them (hubby's boy friends) when they tease my hubby about the EX, but that's not proper! I was there! Hello! Are you not satisfied with me as your friend's WIFE? What do you want then? Oh Gosh this is really annoying! It didn't happened once, it already happened twice and I am really really mad about it. I hate them! I hate them! That is not funny! They don't know how it feels like. I really wanted to walk out that night. I just don't wanna offend my friend (his Ex) so I didn't do it. I was waiting for the hubby to atleast say "stop it, past is past" or "oist hindi ba kayu nahiya sa asawa ko". I am really really offended that night. I feel like "pinagkaisahan" that nightr. I feel like they don't like me for their friend and they like the EX. Is that what they want? Then I will not let my hubby befriended with them anymore! They sucks! They are trash! I don't like them anymore!!!!! I hate them!!!!!

Oct 3, 2009


It's been a week now since Typhoon Ondoy strike in our country and until now, people were still on it's way of recovering from the devastating results it has given to most of our country men. There were still more areas affected that still needed some help, they are still asking for food and some clothes for all of their things were destroyed by floods. Good thing our Government and some associations are more willing to help to our fellow countrymen. There are medical assistants patrolling in different areas. Some associations were still in the process of packing some relief goods and clothes. There are also some people still begging for some help but not assisted yet. Hope they will be assisted soon. I have watched the news this evening and I saw the families of the dead victims, how sad that it has to end this way. If only they were found earlier and assisted by parimedics or medical assistant, they would probably alive now. But that life is. Hope the Government will enhance their facilities, hope to have more medical assistant in every area whenever there's a bad weather like this. Hope this will not happen again. God Bless Us.

Oct 2, 2009

"Smallville" and "Heroes" Mode

Yesterday is our 4th year wedding anniversary, some people were asking if we have a date. Nah we don't have a date. We we're not celebrating our anniversary by going out or something. But sometimes we do if there's a chance. He's in the office yesterday and I am in our store. We're both busy but we're happy that we're together at the end of the day. He picked me up at the store (though I am the one who actually asked him to pick me up and I'm happy he came), we went home together, he ate dinner and I didn't coz I have a new pledge to myself that I will not eat after 6 in the evening. Ah that's another story. Let's proceed. Then we watched our favorite series together "HEROES" and "SMALLVILLE". I am really happy when we're watching together. It seems that it is the only way we could have spend time together. I love the scene that we were both sitting in front of the computer watching. I love it when I am leaning on his shoulder or lying on his legs when we're watching over the bed. Oh I am missing him again. He's out at the moment, he's in the office and he is planning to play billiards again tonight after office with friends. Oh well, that's he's enjoyment. He loves playing Billiards so I have no reason to stop him. I will just download again more seasons of smallville and heroes in Rapidshare Search and wait for him to come home so we could watch again together. See how shallow my enjoyment? That's simple right. Hope he could read my blog. Again Happy Anniversary to us! =)

Oct 1, 2009

My Siomai Cart Business

My Siomai Cart is already a month now. I can't still see any progress yet. Other business people saying it's okay for it is normal for a business to take sometime before you can see if it is good or not. For now I am taking their advice, I just need some more time. I should not give up yet right? I am trying different gimmicks for the meantime. I am offering FREE gulaman drink. People like that. I hope that would add more sales in my business. I am still in the process of observing. I wanna know why my sales is not that good. Some people saying my location is good it's just that my cart is too small to notice by the consumers. So I am planning to modify my cart. Some people are saying my product is delicious but the price is too high for people living in that area. Some people are also suggesting that aside from siomai, why not add Siopao? I am also thinking of that. I wanted to add some affordable food items so that students can afford to buy one from my store. Now I have so many things in mind that I don't know anymore what to do first. It's hard to put up a business really, even as small as my cart if you don't know about it yet. Well actually this is my stepping stone, how can I able to handle big business If I can't run this small one? Good thing there is a Lead Generation Company that could help business people like us. I will surely be needing one when I have big business already.

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary