Jul 28, 2010

Specially For YOU #1 Spaghetti

I don't know how to cook, even I grew up in a simple family, I never experience cooking dishes except for the common "fried" and "saute" foods like canned goods sauteed with garlic and onions. I am also still trying to perfect my fried egg, fried chicken etc etc coz till now, I can't get it right. Maybe because I don't have patience when it come to cooking.
Honestly I am afraid to cook and see people people's reaction after. I also don't want to cook then nobody will eat it. I'm sure that hurts aside from the fact that I wasted money for the ingredients. But thanks to my loving husband and faithful kids who are appreciating the food I am making. And because they are giving me fighting spirit and boosting my self confidence, I am now willing to learn more and make their faces happy whenever I serve their favorite foods.
Let me start with Merienda....SPAGHETTI (Filipino style). Thanks to the internet where I can browse and choose from different website on how to make it.

Here's some of my Spaghetti ingredients:

(spaghetti noodles, ground pork, hotdogs, ketchup, sweetblend spaghetti sauce, onion, garlic, sugar and pepper)

(a lil amount of serving of my daughter, my critic while dad's away)

(Ishi said "hmm mo this looks yummy!"- 1 point!)\

And so she started eating my spaghetti....she keeps on saying it's delicious but she never finished her food lols. =) Thanks to my Papa-in-law and my Mom who ate my spaghetti for their merienda =) I still have some in the fridge...that will be our merienda again later =)

Next in line: Graham Cake, Adobo, Menudo, Carbonara

Jul 23, 2010

Random Post #1

Hayst what a day!
I'm so tired....the AEROBICS I attended today is kinda different. More on taebo and it's killing me but it's great! I have lots of sweat! =P
I tried another Gym last night it's called "Tesuo Gym", I wasn't able to attend my aero class in the morning in Naturale Gym and Spa because my son is going to dance that time and I watched him. I still love "naturale gym" than this new. I dunno maybe I'm more at home there. But I enjoyed "tetsuo" anyway.
I tried again another aero class this morning. It was just in the barangay plaza near my kids school and it only cost 35 pesos, same instructor from "Tetsuo gym" so almost same steps.
Hays...am I killing myself? Attending gym or aero everyday except for saturdays and sunday, eating less rice in the morning and lunch, eating only oatmeal at night?! No I'm not! I am loving myself =P Wahahahah! Hopefully I could less gain this month. =)
So what else? Oh, I am pissed with the guard in BPI concepcion branch. I am going to pay something thru BPI but since there are two kinds of BPI I asked him if the account number I am holding is in BPI or PBI Family, he answered it's in BPI Family. So I rode a jeep to BAYAN to go to BPI FAmily Bank...Oh another story about riding the jeepney later. =P Guess what? When I entered BPI family, I asked the guard there if again, the account number I'm holding is for BPI Family bank, he replied it's a BPI account. To my dismay I approached the teller already to confirm. And yes this second guard is right and I am so pissed with the other guard. I know it's my fault not to ask the teller there but I am expecting the guards to know about it too! If that guard is not sure then why he answered me and gave me a wrong information!? =/
About the jeepney.....so I rode a jeep going to BAYAN, and when I checked my wallet gosh I only have 4 pesos coin left in my purse! The fare is 7 pesos! The heck! So I asked the driver if he has change fro 500 and he said none. I am suppose to go down from the jeep but there's a good samaritan who offered to pay for my fare. Oh goodness thank you very much to him! I gave him my 4 pesos so he added only added 3 pesos. I owe him 3 pesos! =)
What a morning! =)

Jul 22, 2010

GT : Spiritually Me

Joining in this meme makes me learn more about myself. Every theme makes me realize some things I am not noticing about myself before. My worth as a woman, my accomplishments and my dreams. Today's theme is so complicated for me. I don't know how to measure spirituality. I don't know hoe to define it though I know in myself that I love God, I appreciate every little things He has given me. I know He is my only savior and the only one who I could rely in every challenges and failure I'm experiencing. I remember when I was young, I am studying in a christian school, scholar of a Christian American. My mom and my other 3 siblings were in church every Sunday morning. My father is not coming with us. I don't know why. We stopped going to church when my Papa died. Maybe because my mom is not in her good condition after losing my Papa. When I transferred to Laoag City, in my grannies house and studied there, I was still attending mass but I have no idea that it was Aglipay. I don't know such religions yet. All I know is that I grew up going to church and attending daily vacation bible school every summer. There I knew God, I learned about Him, his creations, His words. I may not memorize what the Bible said nor the Ten commandments but I know the difference of wrong and right. I was also attending Catholic mass back then until I got married and got converted from "Aglipay" "base on my baptismal certificate" into "catholic" by another baptism. (It's compulsory and I don't care coz I love my husband and I want to marry him) =)
So what else can I say? I guess I am spiritual in my own understanding. I am now attending Sunday celebration in CCF (Christ Commission Fellowship), I love it and I remember my childhood again when I am seeing my kids enjoying the sunday school and learning about Jesus.
Hays...that's a long story huh?! I am enjoying GT's topic too much! =)

See yah again next week! Happy GT to us!

Jul 21, 2010

CC : Pur Hobbies Together

Rodliz’s Nest

Couple's corner once again! Another chance of sharing my husband and Me's thing =)
So today's topic is hobbies.
Husband and I have lots of things we wanted both. I believe you'll never last together or never be together if you don't have something in common. One thing you love to do together that's why you bond more often.
When we started building our family, we seldom go out and spend money for leisure. We once in a while watching movies in movie houses but most of the time, we were watching at home using our laptop. We often do it every night before we sleep. We were watching downloaded series. During weekends we're still watching movies. I so love doing it with him, I don't wanna watch movie without him. So now that he's far, I miss watching with him so much.
Another thing is we both love playing some games in computer, but ever since we're using only one PC at home, we are not playing together anymore. I remember before we got married we're staying in computer shop for almost 6-8 hours playing online =))
Aside from watching, we love singing in videoke too!
Oh I miss him so much! =)
Happy CC everyone!

Jul 20, 2010

I Hate It WHen I Don't Have Income!

When I was younger ever since my father died, I never grew up asking money form my mother even from my lolo and lola when I stayed there with them in Ilocos Norte. I am so independent. I am not asking even for baon nor projects. Most of them were coming from my own “diskarte”. I am not saying I am not accepting any help from anyone, of course I am but I am not forcing them to give me. I love accepting blessings for other people it’s just that I am not expecting from them. When I was in elementary I know my grand parents can’t provide anything I need so I tried working for myself. I experienced fishing with my lesbian aunt, waking up so early in the morning before the sun sets. I also experienced washing clothes from my relatives and sometimes ironing clothes of one of the teacher I know. Until I got in high school, I’m still doing such things. I am not ashamed coz I really need to do such things If I want to have money and buy what I want. My favorite sideline was doing others’ projects. Some of the students in our school doesn’t want to do their projects so I am offering my talent for a little amount of money in exchange. There were times I wasn’t sleeping just to finish them and give them back to my clients before the deadline.

And even when I was in College, I decided to go back home in Manila and study there. But since my mother is not earning that big to finance my studies, I decided to work while studying again. Good thing there were part time jobs for students like me. In my situation back then, it’s really hard for me that time coz aside from financing yourself, you still have to help your family. I have a brother who just finished high school and like me, he also wants to go to college but he can’t do working while studying. So I am the one paying his tuition fee while my Mom in his allowances. Sadly he didn’t pursue his studies coz he thought I was having a hard time working and financing two college students. So my brother stopped studying and chose to work as crew like me in jollibee and greenwhich stores. After a year, my other brother decided to go back to school after 4-5 years of being stopped. So he’s back in 2nd year high school at the age of 19 with my help of everything he needs. From uniforms, shoes, bags, school stuff, tuition and baon. Even when I got married, I still continued helping my mom to finance him in College (thanks to my very understanding husband) So now, I am so proud to say that he had a BSHRM degree already last year except for the part that he still has no work. =P I’m sure he will have soon!

What I am trying to say here is that, I never grew up asking any support from anybody. I can earn on my own if I want to and If I only could. When I got pregnant I am still working. I don’t want to ask money every time I need to buy this and that. After giving birth I didn’t wait for a month to go back to work. I already spent 20 days resting tehn go back to work. Why? Because I love earning my own money. Even it was a small amount of money, I am so happy to buy fruits/foods in the market on my way home from work, I so love using my money and not asking from anybody. When I was younger, I honestly not dreaming for a husband, I just love to have kids and support them on my own. But it’s not what happened coz I fell in love with my husband and I can’t live without him even if I do have kids. Those words I said before is just a words of a girl who never felt real love yet.

When I got pregnant to my son Ethan, I was so depressed that time for I have problems in my pregnancy so I have to stop working. Have you felt that way? Do you know the feeling of earning money ever since and never asked help financially from anybody? And then suddenly, I have to stop and no more income already? Is anybody there knows the feeling? It’s so devastating, depressive and I feel so offended. Yeah I feel so offended when I was just at home waiting for my husband’s salary but the truth is I am not the one budgeting that time (that’s our deal). We’re holding our own salary and we’re assigned into different expenses. So in our case, I was just listing what we need to buy every pay day then he’s giving me the money. And the depressive part is that, I don’t have any contribution. =((

When I finally gave birth to Ethan, I was so attached to my son that time because I was breastfeeding him. I breast fed him for two years. I tried to stop breastfeeding him when he reach 1 year old so I could find a job but I can’t. I can’t leave him. Unlike during Ishi’s time, I was just pumping at the office and putting it in the fridge so she could still have my milk even I was working.

Ethan’s time is so different. I was struggling between going back to work and taking care of my kids. That’s the hardest part of being a mom. We were so financially unstable that time and I was so pressured. My husband’s salary is not enough and I can see how stressed he was already but I am not doing anything. I feel so offended when he’s asking me to work already as if I don’t want to work. I hate staying at home and can’t even buy my undies. I hate staying at home and craving for the foods I wanted to eat but I can’t buy them! I hate staying at home wanting to bring my kids to the park but I can’t coz I don’t have my own money. I hate staying at home and can’t do things I wanted to do! I hate it when I am asking for money for I feel like I am a beggar and like an impotent! Helpless! Pitiful! Weak! Useless!

You have no idea how hard it is for me! Thank God, God gave me an idea of real estate. I really wanted to work but I wanted to take care of my kids at the same time so I started learning how to sell house and lots. So finally I have an income already. I was so proud of myself earning bigger that what I am expecting as a part timer and full time mom. But in real estate, you can’t earn big if you don’t work hard. Since I was only a part timer, I am not expecting big income. Now that husband is abroad, can’t go out during weekends for I have to take care of my kids. I am only available during weekdays afternoon, I am still willing to sell house and lots it’s just that, time is so limited. I can meet them anytime during weekdays but sadly most of the clients chooses weekends.

So I feel so doomed again! Husband is not here. No work. No Money so No Leisure! Boring and depressive! I have money but it’s not mine, it’s my husband’s and I don’t wanna use his money for my personal needs. I can buy things by my own. If he wants to buy things for me then I will wholeheartedly accept it! But as much as possible, if I wanted to buy clothes, shoes, go out with friends, have fun, I wanted to spent my own money. But since I don’t have income, though I still have money, I feel like I was a beggar again. A beggar who can’t eat if no one’s giving her money to buy food. A beggar who needs to beg first. I don’t like that feeling. I hate asking esp. money. I can accept money if you’re giving it with all your heart . I don’t want to compute anything I spent. I wanted to spent money without worrying. How I wish I could sell again or how I wish I could have a job already.

I have a secret to share….Did you know that I am actually afraid to live in US coz I am worried not to have work there. How could I possibly work If I have little kids to take care of? If I could only not think about them and just think of money, I am sure I could easily leave them in somebody’s hand. But I am more willing to be with them than to spend my time working. But I really need to work so I have to do and think of something I could do like what I am doing here in the Philippines. Oh God please help me overcome my anxieties. God bless me Oh Lord and give me a work if ever I go there! I promise to accept any kind of work just to earn my own money.

Jul 16, 2010

Operation Lose Weight Week 2

Hays…been two weeks now…my body is still aching especially when I tried GYM instead of Aero yesterday because there’s no electric power in most of the cities in Manila so there’s no Aero session.

And also Been wondering about my weight, in other weighing scale I was 118 lbs, but everytime I check it in the Gym’s weighing scale, I’m only 112lbs. Ahhh…I’m confused.

Anyways, this morning, Friday, I was planning to go to the gym again hoping my body pains would go away =P but instead of going to the gym, I went to Let’s Face It to have a Facial =)) I also went to INDEX salon to have a foot spa, pedicure and manicure. Oh what a relief! I love to have a massage too but no more time. I decided to go home and brought my kids some “pasalubong”.

Oh I miss my husband! He’s always with me when having facial and foot spa and whole body massage!

I was so bored today so I thought of experiencing some “ME time” today. But instead of having fun, I only missed my husband so much. =(

But I am going to the gym today…there’s an Aerobics every Mon, Wed and Fri. Can’t attend Aero every Saturday coz it’s Kids time! Hay yay yay…have to prepare my things now…got to go!

Next week again! =)


Just finished working out in the Gym…I also got a massage…hays! Sarap! Nyt!

Jul 15, 2010

Typhoon Conson/Bashang Scared Me!

Imagine how strong the wind she just gave us last tuesday night….thank God it was just for a night.

I was really scared and didn’t even sleep till 3 in the morning not because there’s black out but because of the wind. That wind is scary. It was like somethings gonna fly into our window and cut my throat. Whoa that’s a wild imagination! =P But honestly I thought of that possibility because of the strong wind and so I didn’t get enough sleep.

Most of the people has already a Trauma with typhoon Ondoy and most of them were thinking of it happening again. They are Thankful that the rain didn’t caused too much flood esp here in Malabon, but if I were to ask, I’d rather have that flood than this strong winhttp://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=2234175195116592490d! That was so scary!

That’s only the beginning…we all know that there will be more to come. Hope next time typhoon will not cause too much damage and deaths.

Let’s just Hope and Pray!

God Bless!

Jul 14, 2010

GT : I Love Me - Mentally!

Wow! This topic is kinda hard =P

What can I say about me mentally? Hmm….let me think carefully ehehehehe…

Oh well I can say that I am in an average category. I am not that intelligent but I was an honor student back when I was in kinder and in high school.

Except during elementary and college. I am not that competitive anymore. I am a working student that time and I was so focused in my work to earn for my college tuition and allowances aside from thinking and giving some help for my family ( I am a bread winner too).

So what else I could say? Aside from having a sense of humor and common sense?

I remember my father saying when he was still alive, that I am intelligent and malayo daw ang mararating. Same with other people observing me when I was still young, they keep on saying that I am intelligent and I will become rich someday. Somehow, those words from other people makes you think you really are Intelligent honor=) But the truth is….I am not. I just have positive view =)

Jul 9, 2010

Operation Lose Weight Week 1

Hayst…it’s so frustrating to know that I weight 54kilos/118 lbs now from 90 lbs when I was still single and the last time I check my weight was 101 lbs, oh I almost forgot that’s 1 year ago. (Sigh)

What have I done to myself? Lately I feel so bloated but I am not giving attention to it for I’ve been busier with so many things than to go to the gym. Lately, I’ve been hearing long lost friends saying “oh jes ikaw ba yan? di kita nakilala tumaba ka!” and that is so devastating.

I’ve been wanting to go to the gym but the problem is the budget. Instead of spending it to the gym, I’d rather save it for my kids needs. I know, I know I can exercise at home, but duh?! that’s boring if you were dancing alone ayt? =P Now that husband is in US I guess I can spend a little more time and money for my self ayt? =) He was actually happy when he heard I was attending aero again.

I’ve been attending aerobics and gym for the past 4 years of my life, on and off. Got bored with the aerobics coz the steps are almost just the same every session. So I stopped for a while and concentrate in gym. But gym is more boring if you have no company.

But this time, no choice but have to! I really have to lose weight! I am no longer aiming for 90lbs…95-100lbs will do =)

Just started this week, last Tuesday I attended aerobics, the next morning I got sick! =P Yesterday, Thursday I attended again and now my hips are aching lols. Hope to attend again on Saturday =)

Gym and Aero are sometimes boring so I was looking for an alternative. I’m considering boxing. Especially now that there’s a newly opened Elorde in Monumento. I’m afraid but I wanna try it. Just have to arrange my schedule.

Aside from exercise, of course I have to set a diet. Less rice in breakfast and lunch, oatmeal for dinner. But still have to eat something for merienda like coffee and some bread. ;D

I feel like I am going to collapse already. =))

But I have to do it. I really need to do it. I have to love myself again.

So please Help me GOD =)

Jul 8, 2010

GT: Me Financially

Girls Talk

Girls talk time!!!

I love myself! Financially? Uhmm…no, just myself! ahahahhaha =))

I am not working in the office like any other mom out there but I do have income. I am a part time real estate agent. Working at home, online. Posting ads of house and lot, condominiums or lot only then receiving inquiries thru email and most often thru YM. I am only going out when meeting the clients for tripping schedule and reservation.

My income here depending how “sipag” I am…my target before is to sell worth 3M a month so I could have almost 90K income a month. God is good coz Ican be able to get that, but that’s only before recession comes. But it’s okay atleast I have income to help my husband in some expenses. My income is for our extra expenses like tuition fee, vacation, and for emergencies. If I am not earning, we will not be able to buy things we wanted to have for our kids like toys, etc. My husband’s salary is only good for our monthly expected expenses.

I am not earning stable like any other employee but I can say being in real estate is quite good enough for me. Selling is really my forte. I was a teacher before and my income was so darn low. Can’t even buy my underwear. =P In real estate, (hindi naman sa pagmamayabang) I can even cash my kids’ tuition fee =)

It’s better that both parents are working, but being a mom, staying in an office for 8-10 hours s really a hard situation for us thinking if our kids are doing fine with their yayas. My mom was the one taking care of them when I was in the office before and I feel like my salary is not worth it not to be with my new born baby but I have ni choice but to work. I just stopped when I got pregnant with my son and I need to resign due to sensitive pregnancy. That is a blessing in disguise coz I thought of doing part time job that doesn’t need to wake up early everyday and tear my heart everytime we say bye bye to our little ones. I started in direct selling then finally enjoyed real estate not to mention paid posts in blogging =)

Jul 7, 2010

CC: I'm out and He's in Charge

Whew! New blogosphere eh!? Meaning NEW things to learn again? Oh….I hate changes but I have no choice but to change =) Changing means growth and development.

I have to buy domain and have it hosted so I have to change from blogspot to wordpress.

When I was new to blogspot, I had fun learning about it. Thanks to the other bloggers then who are willing to help, answering my questions and giving me tips. I love them so much!

Now I feel like I’m back to zero! Oh please help me wordpress bloggers!!! =))

I have to do this because I wanted to do paid posts again! I miss earning moolah online! But I still have to do things first before I get into that point. Next step: Gain PR1!

Thanks again Mommy Rubz!!! I really really appreciate your help! =)

God Bless you and your Family!

Jul 4, 2010

New Blogosphere...Exploring Wordpress!

Whew! New blogosphere eh!? Meaning NEW things to learn again? Oh….I hate changes but I have no choice but to change =) Changing means growth and development.

I have to buy domain and have it hosted so I have to change from blogspot to wordpress.

When I was new to blogspot, I had fun learning about it. Thanks to the other bloggers then who are willing to help, answering my questions and giving me tips. I love them so much!

Now I feel like I’m back to zero! Oh please help me wordpress bloggers!!! =))

I have to do this because I wanted to do paid posts again! I miss earning moolah online! But I still have to do things first before I get into that point. Next step: Gain PR1!

Thanks again Mommy Rubz!!! I really really appreciate your help! =)

God Bless you and your Family!

Old Blog New Domain

Hi there friends!!!

Check my new site here - Me, Myself and Jes

Please bear with me coz I don't have any idea yet how to use WORDPRESS!
Thanks to MommyRubz on the house to teach me how! =)

So, time to say bye bye for my blogspot account for now...=)

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it! Come on...come on

Jul 2, 2010

CC : My Dream Man

Rodliz’s Nest

My Dream Man....I can't remember if I had one.
When I was in high school, my type of man was just simple, I want him dark, tall, older than me, "basagulero" weird...been looking for that? Yeah I am! I am crazy with men that has vices, always with black eye after making away ahahahaha =))
I feel like they more romantic, they are hard headed but soft hear-ted. In short, "maginoo pero medyo bastos" is my ideal man and that's because of Robin Padilla! =))

I had some eX that has this kind of characteristics but we didn't last, of course! I like him but my relatives and friends don't like him! =P What do I expect?! SO after that eX, i decided to change my type. This time, ung mabait naman! =P Pero hindi din...di lahat ng mabait ay mabait talaga.

(Latest pic of HIM in USA via webcam)

Wala akong list kung anu ang perfect man para sakin...but when my husband came, I feel like My DREAM man is finally here. I'm comfortable with him, I am not afraid to tell him the truth. I am not afraid to show who I really am. He loves everything in me and even my surroundings. He accepted my family, my status in life and my personality. He is not showy but he's loving in his own special way. He may not giving me flowers but he makes me feel "kilig" most of the time. I may searching for somethings other man has but he is the only one who's making me complete and fulfilled. I guess being HIMSELF and HE himself is the only thing that makes my world go round. Not romantic things I've longing from a guy. It's just HIM, his presence, his smell, his arms around me,, his lips on my lips and his voice is enough. I love my husband so much. I am just "mapag hanap" but I am not asking him to be like any other guy coz he's unique. He's already PERFECT! He's the MAN in my DREAMS always and forever. =)

Jul 1, 2010

GT : I Love ME =)

Girls Talk

Wow congratulations to our new host and to GT winner Fhedz! =) Hooray!
I almost forgot to join today....Just got home from watching ECLIPSE and I miss FB so I checked it and thanks to Enchie's post! ;D

So...were talking about body huh!?! Oh well....next topic please! Just kidding! =))

What do you think of me?! heheheh =))
Actually just started to appreciate my body kung kailan nagkaaanak ako at ang laki na ng tinaba ko....still thinking why?

(Taken last June 5 @ pico de loro's children's shower/locker room)

Imagine I started to wear swimsuit just this year. I just started wearing shorty shorts when I begin to wear swim suits. Golly.
I was so skinny when I was still single, but I never thought of wearing swimsuits or shorts coz my legs are not flawless! When got married and had my kids, I still don't have the guts to wear those not until this time =P
Obviously...I love myself. Look at me taking pic of myself =)
I love everything in ME =)
Even I'm fat and has almost 5 kl belly, I still love myself. Even if I have no beautiful and flawless legs, I still love its shape =) I LOVE myself from top to legs except my feet ehehehe =))
Oh well...can't do anything about it so I have no choice but to love it! Lols.
All in all I still LOVE myself no matter how it looks like. It is ME, it was given by God. Though sometimes I admit I hate myself when I feel like my husband is not proud of me. =( But I'm sure I was just thinking about it. Insecure?! =P Oh I hate that feeling!

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary