Oct 14, 2009

Hubby's New Cellphone

Hubby got his new phone last night. Hooray! Finally! After four years, he handled his phone very carefully, actually he has no any plan of buying a new one. He's contented with his old cellphone it's just that his old cellphone is already has a problem with signals. He has no signal in MAKATI always. So he decided to look for a new one. Yesterday he took a leave because he was applying for a new job and then we went to SM mega mall, we were supposed to apply for a plan so he could be able to get a new and free phone, but hubby doesn't want any of the free phones for 800plan so we decided to just buy. Geez....so choosy ha! Just kidding! Of course he deserve to have a new and nice phone. He's been working for four years and never bought a new cellphone. I hope he loves his new phone. Oh I guess he loves it, I can see the excitement from his eyes!

I also love his phone. He's actually asking if I like the same phone too?! He will treat me one if he got a new better JOB with better PAY! Aw! Can't wait! I am thinking what if I requested something else since I am not fond of gadgets. What if I request for a new desktop! Aw I wanted to have another computer in this house for the kids. My old one was already broken =( I am also thinking of some accessories which I can keep as an investment, a friend told me about his collections of gold accessories for their value is always increasing. I am also thinking if I could have these pearl earrings I saw in the net.
They are so lovely and dangling! I love danglings! Oh forget about it! I should be thinking of necessary things first! Cellphone is not on top of my priorities but if he wants to buy me one, I will surely love it!

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