Jan 26, 2011

Parentin-Tv February Event

I Love my Family!

Come and Join us Mommies!! See you!

Jan 24, 2011

I hate Dentures!

Oh Gosh If only I could turn back time, I will surely not gonna let this happen to my teeth!

It’s hard to use dentures or false teeth. It affects so many things in your body like your taste, how you talk and pronounce aside from the discomfort it’s causing. I started to use dentures when I was in first year high school. I was kinda excited that moment, feeling like I have something unique in my teeth coz some of my classmates and friends were amazed of it. Ahhh I can say we were really innocent or ignorant? Oh well but that’s how I feel back then. But when I got married and have kids, I am kinda conscious already. I want to change it, look for a dentures that looks so real, etc. Last year I just had a new dentures, I changed it to ‘fixed bridge’ where you don’t need to remove it, from the word itself, it’s fixed. :D

But, I forgot to tell you that’s just one of the dentures I am wearing right now. Imagine how not so comfortable I am right now?? So if I were you better take care of your teeth pals. I so hate it! But I don’t have any choice, I have to take care of my other teeth and gums and the whole mouth so I have to have these weather I like it or not. :D

How I wish my kids will not have a teeth like me in the future. I must not let it happen. NEVER.

Jan 18, 2011

Let's Face It, We're Beautiful!

"How can you face your problem if your problem is your face?", this is one of our old lines of joke during college.

It was kinda funny for us coz we were actually referring to ugly faces. We were not criticizing people, we were actually using the lines to each other, my friends during college. My topic is actually not related to that line, I just remembered this line while having some free pampering at "Make up Workshop" by MUD (Makeup Designory) with Reiva Cruz the lead make up artist of MUD in New York. Some of my co-mommy bloggers attended the workshop and had FREE facial by AHAVA. The workshop is quite short but enough to learn the "smoky eye" technique by Ms. Reiva Cruz.

Workshop Ongoing...

Ms. Cruz and Me

I wish I have this -->>

I am not the type of woman who always puts make up every time I go out, what I usually applies to my face is blush on for my complexion is so pale and some eyeliner to make my eyes dilated. But I feel like a wannabe make up artist not just for myself but for my daughter also so I should learn how to put make up and make myself 'more' beautiful all day and teach my daughter too when she reach the right age.

After the workshop, AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics introduced their products and gave us free pampering. They gave FREE hand massage, basic facial and some mask applications.

AHAVA products

I tried their Mud Mask for dry skin. I love it even I just had my FACIAL in Let's Face it the day before that workshop, I felt like more moisturized than ever! Hahahahha! I love the mud mask. Their products were easy to use, you don't have to prick coz we all know pricking is not quite pampering at all! :P Their products can be Do-It-Yourself at home. So nice, I wanted to buy and try it to my husband soon. :D

And ofcourse after all of these things, mommy bloggers didn't forget to have some bonding time, so sad they can't stay late so we part ways after some pictorials in Serendra.

Mommy Bloggers

Special thanks again to Nora for being with me so early in Bonifacio Heights. Had our very heavy LUNCH date @ Gerry's Grill and after the workshop, we ate very yummy shawarma! Yum yum! What a nice day with you my friend! I will not be shock if one day we will be in some bingo sites! LOL, just kidding.

'Till next time!

Jan 17, 2011

Java Programming

My husband is an IT graduate, he is also a JAVA certified programmer. He's been working for more than 5 years now. He traveled to FINLAND for some client thingy, I don't know exactly what he did there for almost two months and then came back in the Philippines after. I love his work even I don't know exactly how he works, all I know is that he is doing sort of programs, not the program we used to do on an event LOL. A programs of machines I guess especially in computers. Husband once told me that there are lots of programming language but he loves JAVA among them. I also heard about PDF library but I have no idea what it is. His line of work seems complicated for me but I love to learn what he is doing, I wanna try the easiest way to program using HTML code. How I wish! :Djava

Got a New Pair of Grendha Shoes :D

What a beautiful start of the year, I've got a new pair of Grendha Shoes from BAMBU store today!

It's my first time to visit BAMBU store today before kids and I watched "Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote" at Trinoma.

I used my GC worth of Php1299 grendha products from ELRO Commercial & Industrial Corporation. Remember our "Mommy Bloggers' Christmas party at Legend? This is what I've got in a raffle!! Yes, Lucky Me! ALl of us got a gifts from the raffle but I feel so lucky to have this grendha gc! I am not into expensive shoes and it's an opportunity to have one! I chose this gray close shoes, it's os cute, I actually want also the brown one but I have to chose only one so I chose gray :P

This shoes is worth 1699 so I just addedPhp400! When I saw the prices I was like "Oh gosh, it's expensive" my budget for shoes when I am shopping for one is upto php1000 only. Thank goodness I am the lucky winner of this GC hahahah! I am so happy! Hope to have more GC's or maybe next time will be company checks :D

More blessings to come for this year to all of us! Cheers!

Super Ethan's Jollibee Party

My son ETHAN is now four! He just had his birthday at Jollibee Metropolitan in Macapagal last January 15. The party went well and my celebrant seemed so happy. I just realized how comfortable and easy it was to celebrate a party in Jollibee. This was the only party of my kids that I didn't get so tired. Last party I just organized was my daughter's swimming party and I was so dead tired! From invitations, tarpaulins, host hunting, balloon decors, party favors and food utensils, gosh! I was so tired and exhausted not to mention that I was also the photograher! But It's alright coz you know what? That is actually what I wanted, to handle everything. I love making lootbags, give aways, souvenirs and invitations. Since I also love balloon twisting and decors, I also did it myself but since time is really not enough, my brother was there helping me.

This time, I thought of celebrating it in fast food were most of the things needed in party was there already. Invites, lootbags, decors, balloons, cakes, hosting etc. And after the event, itw as like nothing happened. Everything was there but I chose not to get loot bags and cake from them for some reason so those are the things I did 1 week before the birthday. The only thing that is hard to do is during payment LOL. Just kidding.

SO there, the party is over and my son was really happy! Thanks to all the guests who came and celebrated with us no matter how far the location was. That's one of my problem since November, the location. There are lots of Jollibee in every area but I chose Jollibee Metropolitan and anither option was McDonalds North because of the playland. Good thing I chose Jollibee over McDonalds coz I was surprised how Ethan loved Jollibee. It's all worth it.

Here's some of the pics of my Ethan, I will post the whole party experience in MY LITTLE ANGELS blog soon.

Now I have another photo albums assignment :D

Ethan and his CAKE

Ethan loves JOLLIBEE

Super EThan with his SUPER GRANNIES

Super EThan with his guests

Jollibee and Kids

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary