Jun 30, 2010

President Noy Innauguration = No Classes

No classes today...I wanted to bring my kids somewhere it's just that I'm worried bout the weather. The weather is stormy...It's not a god idea to bring them to the park coz we don't have our own car. I was thinking of something for my kids but I guess we should stay and rest inside the house. I
also wanna go out...I'm bored. If only I could watch movie in theater alone, I will just watch alone. But watching alone is boring! I need somebody or anybody who could watch with me. Hays...I miss my husband! =(

Jun 29, 2010

Me, Myself and Jes Blog is now Moving Up!

Hi there bloggers! Post paid writers! I miss writing ops already!
Guess what!? I bought a domain for this blog already!!! Hooray..finally!
A year ago I always writing paid ops, 2 dollars to 17 dollars per article, no matter how many words they demand to me, I am willing to accept them. I'm not choosy in any ops given to me. I am always eager to write coz writing is one of my passion (not good in constructing though). My mind is full of things to write, and that articles are becoming moolah, moolah that I've spent mostly in photobooks. My artscow products are from my earnings in paid posts! Except for now. Coz starting when my laptop failed and has to stay in shop for almost three months all of my clients/advertisers were gone. Companies changed policies, changed qualifications, etc. My blogs from PR2, PR1 became N/A and 0. So sad =(
Now, I am trying to apply my blogs to those new companies but they are not accepting it. Tried bidding in Buy blog, sponsored, etc. but they are choosing me no more! =(
I've just known from blogger friends that one of the qualifications now is to have your own domain! Been thinking it lately but never had any idea how to start and I've been very kuripot to spend money for my blog...and so Mommy Rubz came. Thanks to Pehpot initiating Baby Bella's fund raising . If not for fund raising, I might not think of buying a domain and have it hosted ... (I'm so kuripot). I really wanna help Mommy Rubz, atleast in this way, I can contribute some for Baby Bella.
So there! I have my own domain for me, myself and jes!!! ;D Next step...hosting and transferring contents to wordpress (sabi ni Mommy Rubz) =)
Way to go Ops! =)

Jun 26, 2010

Kids' First Video Call with Daddy

Yesterday was daddy and I first chat being far from each other. We are chatting like almost everyday when he's still in th Philippines, but this time he's in USA and I'm in the Philippines. Days are becoming more exciting for us. It's been a week now since he left and I am missing him so much as well as our kids.
Today is Saturday here so no classes, kids and dad were able to chat this morning.

Ishi laughing with her daddy =)

(Ethan playing hide and seek with daddy on cam)

I am so excited seeing them talking with their dad. Interviewing their dad, asking too many questions like, are you coming home yet? Is there a pool in there? How were you able to go in there daddy? What's the color of your car? etc. etc. I so love watching them. Daddy also toured the kids inside his house...he showed the kids his bed where he's sleeping, his own bathroom inside the room, his own TV, the kitchen, and even the laundry area lols and Ishi was like "Nice room!" with feelings. hahahahhaha!
Ishi was so funny when daddy showed his bathroom, and heard the door banging, "Mommy, sinarahan tyu ni dad!", lols. Then daddy paused for a while, we were waiting the Ishi said again "Mommy gusto ko na lumabas!", I asked "Where?", she replied "dito sa bathroom ni dad", ahhahaha! She was really imagining things like she was really there. Few seconds later still in dad's bathroom view on cam, Ishi said "Mommy naiihi ako", I told her to go to the bathroom now and pee, she said, "No gusto ko sa bowl ni daddy". Toinks!
Nakakatuwa naman i tour ang anak ko kahit sa cam lang =)
Ethan on the other hand was so happy seeing his dad on the screen as well as his face. He's playing hide and seek with daddy by blocking the cam and shouting "baaaaaaa" after removing his fingers on the cam. Ethan's aura was different, he was so happy to see his dad. He even said 'miss o na kaw daddy" (Miss ko na ikaw daddy). So sweet! I was so touch when he said that.
This conversation today made me so eager to go after him already! I was super dooper excited! Hope to get our VISA soon! =)
Gosh! What a day! I so love this day! Good day everyone! Till next time!

Jun 24, 2010

MM : Missing our DADDY =)

mommy moments

Hi there everyone...I thought father's day theme was last week ahahha daddy moments pala yun...mali title ko =)

Nweis, I don't have any post bout father's day coz I have posted it already. Just wanna dedicate this blog to my husband who's in US now.

Kids are missing their "daddy and kids moments" for few days now.... it's hard to be apart from your husband same with daddy from his kids. Husband said he's missing our kids already. He's so LOVING and CARING father to our kids. I'm sometimes sad because he's not here when his kids are looking for him, but I am trying to be strong for them, keep on saying to them that daddy isn't home yet but soon we will be together again there in US already. Been thinking positive for my kids. We wanted to be together already. We were missing each other so much. Hoping and praying that we process our papers already, approve our VISA and earn 'pamasahe' as soon as we can =) God Bless Us.

(our family pic taken at the airport 6/19/2010 4:30 am)

That's all!!! Again HAPPY FATHER's DAY to my husband and to all the father's out there!

GT: My Cam is no longer inside my BAG =(

Here I am again joining you gals! =)
I am so devastated to know my camera is officially giving up on me. I just have it fix last year because of 'no power' thing and I guess it's like 'no power' again. I don't wanna bring it to Olympus anymore, I think it's no longer a good idea to have it fix and spend an amount which is half of the camera's price. I just did it last year because I don't wanna let go of it, but since it gave up on me again, I think it's time to let go.

Moving on....I'm here joining GT without a pic again! So sorry guys...I will just take a pic if I have cam already or maybe if I had a chance to borrow my in'laws =P The Bag I am using now is my favorite coz it's my husband's gift last Christmas a big brown leather bag from 'kimbell'.
What's inside my bag? Well, my camera is the first thing I am checking inside of it but since it's already broken, it's already crossed out in the list. Here's the list of the things inside my bag as of the moment : vanity kit, big wallet and personalized coin purse from artscow, notebook with pen (I'm using for notes and reminders), my cellphone, my husband's papers, shades, umbrella and some food (ew!) coz I've been to Makati last night to pass some husband's pending papers and I am hungry inside the shuttle while on my way home =)
That's all folks...that's all I've got! Bout yours? Care to share? JOIN us now! =)

Jun 19, 2010

MM : Father's Day

mommy moments

Father's day is on Sunday and unfortunately we can't celebrate it that day coz he just flew to US this morning. But it's okay we already celebrated it before he leave.

Here's our shot last friday night. I brought a cake for him, I have no time to buy or make a card coz we've been together the whole day for almost a week before he flew to US.
He enjoyed some of his time with us and the kids. He is such a good father of my kids. He is sweet and loving to his children. He's supposed to be on leave for a week before he left unfortunately he has s many things to do that week. He just spent his time with his kids by bringing and fetching them to school once, and we also watched toy story3 while we were in Makati doing his stuff. Since he wanted to spent quality time with our kids, we were just bringing them to wherever we go for 2 days. My husband is such a wonderful daddy. My kids are lucky having a father like him.
We are sad not to be with him for a moment. I don't know how long we will be missing him but I am standing strong for our kids and for our future. I know he's also missing us especially our kids. He's sad to leave first but he has no choice but to go without us yet coz it's work. We will soon be there with him in US but we have to wait for 2-3 months. That's quite long. Hope God give us both strength and good health. We will miss our daddy so much!
Happy Father's day DADDY CARLOS...We love you!!!!!

Girls Talk : My Emplty Wallet =P

I almost missed it! But I'm here catching up guys! Sorry for the late posts. Been busy these past few days, my husband left for US this morning and I am so busy preparing his stuff. (sad) Been experiencing depression coz I am missing him so much already, good thing there's meme like this to do so I could forget him for awhile.

My wallet is empty! Seriously...it's big and bulky but instead of seeing money inside, you'll be seeing pictures, cards, receipts, etc. No Money no Honey! =(
Oh well who knows, I might win in this random contest here in girlstalk and fill my empty wallet with moolah!? =P
That's all I can share, can't take a pic of my wallet, my camera is in "autistic mode", he's not functioning again! Gosh! I really need to have a new one soon =)

Jun 11, 2010

MM : Dear Daddy

Happy Mommy Moments everyone!
mommy moments
Since my kids can't write a letter to their dad yet, I just made one for him...from us.

"Dear Daddy,

I am so blessed to have you in my life. You're the greatest gift God have given me.
Thank you for being my husband. Thank you for accepting me as your wife. Thank you for choosing to be with me for the rest of your life and be the mother of your children.
Thank you for being wonderful dad to our kids. Thank you for playing with them. Thank you for bringing them to parks and movies. Thank you for working so hard just to let them have what they needed. Thank you for saying "I love You" to our kids, that is so sweet. Thank you for being one PROUD DAD. Thanks for all the dreams you're building for them and you're about to build for them.

Dad kissing Ethan

Dad feeding Ishi

You are such a GREAT DAD! I remember our daughter Ishi always saying whenever she feels like there's something wrong, she said that "DADDY ANG BAHALA". At her young age she knows that you are our HERO forever.

We Love YOU so much DADDY!

Mommy, Ishi and EThan"

Since it's father's day I would like to take this opportunity to greet my PAPA which is in heaven since 1990 a "HAPPY FATHER's DAY! How I wish you were here right now playing with my kids and your other apo's with my siblings. I'm sure they will like you! I miss you Papa"! - Love Jes

Good day everyone and advance Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there!

Jun 10, 2010

Girls Talk : Vanity Kit

Gosh! Vanity kit?! I'm surely a girl but I am not into make ups....I am putting some occasionally or when needed.
I remember buying one when my daughter turned two but I gave them to my sister in law. My daughter loves putting make up that time. My mom-in-law initiated it and now she's addicted with it. But like what I have said I am not into make ups, so I guess she forgot about it already. =P
But of course as a woman I needed something that could make me feel fresh, look and smells good all the time.
Here's some of my stuff to enhance my natural beauty. (naks) =P

If there's one thing I wouldn't want to run out, it's the deodorant, next is lotion. They are the two important things inside that vanity kit.
I can't live the day without deodorant haha I don't want my armpit to perspire all day. Hahaha!
Lotion coz my skin is dry. Of course comb is important too.
Others were mascarra incase I need it. 2 kinds of lipstick, 1 for occassion, 1 for ordinary day if I want to apply some. Eyeliner, lip balm, blush on, toothbrush (no toothpaste coz it might spill in my bag), powder, cologne and mirror (the small round thing with hubby and I pics I ordered from artscow).

That's all! =)

Jun 3, 2010

Incredible Letter from In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms Book

Dr. Laura,

As I sit to write this letter, my hope is that if just one mother can hear what I have to say and holds her child just a little tighter today, I will have fulfilled my reason for writing.

By the time I was 29 our family was complete. I had three beautiful children, a loving husband, and although never money to spare, we found ways to get by. Although I had my mother and mother-in-law to babysit whenever I needed, by the time my middle son was born, I knew I could not work anymore. Something inside of me told me that I had to spend as much time with my children as I could.

There were many days where I was pulling out my hair, found myself screaming at them, and was totally exhausted by the end of the day, thinking to myself, “Any other work would be a pleasant relief.” But there were also many moments I would never trade in for any job, no matter what the pay. Those moments when your child gives you a smile or a look you never forget, moments when they would give you a kiss, a hug, or just hold your hand for no reason. Those are the moments a mother treasures in her heart forever…

Two years ago my middle son was killed in an auto accident. He was 22 years old. He was away at college when he decided to get in a car where the driver had been drinking; ten minutes later he was dead.

Our lives will never be the same again; the world as we knew it had been destroyed. We miss our son terribly. My husband, surviving two children, and I will never be the same, but we are trying to hold on to each other and pick up the pieces, one piece at a time.

Dr. Laura, there is only one thing I can say. I am so grateful for those moments I had with my son. Those moments, the good as well as the crazy ones, I will forever hold close to my heart. All those precious years I spent with my son now are what help me get through the day.

So please, Dr. Laura, never stop reaching to all the young moms who feel they can’t handle it, are struggling with making it through the day, who believe they “need” to work instead of being with their child, just how much it might someday mean to them to have spent those precious moments with their children. Hopefully other moms can just take my word for it: Don’t let anyone or anything prevent you from holding them, hugging them, playing with them, memorizing their smile, their laughter, their heart.


Letter to God #1 "Thank you"

Dear Lord,

There are so many things You have given me all my life...I may not thanking You everyday but you know in my heart how I appreciate them and how thankful I am.
Let me take this opportunity to thank You!

Thank you for teaching me how to LOVE...
For LOVE made ME and my HUSBAND be together all this time.
Thank You for giving him to me...
My HUSBAND is the best gift I ever had.

Thank You for giving me more inspiration to live...
Thank You for giving me my little angels ISHI and ETHAN.
They completed my life as a woman.
They are the one's giving me strength when I am down
and giving me courage when I am in battle.

Thank you for giving my MOM physical and emotional strength everyday...
for I often give him pain in her heart.
Thank you for giving her to us...
I may not show her my LOVE but she's the most important WOMAN in my life.

Thank You for my siblings James, Jay-r and Jessa...
They inspired me to strive harder when we were young.
They are the reason why I've gone this far...
They made me feel valuable in this world as an ATE.

Thank you for giving them their partners in life and kids...
hoping they could strive harder too for their family...
They made me laugh, they made me strive more harder in life...
They are blessings to my FAMILY.

Thank you Lord for all the friends who's always there...
Thank you for my relatives they are my helping hands...
Special thanks to my In-LAws for giving birth to my husband and for always there for us.
Thank you for all them! Thank you Lord!

In the name of Jesus,

Your Daughter,

Mommy Moments : Unforgettable Summer

This year is very unforgettable summer for me and my family. This was a huge summer for us. Hope my kiddos could still remember this when they grow old =)

This year is the best summer ever for my family as of this time . We had lots of outings everywhere. This year, we also had our first SOLO outing ever. Mostly we were just invited by Mother in law andthey were the one spending for us. We always have "libreng" outing. This year is different. We planned for a huge out of town summer vacation. We are so particular in not spending too much money but this time, we didn't think of money for the meantime. We just enjoyed our family time. We enjoyed the beach, we went to different spots and enjoyed the foods. I so love it!
Here's some of our Outing/Get Away shots this year.

Februay 2010 - Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club, Batangas

March 2010 -Tagaytay Get Away

March 2010 - Zoobic Safari Adventure

April 2010 - Laoag / Pagudpod Ilocos Norte Holy week Vacation

May 2010 - La Primera Playa, Morong, Bataan

May 2010 - Sta. Maria Bulacan Private Pool (kids with grannies)

May 2010 - Canyon Cove, Batangas (mom and dad only)

May 2010 - Angel-Ann's Resort

Soon this JUNE - Pico de Loro again! =P

Need to Clean up my Bloglist

I wanted to arrange my blog list....I dunno the most of them anymore. For almost a year being absent in blogosphere I really need to arrange my bloglist soon. Not today coz I'm not in the mood yet hehehe =) Just wanna tell my friends. To those who wanted to exchange links with me...here's mine jeslisingdotblogspotdotcom. =)
Leave me yours so I could save it =)

Girls Talk : What's Inside My Shower Loot?!

Woot! Girls talk! I am joining again! Woo hoo!
I was looking at the topics and I was saying to myself, gosh these are all girly stuff! =P I don't have them! =) Ahahahah!
Just kidding of course I have these stuff. I have SUNSILK Shampoo and Conditioner, Dove soap or sometimes Papaya soap =)
I can't take pics right now coz our bathroom is not in a good condition eheheheh =P
Oh well. what else inside my shower loot? Hmm....my shaving cream =P Aside from those, nothing else!
hahahhahah! I am laughing at myself right now coz untill now I am not particular with beauty products. I can use any brand that's inside the bathroom whenever I don't have stock anymore. But not for my kids..I don't use just any kind of soap for them. I only use johnsons milk bath or soap for them =)
So that's all I guess...till next time! =))
See yah in Girls Talk! =)

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary