Jan 30, 2009

Mommy Moments #5 First Smiles

Hi there again....I have posted the first ever smiles of my angels in my little angels site but I also wanted to share their real SMILES...real smiles because they were already interacting with us...they are really laughing this time...take a look at them!

Here's my daughter ISHI when she was 2 months old....were going to church that time...daddy and I were playing with her and she loves it so much.....=) Click HERE for her first ever SMILE.

And this is my son Ethan....were also playing with him and he also loves it! look at him go...he's actually laughing here! Click HERE for his first ever SMILE.

Jan 29, 2009

How Do I Love My Husband?

Thanks to Mommy Enchie of Sweet Nothings and Whats' Cookin from my Kitchen & Stuff for this wonderful blog in time for Valentines Day!

Let me share first a little bit of our Love Story here......
College days....I have two closed friends, the other one was my husband's ex girlfriend during highschool days. They've been together for a month if I am not mistaken and separated with I don't know reason hehehe =) My friend was still inlove to him back then, she's still concern about him. So when he heard about hubby is depressed because of a girl, she asked a favor from my other friend to befriended him and might help him as well to forget the girl causing his depression. There then started the friendship....since he's always with my other friend, we used to hang with him all the time. Aside from that he's also a dancer in his school (La Salle) like me and his ex in our school (University of Caloocan). We became closed friends because of having the same hobby and likes and he's also COOL for me. As time goes by, were expeting him and my friend to like each other....we're always following her up about their standing. One day, my friends talked to me and told me that HE likes me and not the other friend! Oh my Gosh I don't understand my feeling that time, I am not expecting anything like that to happen but....it happened!!! My true feelings for him just came out naturally, I know that we're just friends and I like to hang out with him everytime, I like to see him everyday but I didn't know it was LOVE! Until the day I knew about his feelings too! We're boyfriend and girlfriends for 4 years and married for 3 years....so we're 7 years getting stronger......loving each other more.....

There are times that I don;t understand my husband, there are times that we argue, but still I am falling inlove with him everyday! Now I am thinking what makes me fall in love to him? How Do I love Him?

I love him the way he is......
i love him because he loves me too.......
I love him because he loves our kids so much.......
I love him because he loves me for who I am......
I love him because he understands me more than anyone else.....
I love him because i am comfortable with him.......
I love him because he's so smart.......
I love him because he's very supportive........
I love him because he's the only one I am always thinking evertime........
I love him because he's so simple........
I love him because he's CARLOS LISING, JR!!!!

I would like to hear a story from these bloggers too........so I am passing these to:
All of the Mommy Bloggers there who's always inlove!!!!

Jan 26, 2009

WS : Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Community Sponsored 200 kids' 1st Communion

Eucharistic Heart Of Jesus Community sponsored two hundred kids from different schools on their 1st communion held at Concepcion Church Malabon City last Saturday, January 24, 2009. My mother in-law is an active member of the said community. She's been a member for so many years now and my husband and I were being part of this community now. I was there that day to let ISHI watch the kids taking their first communion and help with whatever things I can do without taking out my sight to my kids. The lola being excited asked my daughter to wear one of the gala they provided for the kids that taking first communion. Hahahha visit my kid's blog to see how she looks like.
Anyway, this community provided mostly everything kids needed, their uniform, certificates and even their snack. Here are some of the pictures I have taken while taking care of my two "kulit" kids....Here's My In-laws with my kids....waiting for the program to get started.

The community helping kids wear their uniform they provided......

And the mass began....the kids finally had their first communion.

After their communion, they had their snack.

after playing around the church..... my kids were so tired so they had their snack too....

Picture taking with the Community Member and Concepcion Church staff
(I am wearing brown shirt and maong shorts at the right, my children were with my in-laws)

I changed my URL back!

Aside from changing my MeMyselfandJes BLog's template, I also decided to change my URL from http://jeslising.blogspot.com to http://memyselfandjes.blogspot.com. This is now the problem, first, my PR from my old URL can't be transmitted to my new URL meaning this blog with new URL has no PR! Waaahh!!! how come it goes that way? Second, other blogs cannot locate me anymore. I thought changing your URL can't affect your blog...now I am planning to returned it back from http://memyselfandjes.blogspot.com to http://jeslising.blogspot.com AGAIN!!!! Ahh!!! hehehe I am now officially announcing my permanent URL - HTTP://JESLISING.BLOGSPOT.COM


Jan 25, 2009

Toy Hunt : Round Toy/(s)

My Little Angels with their cousin Julia and Me at Kidz Republic SM Mega last November 2008.

My Kids enjoyed this area of Kidz Republic. They really love to play with balls especially my Son Ethan. He loves any round objects even it was just a drawing or picture. HEheheh =) I can;t say anything about balls now, I just came home from my tripping and I am very sleepy. Please visit my other entry HERE. Have a good day everyone!!!

Jan 24, 2009

"Me, Myself andJes" New Look!!!

I got a new look for my Me, Myself and Jes blog!!!! I am actually thinking for a new header but I dunno how to start it. I am not good in designing and not that good in photoshops, sigh! While thinking I decided to try a new template. And I found a nice one. Hay, finally I am okay with it and I don't have to think of a new header anymore.
And yes, I want to introduce you to my NEW but old blog - House Finder Philippines!!! It's all about the properties I am selling. I haven't post the other projects yet but if you're interested in buying you can send me an email or just click on my YM button at my sidebar to leave an inquiry. Thanks!!!

I already have three blogs now:
Me, Myself and Jes
My Little Angels
House Finder Philippines

Jan 23, 2009

Mommy Moments #3 Latest Birthday Photos of my Kids

Another entry for mommy moments... I have posted some of my latest birthday pictures in my other blog and here's an additional pics....

Ethan's latest birthday last January 15, celebrated at home. Ate helping him blow the candle. Hehehhe =)

And ate again helping her baby brother to slice his cake....how sweet isn't it?
Here's a additional pictures of my daughter ISHI during her latest birthday - November 14, 2008. We actually celebrated it in school then another celebration at home with her cousins. I set up a "play time party". She enjoyed her birthday at home because she really loves to play along with her cousins.

Ishi slicing her cake....

....playing with her cousins while eating hotdogs and cakes.....

....hmmm yummy!!!

And making some cutie pose with her fav gift she received on her birthday...DORA!!!!

Happy Mommy Moments to all!!! Just click HERE if you want to join us!

Jan 22, 2009

Emotionally Not Feeling Well

Hayz.......I really don't understand myself nowadays. I am sometimes okay but sometimes feeling ... i don't know. I am trying to be happy but no I am not!!! I am happy with my kids, especially with my husband but there's something missing. I don't know really....don't bother to ask coz i really don't know the answer. I just wanna write about it!!! Thats it!!! Haaaaay!!!! I want to cry but I can't figure out the reason of these tears that really wanna come out from my eyes at this moment! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

LP : Kahel

Ang kahel and paborito naming flavor na inumin. Bagamat mahilig din kame sa iced tea, mas lamang ang kahel na inumin sa aming tahanan. Madalas ito ay kasama lagi sa aming bilihin. Ito ang paboritong baunin ng aking anak sa paaralan. Hmmm sarap nga naman ng inuming ito heheheh =)

(Orange is our favorite flovor of drinks. Although we also love Iced Tea, we just want orange more than any flavor at home. This is always in our groceries. This juice is my ISHI's favorite food in school. Hmmm this is such a declicous drink hehehhe =) )

Jewerly Giveaway!

In honor of 101st post of Julia's Journal, she is giving away six beautiful pair of hand made earrings. Lovely, I want to win these earrings!!!

The contest will end on January 26, hurry girls, last submission of enrty is on January 25. HERE's how to join.

Jan 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday : New Shampoo

My kids have their new shampoo....they love it!

Jan 20, 2009

Mommy Make Up Giveaway!!!

I have another contest to join in a Mommy Make up Giveaway! The price is great! This is good for me! Jolly Mom is giving away a Jolly Holiday Gift Set woth $49.

This includes:
  • Any Wear Creme in Cupcake
  • Super Deluxe Fluff Brush
  • Lush Black Mascara
  • Chic Petite Black Mesh Makeup Bag
  • "Paint By Number" Instructions and face chart
It's easy to join just follow the steps HERE. Goodluck!! The contest ends on january 27, 11:59PM EST.

Cricket and Monkey Giveaway

I found this giveaway from Go Graham Go blog, he has so many giveaways to choose from. I chose first this Cricket and MOnkey giveaway because I wanted to win their tote bag!

There are 10 ways to win:

Head on over to Cricket and Monkey and tell me one of your favorite products not mentioned in this post. Make sure to leave your email address in your comment!
Extra Entries (leave separate comments for each):
2. Enter the Spa Wish giveaway at Jolly Mom and leave a comment saying "I entered the Spa Wish giveaway at Jolly Mom".
3. Enter the Mommy Makeup giveaway at Jolly Mom and leave a comment saying "I entered the Mommy Makeup giveaway at Jolly Mom".
4. Blog about this giveaway and link to http://www.cricketandmonkey.com/ and http://www.gograhamgo.com/ and leave the link to your post in the comment!
5. Email 2 friends about this giveaway and CC: felicia {at} gograhamgo {dot} com
6. Subscribe to Go Graham Go by reader or email or follow on blogger
7. Follow Go Graham Go on Twitter and Tweet about this
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9. Add the "Mom Time in '09" button to your sidebar
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What are you waiting for moms and moms to be? Join now coz this giveaway ends on January 26th at 11:59pm!

FREE Pop Arts by Architect!

Weeeeee!!! Look at my lovely pop arts made by Architect of Sweetytots and Sweet....Pretty..Naughty. Do you want one too for your sidebar too? Visit her site now and leave a message that you want this lovely pop art too! She's doing it for free, but If you're feeling a little generous, you can drop a donation to her site.

These cute little kids are mine!!!

Ethan and Ishi watching DVD.

Yey! Look at my daughter IShi here (left side) she's only 1 and 8 months old there and my son Ethan (right) was 6 months old. I love this shot!

Jan 19, 2009

Slight Argument with the Hubby!

I had a "slight" fight thru chat with my husband a while ago. He's still in the office and I am at home. We're talking about financial matter and I must admit I over reacted so the argument started. I don't know maybe my ego got hurt when he said some lines. And I realized it just now that it's actually my fault and I have to say sorry to him when he gets home.
Lately I don't have any sales so I don't have any money to expect yet. I am so sad that I cannot help my husband in our finances. Our daughter is going to enroll for real next year in nursery. Her tuition fee is actually cheap compare to other schools. and I do have money for her tuition fee this coming school year already, but I'm afraid we cannot afford to pay her other school finances and tuition for the next years if I don't have any sales in realty. Realty business is good actually but that depends on you. I am trying my best to sell because I have lots of dreams for my family! I am really trying hard, it's just that my luck didn't come yet.
Working without fix income is so hard. You're always cramming and sometimes feeling devastated because you didn't able to earn money this month and the next month and even the following month. Expenses are everywhere and getting bigger and bigger, but you can't do anything but sigh! SIGH! What a life! I chose to stay at home because I don't want my kids to grow without me in their side for almost 13 hours a day and go home tired from work and can't able to play with them anymore because they were already sleeping! Besides, I beleived that choosing realty business has greater opportunity than to work for a company and wait for your fixed salary. I maybe have no sales this month but If i could able to sell 1M property is like a 2 months salary of a regular teacher (I used to be a teacher and earning minimum wage). My husband is a programmer, he has a great pay compared to other beginner. But his salary is not enough having two kids and paying a condo unit. We're actually lucky because we're staying with his parents. We don't pay electric bill, water bill whatsoever except for the internet. But still, his income in not enough what more if we're paying rent, electric and water bills? We're totally LUCKY!!! I don't know what I am really talking here but one thing is for sure, I am slightly disappointed to myself! I am sad and I just wanted some outlet. I beleived God will never let me down. I know that everything has it's purpose. I am not losing hope. I still beleive everything will be fine. Thanks for listening my friend!

Thanks Earth for inviting me with thie meaningful tag! =)


This is a prayer tag and link for the Philippines and the Filipinos. You are enjoined to utter this prayer for nine (9) consecutive days and to tag as many bloggers as you can with preference for Filipinos. But only bona fide Filipinos shall be included in the official registry of Filipino bloggers in this blog. Each time a new blogger makes a link, be sure to send me an email of the entire link through melalarilla@gmail.com so that the official list will be consolidated in a master list in this blog. For our Muslim brothers, you may make your own special prayer formula but you must never deviate from the formula of this entire post.
If you wish to be included in the master list just e-mail melalarilla@gmail.com or visit the Filipinos Unite headquarters.

Start Copy Here:


Dear heavenly Father, we consecrate to you our beloved country- the Philippines and all the Filipinos around the world. We acknowledge Father that apart from You, we can do nothing and it is only your divine providence and grace that can unite all Filipinos as one nation. We therefore humble ourselves before your throne. We confess all our sins to you individually and collectively as a nation. Forgive us our sins Father and wash us clean by the precious blood of Your beloved Son- Jesus Christ. Mend our wicked ways and let us experience a strong and genuine spiritual revival for ourselves and for our country. Let the Holy Spirit imbibe us with power, love and wisdom to return to Your path of holiness and righteousness. Bless our country, heavenly father. Bless all Filipinos wherever they maybe. Let progress, unity, harmony, stability, justice, peace and prosperity reign in our country.

Bless our leaders, from the President down to the lowest Barangay official. Touch their hearts that they may serve our country with all honesty and with love and integrity. Bless our children and our future generation. And bless us all Father in all aspects of our lives. This we pray to You heavenly Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.

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Filipinos Unite!!! http://filipinosunite.blogspot.com/
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155. Jes - Malabon, philppines - My Little Angels - url - http://ishiethan.blogspot.com
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End of Copy

Triple Award from Sherry!

Wow sherry!!! This is a great award, a triple award!!! You're so thoughtful!

I am passing this awards to some of my co bloggers in no particular order, ENCHIE, SWEETYTOTS, JULLIEFER and CHRIS who's always visiting my site and giving me very inspiring comments! I would like to take this opportunity to thank these people for always being there whenever I need help in blogosphere. I really appreciate your help guys! Please have this award and pass this to whoever you think deserves this awards.

WS : Father and Daugther

Trying hard to make a digiscrapbook! I am not good at it yet!
Pic taken last saturday evening. We went to SM the Block to buy some groceries and attended anticipated mass in the evening.
Yesterday, SUNDAY was Sto. Nino Festival, so sad never had a chance to take pics. The floats were all beautiful, there are lots of children watching the parade of each baranggay's float in Malabon. There are different images of Sto. nino garbed in costumes. My kids enjoyed the music bands and the candies the float owner throwing around!

Jan 16, 2009

Unbelievable Life in Blogosphere!

There are lots of GRAY opps today in PPP....some were priced okay but some were so low! I just can't understand why whenever I saw a gray opps that suddenly turned into white opps (gray means - Opportunity is Available to You, but All Posts Fully Reserved and white means - Opportunity is Available to You) and try to grab it... all I can get is "All of the available posts for that opportunity have already been taken". Unbelievable isn't it? Is this because my net connection is so slow or my co bloggers were very fast as I could ever imagine? Hehhehe =) One blink of an eye and the available post is gone!! Hahahahha! I am so lucky awhile ago to grab a $7 opp....hopefully advertisers will aprove it! I am just a noob in here and I dunno yet what to do with some grabbing technique. I am just trying my luck here, trial and error. I have already experienced to be rejected by an advertiser and I don't wanna happen it again!
I am really enjoying this stuff, grabbing an opp and earning minimum of $5 pero post or sometimes $.50 hehehe. That's okay because if you're goint to accumulate it in 1 month, you're like receiving a minimum wage salary. Hehehheh! Relating these things to your personal life hahahah cool! How I wish I could earn more than this! And at the same time learn more in blogosphere and meet new friends! I am considering some of the bloggers here that are interested in my posts as my new friends. Because they know about me already, they were reacting in my posts too! I love the feeling! Whatever is the real reason I really apreciate their visit and coments to my site. I love blogosphere!!! I love blogging! I love my co bloggers!!!

Mommy Moments #2 First Photo of your Kids

Being a mom of two made me feel complete and fulfilled! I am so proud that I gave birth to these wonderful and so Kuleeeeet kids hehehehe =) I am treasuring every moments with them.....especially the very first time I held them in my arms.

First pic of my daughter ISHI and Me
This pic was taken 6 hours after her birth. They were giving your baby after the "new born screening" that's why we didn't able to hold her agad.

First pic of my Son Ethan and Me
If I've waited for 6 hours to my first child ISHI for me to hold.....I am so sad to say that I've waited for my second child for 240 hours and maybe more than that. Because as what I've mention to my other blog, he has some problems with his blood so he has to stay for 10 days and they didn't even allow us touch him before we go home. We're just looking at him and saying bye bye behind those mirror walls.

Jan 13, 2009

$100 Prize from Cheap Mobiles

$100!!! That's a lot of money from CHEAP MOBILES to give away to one lucky blogger! I want to win that prize....It was easy guys, all you have to do is:

1) Subscribe your email address to their RSS feed using the box in the top right of their site and/or
2) Write a quick post on your blog about this site (you can link to any article you like or just use their homepage. Make sure the hypertext you use to link back to them includes the phrase “Cheap Mobiles”.

I love this game!

WS : Christian Wedding

SATURDAY January 10, 2009, were in Ms. Pheng's house to give each others (child) gift. SUNDAY January 11, 2009 My hubby and I attended a wedding today together with ms. Pheng again!
This is my fourth time to attend a christian wedding if I am not mistaken. The first was my uncle's wedding at Bible Bethel in Valanzuela then my cousin's at MAX's restaurant and my younger sister's wedding in their garden. And now JEM's wedding, my hubby's former officemate ....I love the venue - Gazebo Royale! Very romantic! I love the settings and the motif of pink and brown combination! I love the story on how they met and became lovers. I am also amazed with the dancing waiters of Tamayo Catering. Hahahah! I had so much fun watching them dance to the tune of Papaya. Never seen a dancing waiter before in a wedding or in any kind of occasion! Great idea!

Want to share some of our pics here.........

Ms. Pheng and I

Newly Wed JEM and DADA with my hubby and I

Me, My hubby, Hubby's Boss Rolds and his Wife Anne my Boss, and Ms. pheng hubby's former boss, my co blogger and kumare

Visit my other entry in weekend snapshot. Want to share your weekend snapshots too? Click HERE!

Jan 10, 2009

LP : Pula

Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat!!! Ito po ang aking banat sa linggong ito para sa temang - PULA!

(Happy New YEar to all of you! This is my entry for this week's theme - PULA /RED!)

Ang Aking Pitaka (My Wallet)

Ang pulang pitakang ito ay isa sa mga pasalubong ng aking biyenan na babae noong nanggaling siya sa HOngkong noong nakaraan taon.
Bihira lamang akong gumamit ng kulay PULA, hindi ako ang tipo ng taong mahilig sa PULA. Ang aking paboritong kulay kasi ay DILAW. Ngunit hindi naman halos lahat ng aking gamit ay dilaw, iba't ibang kulay din ngunit ang pula ay hindi ko gaanung napagtutuonan ng pansin kaya nahirapan akong humanap ng aking lahok sa linggong ito ahahah!
Ang pula ay simbolo ng katapangan at pag-ibig. Napakagandang kulay din naman ng pula. Madami akong kakilala na mahilig dito.

(This wallet was one of my mother in-laws gift for me when she went to Hongkong last year!
I am not the type of person who uses red stuff. My favorite color is YELLOW. But not all of my stuff were yellow, there are also different colors. It's just that RED is not my thing that's why I had a hard time searching for anything red for this week's theme ahahah!
Red simbolizes bravery and LOVE. This is a beautiful color, I have several friends who loves RED very much!)

Toy Hunt : Small Toys

Hi toy hunters!!! I just wanna share with you that aside from having My Little Angels a PR2, I am so happy that this blog got a page rank just yesterday!!! =) Hoooray! Good luck to all of us bloggers who were monetizing their blog! Good Luck to us!!! More Opps to come!!!
Anyway here's my entry for this week's theme - Small toys!MILO OLYMPICS Collection


I got this from every 1kilo pack of MILO powdered drink I've been buying. I only collected 7 items, these are only five because I can't find the others' stands. They were cute. They were like 2 inches tall. They are really small!My kids don't know how to play them. They keep on removing the stand and make kalat everywhere! Hays!! =) Check my other blog for more small toys!

Jan 9, 2009

Me, Myself and Jes got a PAGE RANK today!!!!!

I was registering to one of the blog advertising page a while ago and I added both of my blogs. I was surprised again to see that my other blog had a PAGE RANK already!!! Nice!!! I am so happy! Both of my blogs had a page rank! How I wish more opps would come! =)

Mommy Moments #1 Family Picture

As I have said with my other entry, this idea is great! I love this theme!!! Mommy Moments! Wow, This is exactly what we, mommies blog about! Thanks to chris! Here's my other entry!

Family Picture last January 1, 2008

Since I don't have a pic this year's holiday season, I am submitting this holiday family pic of us taken last year's NEW YEAR!!! I only used "self timer" mode of our cam so we could take a family pic inside our room because all of the people at home were busy that time. We did different poses here and this is the serious one. =)

Jan 8, 2009

Picture Meme

Got this Meme from Enchie's page, she asked me if I want a picture meme....Yes of course! This is fun thing to do! Try this out!

Rules of the game:

1. Go to your computer's Picture Folder or wherever you store your pictures.

2. Go to the 6th Folder

3. Pick the 6th photo (but the 6th folder has folders too so i picked another 6th folder)

Then there goes my sixth picture.....

My husband's New Acer Laptop!!!

We bought it last December. He decided to buy a new one because this laptop I am using now was being infected by a virus. Luckily I can still use it! My husband still manage to fix it. And now I can still blog even he's already home. Before we're sharing with one laptop and when he arrives I automatically logging out so he can use it. Now I can blog until midnight! Hehehhe =)

Nice meme right? Try this one guys!!! Tagging this to all of my co bloggers out there who passed by here! =)

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary