Sep 15, 2009

Yuckie weight of 110lbs from 90lbs =(

I almost forgot to have my injection last month due to many things I've been doing. Good thing I still have one day to catch up, thank God! SO I visited my OB, done with my "injectible", next comeback is for paps mere, hope to come back as soon as possible this month. As standard procedure before my OB injected me, ate Neneng, the nurse always getting my BP and weight. I can't believe I am now weighing 110lbs! Yuckie! I did gain so much weight! My original weight before I got pregnant was 90lbs. I don't remember my weight during my pregnancy, all I can remember is after giving birth to Ethan, my weight then was 104 lbs. Most of the people were saying I am not fat. But I still attended GYM and Aerobic class. After then I lost 3lbs. When I started to become busy in real estate, I stopped attending those class until now. That's why I am so alarmed that I gained this much weight. I think I should go back to the gym again. My tummy is really fat already and I can notice my pants were all becoming so tight to me. I really need to lose weight! Oh gosh I don't want to become a "dabiana"!

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