Aug 24, 2009

Ishi's First Quarter Exam Results

Gosh, until now I am still adjusting. My Siomai Cart is on it's fourth day today and I am still not getting used to so many things. I don't know how to budget my time yet. Is it normal that I have to spent most of my time with my siomai cart? I am still guiding my employee and I don't wanna let her do the things alone yet. I am still helping her with some things mostly in selling coz I really love to prepare siomai. It's really good that Ishi was already done with her exam, I am somehow contented with her scores but at the back of my mind I was feeling guilty because I didn't reviewed her before the exam. She got 1 mistake in science exam and the rest were 80% and above only. Her classmates had better scores, I think I should review her next time. My bad coz I am busy with my little business and I neglected my kid's studies. Hope she could catch up next time. For now, I have to rest already and prepare for another challenge tomorrow. I will just spent a little time browsing in looking for a gifts before I sleep. Good day everyone and thanks for dropping by,

Aug 22, 2009

1st day and 2nd day of my Siomai Cart

It's really tiring to put up a business even as small as my siomai cart, yet It's also exciting. I really love business like this. I love selling. I love interacting with new people. So on the first day of my cart, I stayed since opening until closing. I saw how people showed their interest in my product, I love seeing them enjoying the food we are serving especially our FREE black gulaman as opening promo. It's really fulfilling. Yesterday is our second day and I did still stay. My husband was also there because it's holiday. I think he's also happy seeing our mini business. We both stayed until closing time. We are tired yet happy with the result of our sales. We're still expecting it to become higher as soon as people will known about our siomai cart. I think we should think more marketing strategy. Today is our 3rd day, I'll be preparing things for our cart after blogging and bring it to the location. My routine has changed. I am now busier than ever ehehheheh, but blogging will never be eliminated in my schedule. I was just sometime sad because for the past 2 days, I never had a chance to play with my kids. Hope to adjust soon and spent more time with my kids. My photobook was also arrived last thursday but I have to pick it up in post office thru parcel but I didn't able to get it yet. I should get it on monday coz I am really really excited to see it. I wanted to order again but still doesn't have time lay outing. I still has pending stuff to browse like daycare nap mat, stephen joseph quilted backpack and stephen joseph backpack. I love online shopping that's why my paypal money was already empty. I still have to earn for my next target online products =)

Aug 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Husband!

It's my husband's birthday today! I just wanna greet him a Happy Birthday! I also wanna thank God for giving him to us. I wanted to thank his parents for bringing up such a wonderful person. A very nice and loving father to my kids and very faithful and caring husband to me. He is my inspiration in every endeavor I take, in every dreams I plan to make and in every trials I have experienced and I am about to experience. He is my best friend, he is the only person that is giving me strength whenever I am weak. I am so lonely without seeing him in every hour of the day. I wanted him to be at my side all the time. I am so thankful God has chosen me to become his partner in life. I am very contented in my life because of him and because he's the father of my wonderful kids. I really love him, very much and I don't know what to do without him. He is the half part of my heart, I will not live without him. I love you daddy! Happy Birthday! Wishing you good health and wealth ehehehhe =) More years with good health to us so we could still watch movie together when we gets old, we could still play online games even we have rheumatism, we could still play rough games with our kids, so we could also try new things like playing golf. I wanted to experience new things, new sights like in golfkurse in Germany. Experience to shop in golfshop or even enroll in golfreisen. Aside from that hubby and I dream is to travel so hope we could do that soon daddy! For now, let's stay healthy for each other and for our kids. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to my husband CARLOS LISING!

Aug 4, 2009

My Brother Is Finally Getting Married

My Brother Jessie James is finally getting married, after having a three kids with her long time live in partner Abegaile, their finally making it legal. We came from a poor family, my brother didn't finish his college that's why he doesn't have a better job. He's only a contractual crew that can't afford to finance even a simple wedding. My Mom doesn't have a job, I am already married and without a permanent job to help him with such things. Thank God, my Uncle Junior gave him some help. Now we can start planning and try to look foir other sponsors other things to be needed in the wedding. I think God will help find a way. My brother and my sister in-law to be were done with their marriage contract application and seminar. All they have to do is get rest, take care of their children while I'm organizing their wedding. Good luck to me!

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary