Oct 6, 2009

Me..Me..Me and My Life - "Carlos"

Just wanna share my old pics I am treasuring. These are the only pics I have scanned ...
This was my pic during college..I was 2nd year college (2001) back then. Carlos(hubby) and I were already boyfriends and girlfriends. I remember this shot, I bought my first ever camera here (KODAK) and I ask the sales lady to test the cam. =)

This was taken last 2002...I hosted ROSE' wedding! Aw that's awesome experience! =) I am slim here ha...I wish I could get back to this shape.

Hubby and Me (bf-gf)....this shot was taken during Uncle Tres' wedding (2003), my first entourage experience.

This was taken in a bar, friend's birthday celebration. =)

This is ME again....first pic left side : Rose' wedding, 2nd pic right : my graduation Picture, 3rd pic left : inside Pheng's room (picture tripping using my camera), 4th pic right side : Rose' wedding and finally the 5th pic : Me and Carlos during their school Christmas party, whenever I look at this pic, I can still feel the pain of what he did to me that night. I was so mad that night coz he left me alone in our table to play billiards and when I look after him I saw him teaching a girl. Since then, the pain is painted in my heart. This will never be forgotten until the day I die I guess. The pain is always repeating and repeating as if it's always happening. That is traumatic!

Most of the people saying I should forget that coz past is past... I can't blame my bf/hubby if she gets attracted to other girl that time. You know college love life is like that. If you don't like your partner anymore then leave her and find a new one. I should be thankful he's still with me until now. I think I worked too hard to have him again and to bring back our good relationship. I was so busy during college, I am a working student but I did still manage to give him time. Stayed with him at night after work and school and even didn't able to sleep anymore just to give him attention. That's my responsibility right?! I was lucky coz I think he tried to love me again even I can feel that time that he don't love me anymore. I thought that he is only doing such things for me because he don't want me to get hurt. This is what I felt that time. I just don't know the truth coz I never ever asked him that.
When I got pregnant, I felt the his LOVE he gave to me during our younger times. I love to reminisce the times when we were only new lovers. I LOVE the way he treat me. How I wish he could do that again. =)
Oh, I love to reminisce good times. How I wish throwing away all the bad memories is such an easy thing to do but NO. I can't take them away from my long term memory! I hate them!

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