Mar 31, 2011

Just Beautiful #2 One Rainy Morning


This shot was taken from our window yesterday, Tuesday,7:30AM…. one rainy morning :)

It was raining since Monday here in AR and the weather is really cool as in 2 degrees Celsius and sometimes 1 degrees!’s so cold. I wish to get used to it. It was killing me :D

But whatever is the weather here, I love love it here coz it’s ‘Just Beautiful’!

Fedhz Polvoron Now in US!

Waaaaaaaaaaah it’s only been two weeks and our 3 large packs of polvoron that Fedhz gave us were already finished as in gone, eaten, no more! Huhuhuhuhuhu :( (

I though it would last atleast one month or so but hell no! My Kids were like eating popcorns! My husband love it also so I am giving him 3 pieces (i-love-you) a day in his pack lunch. It’s his dessert every after meal. But I have no more polvoron, calling calling my friends back there in Pinas can somebody buy from Fedhz and send some here in US, LOL.


hmmm yum yum Fedhz polvoron!


I must confess I am eating it like a popcorn too esp. when blogging! :P


Ishi is the mastermind, she always have the polvoron infront of her!

I wish I have more fedhz’ polvoron huhuhuhuhu, Ishi was asking me to buy some polvoron, there maybe a polvoron in pinoy store here butone thing is for sure, that’s expensive and not as yummy as fedhz’ polvoron :( By the way I would like to thank Fedhz also for making a logo for my meme.I If someone wants to have a logo of their own you can contact her coz she knows a logo designer. Thanks to all! I am so lucky that I met you and became my friend. heheheh :D

But, I am craving for moooooooooooooooooooooooooooore polvoron!! :))

Mar 25, 2011

Pink Fridays #1 Pink Party

Hello pretty PINK lovers! It's my first time here! :D

Here's my entry for this week...

I wanna share the first party we've attended as a family last 12th of March (our first day with daddy in Arkansas)..

Here's our little angel Ishi wearing a dress with pink accent, now ready to party!


The party was a 'Red Carpet' themed but instead of using red decors, we changed it to pink for that's the celebrant's favorite color.

and so my balloon pillar (I made it myself despite of jetlag) was pink and black :)


Just sharing our RED CARPET family picture ;)

Mar 24, 2011

Just Beautiful #1 Sunrise

Hello there sissies! I’m Jes from ‘New Home Sweet Home‘ site, it’s my first time to join here using this site.

I’m glad I found this meme, I also love taking photos though I am not that good. I love our new place, I love every single thing that’s in our surroundings. Good thing I can share it now with you….


Here’s a photo taken just this morning, that’s 7:30 Am here in Bentonville and the sun is about to rise already….

so lovely and beautiful!

Have a nice Wednesday evereone!

Mar 19, 2011

It's Totally Different Now!

We're finally together now!
Back to Daddy's arms again!
We're a happy Family once again!
Yay! I am happy!

After being 'single' for the past 8months, I am now again a married woman, lol. Just kidding, I used to call myself a single mom when I was in the Philippines for my husband wasn't there with us. But that doesn't mean I am literally acting like single. Of course it's different when you're husband is not with can go anywhere you want, whenever you want because you are not worrying who will take care of your husband when you're not around especially when it's his day off. I have my mom with me taking care of my kids but I can't let her take care of my husband right? Hahaha! It's really different but I'd rather choose staying at home with him than going out somewhere. I am not saying I don't like to go out with my friends, actually I will miss hanging out with them! I had a very good time with them! It's been a while since I wonder like that! Thanks to my fellow mommy bloggers who's been very nice and so happy to be with! They made me feel happy even without hubby on my side. Thanks to them!
Now that my family is all together now, living in a new place, new home, new environment and culture, we have to adjust and move on.
There will be a lot of things that I have to learn, have to adopt and I will definitely find new friends but I will still have the mommy bloggers with me as long as I go ONLINE! :D
For now, I am taking my time to rest, think things up, planning, looking for a job online like in Jobs East Anglia. We still have plenty of time to prepare, I wish everything will go well according to plan and of course according to God's will.
I am very much thankful to GOD for giving us this opportunity to live together again.
Life may become harder for us for now but we were positively thinking a better future waiting for us.

Mar 16, 2011

CC: 'I Cried a River'

Rodliz’s Nest

Hey guys I'm back! I stopped joining CC for the meantime since hubby and I were aprt for almost 9 months. I don't feel blogging about my love life if he's not with me :))

I missed joining memes, it's been a long time. But don't worry coz from now on, I will surely be excited to share our everyday newly experiences together again.

Joining CC this week is quite wrong timing, I wanted to talk about good things about us right now but the topic is more on sad moments, LOL.

But let me share to you something about this topic...

I am very emotional, I used to cry even with a simplest reasons. But the hardest cry I ever had was when my BF (now my husband) done something terrible to me, that was the time I first, understand the meaning of "pinagsakluban ng langit at lupa" and I dunno how to translate that in english. We were both crying infront of each other for almost 24 hours. We settled things after but the pain was still there. That experience was unforgettable but we were done with it. Our level now is different and we love each other now more than ever.
Another thing that made me cry like a river is when he left for US. I was crying almost every night.

But that story is now OVER, I can't recall anything bad or sad right now coz I am very happy at the moment!

Husband and I were now reunited after 8 and half months of not seeing each other :)

Happy couple's corner everyone!

Mar 3, 2011

It's Funny and Weird down there

I can't help myself but laugh so hard after observing it. It was weird and funny down there! Hahahahhaha :))
I took a bath this morning and it was so weird feeling the water flows down there, I can feel it to my nerve! I'm sorry I have to share it for it was really funny!
It's weird because my mind seem adjusting to it too, when I touched it I feel like I am holding a baby's face! Ahahahahahah!!! Isn't it funny and weird?! :))

Dared to go Brazilian

I've been hearing suggestions from a friend long time ago about shaving or trimming pubic hairs. Some are not agree with it but some are recommending it but still I am ignoring it.

I know pubic hairs has it's purpose, personally what I know is that, it's a protection from any bacteria that will possibly infect our genitals so why remove it right? But some said it is more hygienic if you remove it, and some said shaving also adds more excitement to your partner.

According to Wikipedia, pubic hair functions are as follows:

  • visual indicator of sexual maturity[5]
  • collection of secreted pheromones[6]
  • reduction of external friction during sexual intercourse[7]
  • protection of sensitive pubic area[4]
  • protection of skin on the pubic area from certain infections, rashes, irritations, and acne[citation needed]and other kinds of infections

Maybe it really depends on people. Maybe some find it convenient and safe but some are not.
Personally, I really never thought of touching it or do something to it for any reason, except when I gave birth to my kids, I have no choice because it's an SOP.
But as time goes by, when I began to be exposed to different kinds of mommies like me, listening to their suggestions, learning from their experience, I started to change my mind about it.
Last month, I asked my fellow mommy bloggers in PMB group so I could decide what to do and so they shared their different views/ideas about it. And so based on what I have gathered from them, which is most of them were doing 'shaving' and so I became curious and was dare to do BRAZILIAN instead! :D I thought of having it over shaving.
I chose to have it at Lay Bare where most moms I know recommended. They used cold sugar wax jelly made of sugar, kalamansi and honey.

Photo of me taken after the Brazilian (don't look for the involve part) :D

I was a little bit nervous thinking how it will hurt me and the truth is, it really hurts.
From the start is was not that painful but when it reached the middle part of the procedure I keep on saying "ouch" already. But other than that, other parts' pain were tolerable.
Personally I wish to maintain this way, but it still depends on how my skin will react or how my hubby will like it! :D

Dared to go brazilian anyone?

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary