Oct 9, 2009

NOBLE Family Reunion Plan

Aw we we're atlast planning for Noble Family Reunion! I remember those times with my cousins. We were all "sunog-baga" always drinking Gin whenever there's an occasion! If only I have my scanner I will show them our "adik" pictures thru net! We're all very "gumikero't gimikera" that time! I wonder how are they now?! Are we still going to drink Gin this time? Oh noh I think I can't bear that alcohol anymore! =) Now that most of us have kids, I don't think we will still going to drink that way! I am sure with myself, I am not just sure with the boys! Oh I missed my cousins! I missed the old times. Even my father is gone, I can still feel his presence because of hie brothers and sisters and of course because of my cousins! I love family bondings! Hope we could schedule it as soon as possible coz I am missing them so much! =) SOme of my cousins were living near us but we don't have much time for bondings anymore. I think this is the time for us to have our bond back same with the "mag-bibilas" my mom and the other wives of the boys. Most of my father's siblings were boys. Aunt Beng is the only girl and she is abroad. Oh gosh I am so excited. Ate Jho, Ate Joan and Me are going to organize this event, so GOODLUCK! =)

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