Jun 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Hello fellow bloggers! How's life going on now? I am sure everybody is busy with their students now like me. I am very busy during weekdays preparing and budgeting their lunchpack. My kiddos were both going to school now, Ishi is nursery at La Cabecera Montessori and my son Ethan who's only 2 and half years old is also attending school already. He's just a "saling pusa" just like her Sister Ishi last year. He really wants to go to school also like her ate eventhough he can't speak properly yet. I am also busy during weekends, I am a realtor and most of my tripping schedules were weekends so I am very busy all week long. One more thing why I can't blog that much is because my pc is not functioning again! Gosh, I think I really need a new as is "brand new" computer already (sigh!). Anyway, I am using my husband's laptop as of the moment while he's here. He didn't go to the office because he's not feeling well. I think that's because we're all very tired this weekend. We celebrated Father's Day last Saturday and Sunday. We attended anticipated mass last Saturday and went to MOA last Sunday. And noe, my husband and my daughter were both sick. My husband said we has sick because he wasn't able to play his weekly basketball game because he was assigned to look after the kids while I am not around. Poor daddy, he doen't have too much time for himself anymore. He can't even play any games like this multiplayer games online just perfect for him. He loves billiards, basket ball, and some online games but he can't play anymore because he has to prioritize his work for our kiddos. Hope he could spent sometime for himself sometime.

Jun 17, 2009

My 1950's Name

Aw! This is so cute Jacris, thanks for this tag!

Your 1950s Name is: Frances Joni

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1. Imelda (My Daily Thoughts and Moods) - Gwendolyn Silvia - Cecile (Down Home with the Kenyons) - Dorothy Charlene - Shydub (Simple Happy Life) - Phyllis Janie - Rose (Rose's Obstacles and Glories) - Frances Yvonne - Jacris (Mom's Special Diary) - Naomi Janie, Jes (My Little Anglels) - Frances Joni

Now passing this to all my co-lovely bloggers...grab this now ladies and let's see what's your 1950's name.

Jun 15, 2009

Crreatve Mom Blogger Award

Hi Jacris, thanks for this wonderful award =) Wow creative Mom Blogger Award...did you made this by yourself? Ths is so cute award ...HAPPY BLOGanniversary to you! Eheheheheh =)

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1.Mom's Special Diary2. Mommy Jes 3.Your Next.
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And now, I would like to share this to:
Chris, Enchie, Genejosh, Online Mommy and Bambie

Jun 11, 2009

Friendship Chain

Thank you so much Twinkie for this cute award, dat nananawa ako sa awards tapos ngyun na mi miss ko ahahha =) Salamat =)

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1. Picturing of Life 2. Juliana’s Site 3. Hazel-My Life, My Hope, My Future.4. Jeanne-The Callalily Space5.My Family is my Life 6. The Simple Life of a Baghag 7. On A Wonderful Day Like Today 8. House Everything 9. The Creativity in Me 10. Travel and Photography 11. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 12. You Are My Sunshine 13.Song to Remember 14. Super Blog 15. Philiippine Tv Marathon 16.Simply Blue 17. Breaking the Boundaries 18. Top Five 19. A Simple Life 20. Simple Happy Life 21.Mom's Special Diary 22. The Mommy Journey 23. Mommy Diaries 24. Twinkie Calls 25. You're next!

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I wanted to share this to Enchie, Chris, Architect, Pephot, Mommy Jac, Online Mommy.

Jun 10, 2009

How's My Day?

Oh hi fellow bloggers, fellow mommies! I know were all busy these days because of start of classes of our kiddos. My daughter just started to go to school today. It's not actually a regular school. It was just a familiarization day until tomorrow. I am starting to get busy again, I hope to manage my time between my kids, my work and mu husband. I am the one bringing and picking her up to school so I have to wake up early in the morning, after that I have to stay online and accomodate my clients. Gosh It's almost halfway of the year and 2010 is coming so nearly. I am so nervous, I have to earn more for our condo's processing fee that we have to pay in cash before the turn over date. But I am also excited because we will finally have our condo and start to design it. We're already planning about it and thinking of what furniture to use. My husband wants a rustic furniture but that depends if we can afford to buy one. Oh, I am so exhausted today, I feel very sleepy coz I didn't sleep well last night. I was worried because my sn has a fever and cough, I was very paranoid because of that N1H1. Thank God he's good now, he's fever has gone after giving him a paracetamol but he still need to drink some medicine for his cough. Again, thanks God!

Jun 3, 2009

Shopping for School Supplies

We just had our shopping last weekend. We bought our groceries for the month and my daughter's stuff for the upcoming school year. I believe I am more excited to buy school supplies than my daughter. What do you expect she's only 3 years old! The only thing she's excited about is to have her Trolley Bag! She's been longing for that ever since she started to attend school. When I told her that we will be buying her a trolley bag, she's been very excited! This is the very first experience of mine shopping for my kids' stuff for school. I remember when I was still studying, I love having new things, new bags, new shoes, new pencils and even a new haircut. My daughter was just starting to grow, I'm sure next time, she'll be the one choosing her own stuff, actually she just started it, she's the one who chose her trolley bag. I actually wanted a personalized kids backpack for her but I want my daughter to choose her own bag. There are lots of cute things in the store nowadays. I don't wanna look at them, don't wanna shop things I don't need. I don't wanna buy things because I just like them, I wanted to buy useful things like what I saw again, a laundry bag. I've been planning to buy one for panties and socks, I wanted them separate from other clothes. Oh here I am again can't stop looking at these items....I saw another one but thank God I don't be needing it anymore...a baby memory book! I love stuff like that, my kids do have couple of baby books. I stopped looking around when my husband called me to go to the counter already hehehehe. Oh I hate going to the mall!

How's My Business?

Oh well, I am still working so hard...keep on waiting for the clients to decide. Keep on answering their queries, giving guidelines and offering some help. I wish I could close more deals this month and for the succeeding months to go. I am now busy with the new additional project I am selling. I went to tagaytay last Monday for site orientation and I love that place! Tagaytay is one of the tourist spots in our country and it is really great to stay there if you want to relax. Though it's raining this month, the place is still wonderful! I am now handling more projects from different developers and sometimes I am getting confuse with the house models, features, rules and sometimes with my clients. Hahahahahah it s so fun to stay in Real Estate business! Everything is NEW and surprising! I was also dreaming of becoming an agent in other country like in Arizona where Scottsdale real estate is located. Because I wanted to try selling properties in other country too! But I think I need to learn more here in the philippines first.

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary