Oct 1, 2009

My Siomai Cart Business

My Siomai Cart is already a month now. I can't still see any progress yet. Other business people saying it's okay for it is normal for a business to take sometime before you can see if it is good or not. For now I am taking their advice, I just need some more time. I should not give up yet right? I am trying different gimmicks for the meantime. I am offering FREE gulaman drink. People like that. I hope that would add more sales in my business. I am still in the process of observing. I wanna know why my sales is not that good. Some people saying my location is good it's just that my cart is too small to notice by the consumers. So I am planning to modify my cart. Some people are saying my product is delicious but the price is too high for people living in that area. Some people are also suggesting that aside from siomai, why not add Siopao? I am also thinking of that. I wanted to add some affordable food items so that students can afford to buy one from my store. Now I have so many things in mind that I don't know anymore what to do first. It's hard to put up a business really, even as small as my cart if you don't know about it yet. Well actually this is my stepping stone, how can I able to handle big business If I can't run this small one? Good thing there is a Lead Generation Company that could help business people like us. I will surely be needing one when I have big business already.

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