Feb 8, 2010

Driving Lesson Day1

Had a great day yesterday! After having a very bad day for the past few days...God changed it to a very worth living, worth crying day! Yeah! You heard it right! Once again we just had a fight and then we could able to share our thoughts why we were fighting until we figure out what's wrong. SOmetimes when we were fighting we didn't able to know it's just misunderstanding....good thing we talked. That's the good thing about sharing your feelings to your loveone. Hope I could stop being jealous already since we already talked. I know how much we love each other, and I know there's nothing to worry about. We're just fine. It's just that I really have to put God between us.
Moving forward, I really had a great day yesterday! I had a tripping in the morning, I didn't close the deal yet (hoping to close it soon) but I am happy coz I invited 2 people who wanted to learn real estate...I hope I could share my knowledge to them and hope to help them earn soon. After that I slept for a while then brought the kids to Ninong Doc for their PDP....I forgot what that means but it's for the lung check up. =p The best part of what happened that day is that hubby taught me how to drive. I am really dreaming of this. I really wanted him to be my teacher, I was just hesitating to ask him coz he's a busy person....but he asked me to drive the car....whoa! I didn't even know the functions yet! But since he was my teacher....I think I have learned a lot already. haha =)) Here's what I have learned for 15 mins driving lesson : use of the three pedals, how to change gear, how to start driving the car, how to use the break ahahahha I didn't know I have to step on the clutch if I wanted to step on the break! I always forgetting not to let lose of the clutch haha. What else I have learned? Hmmm I guess I have to write it next time. I still have to take a bath and get ready for Ishi's school =) Hoping for the next driving lesson with my husband! Good day everyone!

Feb 5, 2010

Ups and Downs

I am often depressed...YES but somehow I can't figure out why?
I guess my cousin is right, I feel empty because I am not approaching GOD....
I admit I am not going to church anymore, I sometimes tend to forgot to pray...
but I am sure God is always with me...my faith is still strong.
I know that God will not stop taking care of me...I know He's always there for me.

I am always feeling insecure...I dunno. I can't think of any reason to feel that way...
I am sure my husband is inlove with me...and I am inlove with him too!
How come I've been so selfish....how come I am so jealous with so many things.
How come I can't feel contented?! I know it's my bad.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say SORRY to my husband.
I appreciate things he's been doing just to make me feel better but sometimes I am still not contented....he often says I am hurting him. I feel sorry for myself....
I pity myself for being like this....I dunno how to call myself.
My problem is that I tend to base on what happened in the past that's why I feel like it's gonna happen again this time.
My fear in the past is still hunting me and it's really hurting me over and over again...
I hate that feeling...I hate crying over and over again...it's useless and energy wasting.
How I wish I could easily get over it! How I wish I could change my very sensitive feelings ....
I don't want this feelings....I guess I should start thinking positively....
My husband said I was thinking negatively....I guess he's right..I've been thinking too much lately and my dirty mind is giving me such dirty imaginations. Mostly I should always talk to God and asked his guidance. Oh God help me. Bro. Bo's blog is helping me actually...i should continue reading that and other inspirational thoughts.

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary