May 29, 2010

Mommy Moments : Motherhood

Hi yah everyone! Miss you all! I miss Mommy Moments!
I saw Mommy Jac's post in FB that's why I remembered to make an entry! =P

My daugter ISHI, my son ETHAN and ME in our hats!
Whoa! Motherhood! I can't define what a motherhood really is and I also can't define how happy and contented and fulfilled am I ever since I became a mother!
Being a mom is like having an enormous talent! A huge gift by God you're sure to be proud of.
I feel so blessed having these little angles. I feel so valuable being their mom.
When I became a mom, there are lot of things that changed in me.
I became braver and stronger. I have learned eating foods that I can't intake before just to become a role model for them. I stopped saying bad words, I stopped smoking. I stopped drinking as in getting drunk but I am still drinking occasionally. I can wear dress now because my daughter loves seeing me in dress =) I started buying make ups. I started taking care of my hair and grow it long again. Ahahahah! Funny right! My daughter taught me how to become a woman. My husband also helped me to act like one but it doesn't work that much. I am so cowboy and I am not into fixing/decorating myself.

Ishi and Me in Blue =)

When my daughter Ishi turned 2 and started to appreciate long hairs, make ups, girls wearing dresses which for her is like a princess, I started to appreciate those girl-y stuff.

Me and my son Ethan =)

When my son Ethan came into our life. I felt more complete! I feel like my husband and I were so blessed having a girl then a boy. My son is so sweet. He's thoughful. He's very funny like his ate. He's already three but he's still a BABY for me =)

Motherhood for me is Wonderful. Fantastic. Awesome. Artistic. Challenging. New LIFE.

May 15, 2010

New Look New Hope

Whew! I am so happy and excited with my blog's new look! See? It's new everyone!

(Old Look)

(New Look)

I so love this girl Femikey for my blog make over! Thanks girl! I so love it!

I really wanted to have a blog make over it's just that I can't let go of my face in my header! ahahahha! Thanks Femikey for putting some of my face there! aahahhah! I so love it! I was surprise really! I am not expecting to see my face there! Aahahah! Thanks again!

I wasn't inspired to write lately. But today, I am excited to write and write again! =)
I have so many things to blog actually, sometimes time has limits but when I have this time, my mood is not just right. Hope to gain this mood again!

Oh well I can't say anything right now. I just love to stare my new blog page. Want one anybody? Just contact Femikey!

May 14, 2010

Blog Make Over by Femikey

I'm so excited!
Thanks to Genejosh for spreading the good news! Femikey is giving free layouts!
I so love to have one! Please give me one!
Kahit ano! Basta mabago na ang blog ko! ahahahha!
It's been 2 years na din na ganun lang ang itsura nya ha!
Waaaaaaah! I can't wait to see my blog's new look!
Okay, breath! You're over reacting! Hoo...Haaa...
Yeah! Thanks Femikey! Hope to see my new blog's new look this evening!
Bye for now have to do so many things first! =)

May 12, 2010

Somebody Broke into our House...2 laptops and 1 cellphone GONE!

May 10 is such an exciting and busy day for all of us...most of the people were busy watching Television for elections results right after the election time lapsed. Most of them were still up till morning just to get updated. Some slept early hoping that when they get up in the morning there will be good news coming up.
I didn't watch election updates. Hubby and I supposed to watch smallville that night but I still have to put the kids on bed so he decided to sleep already. After I have put the kids on bed, I didn't sleep yet, I checked my facebook and chatted with a friend first. I guess I sleep at around 1:30 in the morning. And when I get up, I was shocked by the news that somebody broke into our house again! The last incident was January 2007. And it happened again last May 11!
This is horrible! The burglar didn't get anything from our room, but he got 2 laptops and 1 cellphone downstairs (my sis and cousin in laws'). I am not after what he's getting, I am afraid of what he's capable of. I'm afraid he would hurt us! I don't want anything bad to happen especially to my husband and kids! But we don't know what to do than to increase security in our house. They already change the window the burglar just broke! They are also planning to change all the jalousie windows into concrete. Hope that Fu_ _ing burglar will come back no more!

(this is what the burglar did to our window)

(this is the window after the incident)

Thank God were all safe. Thank God he's always there to protect us. Hope this kind of incident will never happen again. God Bless Us!

May 4, 2010

Side-by-Side Comparison of the 2010 Presidential Candidates

Side-by-Side Comparison of the 2010 Presidential Candidates

Outing with Dad's Friends in High School

Me, hubby, kiddos and husband's friends had fun last Saturday and Sunday at La Primera Playa in Morong Bataan. There's nothing special in the place, it's just like an ordinary resort we've been seeing unlike in Pico de Loro that is very amazing and relaxing place. But that's not important anymore, what's more important to me then was the bonding. I really love to mingle with my husband's friends. I wanna get to know them better and I had fun looking at them, I had fun talking to some of them, I had fun to see my husband is enjoying it too, I had fun knowing my kiddos enjoyed the beach and the pool, and I had fun husband invited us there with his friends.

Here's some of our pics taken during our over night stay....

My Birthday!

Our Wedding Anniversary