Apr 21, 2011

Do I Need to Have a Credit Card?

I was thinking if I really need to get a credit card, I am using one right now but it's a Philippine Card, do you think that will create a score? I need to build some free credit score online, that will surely be useful to us when we have our loan next time. I am not actually concerned about buying and shopping, my concern is to build credit score for it is very important here, I remember husband was supposed to get an installment television but he was declined because he doesn't have enough credit score. One more thing that concern me is a car loan, I am wanting to have one coz I badly needed it soon. How can I able to have a car on my own if I can't loan? So there, what do you think? Do I really need a credit card? Or should I read a credit report guide first? Ah, I'm torn. Help me decide.

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