Apr 14, 2011

Making Grocery List

Typical wife, the grocery list maker. I love making it, but the problem is how to budget it. I am just a newbie in terms of budgeting groceries, we never did that for 5 years living with my parent's in-laws house. I'm sure you can guess why.
Now that were living on our own, we are the one's sustaining our needs already and so I am working on how to manage budgeting now coz if not, we will surely end up having credits in houston payday loan which is we don't want to happen. We just wanted to spent what we are earning.
I find budgeting groceries hard since it's my first time, but I am enjoying it. I am actually making one now for the next payday. We supposed to the list monthly but I guess it's better if we do it twice a month for some reasons like, to avoid the groceries getting expired and becoming rotten
It's only the groceries I am budgeting, imagine If I am in charge budgeting husband's salary? Oh that will surely makes me crazy. Good thing husband is doing it. Thanks to him! Lol.

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