Apr 14, 2011

Family Health Card

I have having a hard time looking for a health card provider for our family. We maybe have a tight budget but having a health card is one of our priorities before looking for a best life insurance. I am not hoping for my family to get sick but to be safe financially, we should have it right? There were so many kinds of diseases occurring now and we just wanna be ready. We don't know what might happen in the future so better have a heath card to save you from sickness and from damn expensive hospital bills and doctors fee.
When our family had our first health card in the Philippines, My husband and I took the opportunity to visit every specialized doctors like an E.N.T., Ophthalmologist, General Doctor, etc, and have us check just to make sure we're not having health problems. Imagine how much is the check up if you have no Health Card? One more thing that we love about health card is when hubby was hospitalized for a few days and his bill was more than 10 thousand pesos, thank goodness the health card provider reimbursed it. That is a big help right? I dunno, I am not saying we wanted to go to the hospital always, but I'm sure you understand what I am saying...it's always better to be prepared. Now, I am browsing some family health cards, searching what fits our budget. I am hoping we could chose a good one.

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