Apr 3, 2011

My Personalized Stuff

I missed ordering personal stuff, I used to make photobooks at least once a month but I noticed I am not doing it for quite sometime now. Most possible reason is budget, I may have money but not for this stuff. I remember ordering personalized watch, ha ha ha and most of the people that sees it seems to love it. Why not if you're face was there printed in your stuff, cool! I also missed making coin purse, I remember giving coin purses to my friends, my mama, my sister in-laws, sister and nieces. Wow that's a lot and it all worth it for they all love it!
I also made some dog tags for all my nieces and nephews as their Christmas gifts from us. It's also a nice giveaway if its just easy to create. Ordering personalized stuff takes 2-3 weeks of delivery. So I have to order at least one month before you need it. The latest of my orders were personalized tote bags, I gave it out to my friends before I left the Philippines. They also love it where their family's faces printed in there. I wanna try kids bagpack for a change but like what I have said, I can't order yet for I have to prioritize things starting now. We have to focus on our needs first like I guess we may be needing dallas lawn maintenance now that spring is already here. I will be ordering some personal stuff maybe when I already got a job.

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