Apr 15, 2011

Berkeley Residences Turnover

Finally Berkeley Residences is conducting their turn over this month. If you were reading my blog, you will notice in my posts last 2010 were all about our unit we acquired there. That is our first investment, the first thing we can call ours even though not yet totally paid, still it's ours now.
Last February before we got here in US, I have seen our unit for inspection before they turn over it to us. I fell in love with it for the first time I saw it, it is more beautiful than I expected. I wish my kids saw it too personally aside from the photos I took before we left but we don't have enough time left. It's only a one bedroom unit with 22 sqm floor area but I feel so excited because no matter how small it is, it was still an accomplishment for us. I wish we could finish our bank loan so we could acquire new investment or maybe we could buy stocks next time. I also wanna buy a lot in the Philippines or maybe a house and lot here in US. Who knows...:)

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