Apr 13, 2011

I Want a Car!

Having a car on my own is really my dream but not on the top of my list. Not until I started to love riding in private cars and having compared the comfort of it from commuting, I was like...oh....I hope I have my own car than waiting for this bus traveling for an hour now. To think it's just a few miles ride and if you have your own car, you can drive it for less than 30 minutes. Oh well that's my rant few months ago, now is different, I can imagine how cool to drive here and I am now more eager to have my own car.
My husband just got his new car about more than a month ago. He had a serious money saving for a couple of months just to be able to have a nice car on his own and paid big cash out and now paying the balance via bank loan and I'm proud of him. Most of the people saying it's not hard to acquire a car here so I am looking forward to have mine someday. I guess I really need to look for a job first, right?

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