Apr 13, 2011

Job Hunting

Whew, everything is going smoothly this time....little by little were (husband and I) accomplishing things together. I got my SSN, I am now ready to look for work before I apply for EAD or Employment Authorization Document but I still have to consider things before looking for job.
I was planning to apply in a school. I wanted to become a teacher again and as much as possible, I wanted to work where my kids are studying so I can be able to be with them always. I know that's quite hard but I am just hoping to. If not, maybe I can look for a job just near the area. It's just a plan, it still depends on Him, I just wish it would be that way. I wanted to work and help husband in all our expenses and build our dreams together aside from that I also want to help my mama in her needs. She's not getting any younger and I wanted to give her some comfort. I can't wait to have a job already, I have so many things in mind that I wanted to accomplish. I really need to have a job and experience cash time. Good luck to me!

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