Feb 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday : We Have A New Books!

My kids busy looking at their new books (my prize from Sweet...Pretty...Naughty give away!) They Love their new pop-up books, they were so amazed with it coz it was their first time to had a book like this! I feel so guilty when I saw them like that, how come i didn't thought of buying them books instead of toys? I think It's not too late to start buying now isn't it?


Anonymous said...

awww this is so adorable!

Helgi said...

Totally agree!
Thanks for visiting mine, Jes (house finder is a great blog! Gosh I live reeeeally far:/)

Chris said...


by the way, i have an award for you http://www.mommyjourney.com/2009/02/treasured-award.html

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