Feb 17, 2009

Ishi and Ethan Got a New Set of Books

Hooray! Got my new set of orders from architect last week. I ordered different pop up books which my kids love the most! I already have Opposites, Shapes and Colors, Numbers, Little Mermaid and Baby Pteranodon Learn to Fly pop up books from sweet...pretty...naughty give away's last year's prize. Since my kids love pop ups so much, I ordered another 11 pcs of pop ups with free 1 pop up book instead of coloring book and crayon holder! Yipee thanks architect, my kids enjoyed them so much! And thanks to another special freebie of coloring book for my IShi!
Let me share the pics of my kids while enjoying their new books......

My Lil Ishi proud of her new coloring book!

She really apreciates pop up books...

Busy......with their new books heheheh =)

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