Feb 2, 2009

My Problems with my Sister and Brothers.....Sigh!

Being the eldest among four siblings, I became bread winner of the family since our father died. I used to work in fast food chains to support myself in my studies and at the same time, to help my mom with other expenses. I have lots of dreams not only for my self but for all of us. I really strive so hard to finish my studies to have a better job and help my brothers and sister pursue their studies. My brother James stopped in college when he got her girlfriend pregnant and then look for a job. My second brother Jay-r did continue his studies in high school at the age of 19 while my sister was in 4th year that time.
During those times I got pregnant and got married to my husband Carlos, but I still manage to help and support them. Until now that I have two kids, I am still helping my mom for brother Jay-r's tuition and allowances. He's the only one single left in the family, my sister got pregnant one year after I got married. I am very proud of this brother of mine. I didn't expect him to change a lot. He's very alcoholic, smoker, and even taste drugs if I am not mistaken. But now, he's in third year college, taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management. The problem with him is that, he can't stop drinking angd smoking. I was worried because health is very important when applying for a job. How can he able to have a good if he didn't take good care of his health. I was thinking of alcoholism rehab now. What do you think? I know he's still in good condition now, but how bout in the future? You can't tell when are these diseases will attack you! I really need to help him stop those vices.

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where you get this post to write?

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