Feb 19, 2009

My First Foot Spa and Facial Ever!

Mary Ann, my boss in real estate and a friend treated me to Let's Face It! I never have any experience in any of these except for manicure and pedicure. She gave me a FREE facial with collagen and Foot Spa with manicure and pedicure as an incentive for my first sale this year! Thanks! I will never forget this!
Let Me share you some pics I insisted to take even though It's BAWAL! Hehhehehhe =)

Ongoing Facial....I love the first procedure, but pricking is very painful for a first timer like me!

Masking....I dunno how to call this procedure. The beauty consultant said they put a collagen thing-y for my dry face argh! =(

After 2 hours of mixed pain and relaxation hehehe...I can smile now with confidence While Mary Ann has to pay our bill! Hehehehehe =)

And last but not the least, a super heavy dinner FREE again! Hehhehe oh, I love freebies!!!

Thanks Mary Ann, this is one of the greatest day ever in my life! Thanks for letting me experience this kind of pampering. This is a dream that finally came true! I will surely sell more house and lots for more incentives and freebies! Hehehehehe =) I'll be back at Let's Face it on Sunday for check up! I will bring my husband here sometime. I want him also to experience this! =)


earthlingorgeous said...

Wow cool your first time now your in trouble kasi hahanap hanapin mo na. Isa kaya yan sa mga bisyo ko foot spa manicure pedicure facial paminsan minsan lang di ko masyado pinapakalikot face ko baka masira ahahahahahaha!

Regarding the BDO pag below 7,000 may bawas na P50 and that was it for me not sure what was the twice na bawas na P42 pesos sayo maybe you should get your bank statement.

Twinkie said...

Go girls! Inggit ako sa bonding na ganyan. Hay!

Enchie said...

wow! ngaton ko lang nabasa to. ok ba sa let's face it?

Sherry said...

foot spa wow.. not try that but I try the fish spa. :)

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