Feb 26, 2009

Afraid....feeling Hopeless........?!?

What is this weird feeling I am feeling right now? Am I just bored or something? What? Why? I am so affected with what happened to my client lately. He was my first client ever in real estate. He got 2 different condo units from me. He's working abroad and I think He has a big salary in there. Suddenly I received an email from his wife saying that they can no longer continue paying their condos anymore because his husband lose his Job abroad! This is very shocking news. The first thing that came into my mind is that "what will happen to my commision then?", I know this is selfish because I wan thinking of my own interests, but later on I realized that we we're still lucky because my husband still has a job. I only lose comission but they will possibly lose what they invested already in their condo units! What a tragedy!! This is scary..yes I am scared....scared for my kids.....I hope God will continue guiding us...helping us and keep me stronger than ever!

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